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Preparing to officiate a wedding in Benton County? If you’ve been asked to perform a wedding ceremony, congratulations! Presiding over the formation of this important bond is an incredible honor, but it comes with considerable responsibility as well. Let’s explore the process in detail to make sure you’re up to speed on everything that will be required of you. In this guide, we’ll touch on how to prepare for a wedding ceremony, how to get in touch with the relevant office you'll be dealing with, and how to ensure the marriage is legally recognized in Benton County.

1 How to Get Ordained as a Minister in Benton County

First up: you'll want to get ordained as a minister of the Universal Life Church (if you haven’t already completed this step). ULC ordination is available online, free of charge, and gives the recipient the power to perform legal wedding ceremonies! Best of all, the process takes only moments to complete. You can begin by tapping the button below!

Key Info for Ministers in Benton County

ULC Ordination Accepted:
Minister Registration Required:
Documents Required:
Minister's Residency:
Minister's Minimum Age:

2 How to Officiate a Wedding in Benton County

Your next move will be to contact the government office that handles marriages and marriage licenses in Benton County. Let them know you’re an ordained minister planning to perform a wedding in their district and want to understand what documents or information they will need from you before the ceremony.

Information for how to get in touch with this office in Benton County can be found below.

Office Address:
215 East Central, Suite 217
Bentonville, AR 72712
Office Phone Number:
(479) 271-1013

3 What You'll Need to Officiate in Benton County

Once you've confirmed what is required to perform a wedding in Benton County, head over to our online catalog to order any documentation or supplies you might need to officiate. For ministers in Benton County, we typically suggest the Ordination Package. However, this decision will ultimately depend on what you learn from speaking with local officials.

4 How Benton County Marriage Licenses Work

Now you’re ready to officiate the wedding! If this is your first time performing a wedding (or even if it’s not) we'd encourage you to take a moment to check out our wedding training center, which has tons of helpful tips and tools to prepare for the big day.

Once the ceremony is over, the last key box to check is completing the marriage license. In Benton County, this license is valid for 60 days, there is no mandatory waiting period, and the completed license must be returned before its listed expiration date. To learn more about how to fill out this document, please visit our marriage license training guide.

Marriage License Waiting Period:
Marriage License Valid For:
60 Days
Return Within:
By Expiration

5 What to Know About Benton County Weddings

Tucked away in Arkansas' northwestern corner, Benton County offers simplicity without sacrificing on quality. With old fashioned movie theaters, antique shops, and restaurants that bring a family-feel to the table, this region has lots to offer. Explore your simple side and enjoy the natural beauty of Benton county when you set your wedding location here!