What comes to mind when you think of a wedding ceremony script? There are of course some iconic phrases that everyone recognizes, like "I do" and "I now pronounce you…" While such lines are undoubtedly an important part of any wedding ceremony script – they are only one small part. So, what's included in the rest of the ceremony? How long should it be? What order do things go in?

Oh, and who is in charge of writing the wedding script in the first place?

Those are all critical questions that need to be decided prior to the big day. And heads up, officiants: it's typically your duty to create a wedding script for the ceremony.

The reality is that not all of us are natural wordsmiths. Heck, even if you are a talented writer, creating an entire wedding officiant script from scratch is a big task. That's why we've created this wedding script resource hub for couples and officiants alike to assist in building the perfect ceremony script for the big day.

Below, you'll find two things:

  1. Our powerful Wedding Ceremony Script Generator tool, which can craft custom and personalized wedding scripts for you with just a few select inputs about the couple and their preferences.
  2. Our entire library of sample wedding scripts, carefully curated to provide wedding script examples and templates from across a wide range of different ceremony styles.

One last note before we dive in: if you are planning a wedding and need someone to officiate your ceremony, don't forget to check out the Find a Minister database over on Get Ordained™ to locate a ULC minister in your area who can fulfill this important role.

Wedding Script Generator

Couples and officiants frequently lean on our Wedding Script Generator, a helpful tool that can be used to generate a 100% unique wedding script for the officiant to use on the big day.

It's extremely easy to use: just input some basic information about the couple, then make a few selections to customize the wedding ceremony script to align with their beliefs and preferences. As you go, the tool will craft a script for you in real time! Click below to start building your personalized wedding script today.

Feel free to play around with the various options until you get a version of the wedding script that you're satisfied with! Once finalized, you'll be able to download this personalized wedding ceremony script directly to your device to use whenever you like.

Keep in mind that the wedding script you officiate with needs to include specific legal language to ensure the ceremony is binding, so take care not to remove those sections.

With the right preparation and planning, your wedding officiant script will accomplish two goals: 1) impress the audience, and 2) meet all the legal requirements.

Wedding Ceremony Scripts

Looking for some sample wedding scripts to use as a guide? We've compiled this free collection of sample scripts tailored for a broad variety of different ceremony types. Scroll down to browse the full library, and click on any image below to view and download a wedding script sample in its entirety.

These sample wedding ceremonies have been curated by our team for anyone to use, so please utilize the resources in whichever way is most helpful to you – whether that means borrowing elements to create your own wedding script template, or simply printing off an entire sample wedding script to use as-is.

We hope these wedding scripts for officiants will prove helpful in taking the wedding ceremony from inspiration to reality!

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