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Are you planning to perform a wedding in Prince George's County? If you’ve been asked to officiate, congratulations! Presiding over a wedding ceremony is an incredible honor, though one that also comes with considerable responsibility. Let’s explore the process in detail to make sure you’re up to speed on everything that will be required of you. Below, we’ll cover how to prepare for a wedding ceremony, how to get in touch with the relevant office in charge of marriages, and how to ensure the union is legally recognized in Prince George's County.

1 Become an Ordained Minister in Prince George's County

Your first move will be to get ordained as a ULC minister (if you haven’t already). ULC ordination is provided online, free of charge, and gives you the power to perform legal wedding ceremonies! Best of all, the process takes just minutes to complete. Get started by clicking the button below!

Key Info for Ministers in Prince George's County

ULC Ordination Accepted:
Minister Registration Required:
Documents Required:
Minister's Residency:
Minister's Minimum Age:

2 Confirm Wedding Officiant Requirements in Prince George's County

Next, you should get in touch with the authorities that handle marriages in Prince George's County. Explain that you’re an ordained minister and wish to know what documents or information they might need from you before you perform a wedding in their district.

Contact information for the office in Prince George's County is listed below.

Office Address:
14701 Gov. Oden Bowie Drive
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
Office Phone Number:
(301) 952-3331

3 Order Necessary Documentation to Officiate in Prince George's County

With that step done, you can proceed to our online catalog to order any documentation required to officiate in your area. We typically advise ministers in Prince George's County to get a Classic Wedding Package, though ultimately your decision will depend on the specific information you receive when speaking with local officials.

4 Officiate a Wedding and Fill Out the Prince George's County Marriage License

Now you’re ready to officiate the wedding! If it’s your first time officiating (or even if it’s not) be sure to check out our wedding training center for helpful tips and tools.

After the ceremony is over, the last important box to check is filling out the marriage license. In Prince George's County, this license is valid for 180 days, there is a mandatory 2-day waiting period, and the completed license must be returned before its listed expiration date. To learn more about how to fill out this document, please visit our marriage license training guide.

Marriage License Waiting Period:
2 Days
Marriage License Valid For:
180 Days
Return Within:
Before Expiration

How to Write a Wedding Officiant Script in Prince George's County

We regularly receive calls from wedding officiants in Prince George's County asking for guidance on what they should say during a wedding ceremony after they've become ordained online.

Once you have all of the legal items sorted out, it's time for the fun part – planning and performing the ceremony itself! We realize that this can be a bit daunting for some folks, particularly if it's their first time officiating a wedding.

We would urge all of our Prince George's County wedding officiants to lean on one of our helpful wedding guides mentioned earlier. We would further suggest that all officiants take advantage of the other free resources on our website, like our wedding ceremony script generator. This unique tool will allow you to input specific details about any planned wedding ceremony and the couple's preferences to generate a completely custom wedding script.

You might also enjoy reviewing some of our online sample wedding scripts. These pre-written wedding ceremony scripts can either be printed off and used as-is, or they may provide some additional inspiration as you draft your own script. Either way, they'll have you covered for just about any wedding ceremony you've been asked to officiate. And don't forget, if you need any wedding officiant clothing or other supplies for the big day, be sure to visit our wedding catalog, available exclusively to those who have been ordained by the ULC!

What to Know About Prince George's County Wedding Ceremonies

Lush green landscape in the summer and beautiful fall foliage in the autumn spread over the softly rolling hills of Prince George County. The scenic beauty makes it an ideal place to hold a wedding, with many different types of locations available for your special day. From barns to stately manors, and lodges to ballrooms there is sure to be a spot that meets each couple's taste. Plan for sunny and humid summer days, and cool crisp evenings if you are holding your nuptials late in the year.