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ULC Minister Training Center

Welcome to the ULC Minister Training Center! Here you will find important information and helpful instruction on a wide range of topics related to being an ordained minister. Whether you are planning to officiate your first wedding, want to learn about performing other ceremonies, or are curious about expanding your personal ministry, the resources below cover the many aspects of ministerial life.

Minister Training

Just a quick note: If you’ve not yet become an ordained minister but would like to do so, you can follow this link – it only takes a moment. If you have questions regarding your ordination, we encourage you to consult our FAQ page. Remember, you can always contact us directly if you’re feeling stumped.

One of the most popular tools you’ll find below is our Wedding Ceremony Script Generator. It became so popular, in fact, that we decided to expand the script generator to include funeral and baptism ceremonies as well.

In addition to the various ceremony training sections, don’t forget to check out the ULC Video Academy for handy informational videos. Our comprehensive State Marriage Laws Map explains how marriage laws differ across the U.S. and gives detailed instructions on how to officiate a wedding in each state. We’ve even included advice for starting your own church, should you feel empowered to do so.

We take great pride in helping our ministers, and we are always seeking to improve the services here at the training center. If there is a topic or page you’d like to see added, we encourage you to let us know!

If you’d like to continue your studies beyond the resources available on this page, we also offer an assortment of ministerial books and spiritual literature which go into even more depth on many of these topics.