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Wyoming Outline

Congratulations! If you've found yourself at this page it is likely that you are either planning to be married or have been asked to perform a wedding ceremony in Wyoming. Ordained ministers of the Universal Life Church have successfully performed thousands of legal marriages in Wyoming. The information provided below will walk you through the steps one must follow to become a minister and perform a valid wedding ceremony in the state of Wyoming.

Quick Facts
  • ULC Ordination Accepted: Yes
  • Minister Registration Required: Sometimes
  • Minister's Residency: Irrelevant
  • Minister's Minimum Age: 18
  • Marriage License Waiting Period: 0 Days
  • Marriage License Valid For: 1 Year
  • Marriage License Return Within: By Expiration
Regional Information

For more specific information about performing a wedding in certain parts of Wyoming, choose a location below. If your area isn't listed, don't worry - just continue scrolling to review the helpful general information on this page.

1 How to Become an Ordained Minister in Wyoming

If you haven't already, you should get ordained online with the Universal Life Church. Ordination is free and can be completed in just a matter of minutes. Thousands of legally valid marriages are performed by ULC ministers around the world every year. Begin the process by clicking the big blue button below!

2 Officiating a Wedding in Wyoming

Next, you should contact the office of your local marriage authority (typically your county clerk). Let them know that you are a minister of the Universal Life Church in Seattle, and ask what they will require of you to officiate a legal marriage.

Select your County Clerk to quickly generate the contact information for your local marriage authority.

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3 Wyoming Officiant Requirements

After you've contacted your marriage authority, you should visit our online store to purchase whatever documentation will be required. We typically advise ministers in Wyoming to get an Ordination Package. While minister registration is not required in the state of Wyoming, you may be asked to present proof of your ordination before your county clerk will accept any marriage you perform as having been legally solemnized; additionally, having that proof of ordination can provide a great deal of peace-of-mind for the couple you plan to marry. Additionally, please attempt to leave at least 3 weeks between the date of the wedding ceremony and your order, to ensure that you receive all of your materials in advance.

4 How to get Married in Wyoming

Wyoming's Top Wedding Spot

Wyoming's Top Wedding Spot

Enjoy stellar views of the Tetons at one of Jackson Hole's ranches

Now that you've done all of the above, you are ready to perform the wedding! Be sure that the couple has picked up their Wyoming marriage license from the appropriate office. This license is valid for 1 year, and there is no mandatory waiting period between when the couple picks up the marriage license in Wyoming and when the ceremony may legally be conducted. Please be aware that the signed license must be returned to the issuing office by its date of expiry.

At the Universal Life Church we receive several calls from wedding officiants in Wyoming, after they've received their license to marry by getting ordained online, asking for guidance on how to perform a wedding ceremony. Once the legal matters have been taken care of, officiating a wedding (while a sometimes-daunting task) can be a great deal of fun. We would suggest that new Wyoming wedding ministers concerned about the ceremony peruse one of our helpful wedding guides. The minister training section of our website should offer a helpful refresher for more experienced ministers.

5 How to Plan a Wedding in Wyoming

The state of Wyoming has a lot of natural beauty to offer for those looking for a truly beautiful wedding backdrop. It should be no surprise that rustic and nature style themes are among the most popular types of wedding themes in Wyoming. As the most popular wedding theme of the last decade, there are already many venues with rustic elements in place. Many venues also utilize the natural beauty of the landscape, too. Just imagine saying “I do” in front of the breathtaking mountain ranges of Jackson, Wyoming. There are plenty of venue options in Wyoming to accommodate many types of celebration. The later summer months (July & August) are the most popular for weddings, especially in Jackson. However the fall season does provide pleasant temperatures, particularly in September and October, and the change of colors in the foliage of the high country provides a gorgeous backdrop for wedding photos. Typically, officiant fees are priced reasonably ($200-$500), but fees for wedding officiants in Wyoming depend on many factors, such as professional experience, requirements to travel to the ceremony destination, and how much preparation is needed for the wedding.

Wyoming Marriage Code

Wyoming Flag

Wyoming Marriage Code

Marriage in Wyoming is governed by Title 20 of the Wyoming Statutes. Ordained ministers of the Universal Life Church have successfully solemnized thousands of weddings in the state. Below, you will find that we have reproduced a relevant excerpt of this code.

20-1-106. Who may solemnize marriage; form of ceremony. (a) Every district or circuit court judge, district court commissioner, supreme court justice, magistrate and every licensed or ordained minister of the gospel, bishop, priest or rabbi, or other qualified person acting in accordance with the traditions or rites for the solemnization of marriage of any religion, denomination or religious society, may perform the ceremony of marriage in this state. View the Wyoming Statutes on the official state site.

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