Marriage Laws By State

United States wedding laws vary from state to state. Move your cursor over a state for a ranking of the complexity of the marriage laws, and a brief explanation of general marriage requirements. Click on a state to view a more in-depth explanation of each state's laws.

Wedding Minister Requirements

The certification and requirements for a wedding minister also change from state to state. Most states will require that the minister has become ordained through a reputable establishment, and some may require specific legal minister certification to perform a wedding.

Other Countries' Marriage Laws

The requirements for weddings and ministers in other countries can be drastically different from those in the United States. Learn more about the marriage laws in other countries below.

Minister Certification and Training

It's easy to become a minister with the Universal Life Church Monastery. Follow the quick ordination process to become certified. Check the marriage laws of the state you'll be performing a wedding in, and purchase the required certificate or license to perform the wedding. We offer minister training to help new ministers prepare for weddings and other ceremonies.