Wallet-Sized Credential

The most convenient way to display your ordination, this ULC wallet-sized credential includes all your ministerial information for quick and easy access.


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Eager to show off your status as a minister of the Universal Life Church? Our wallet-sized ordination credential is perfect for taking on the go and can serve as proof of your title as a ULC minister!

Featuring printed gold foil lettering on high quality black plastic, this license is the size of a standard credit card and will easily fit into your wallet.

If you plan to carry this card with you frequently, we highly recommend including a plastic wallet card sleeve in your order to make sure the gold lettering remains in like-new condition.

By ordering this ULC Ministries Ordination Wallet Credential, you acknowledge that you have been legally ordained and are in our database. If you plan to peform a wedding, be sure to check the Wedding Laws Guide to see what is required to officiate in your area.


  • Your documents must have your legal name.
  • Please verify that the information is true and accurate.
  • If you are performing a wedding, you may need to add a Letter of Good Standing.
  • Weddings in Nevada and New York City require special packages with additional documentation.

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  • Protective Card Sleeve
    Protective Card Sleeve

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