Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - December, 2017

Popular opinion is powerful, but some people choose to resist rather than give in.
This week, The Visionary highlights stories of resistance. From Christians battling same-sex marriage, to bizarre stereotype-smashing couples, to the fight for "transracial" recognition, societal trends clearly don't matter to all.

Same-Sex Skeptics

Leading up to a nationwide vote on same-sex marriage, some faith groups in Australia used controversial tactics in a last-ditch effort to sway voters.
A Christian Thing to Do?

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Sister Wives Wanted

Sister Wives Wanted

On paper, polygamy is outlawed in the United States. But some communities refuse to give it up, and the practice is becoming increasingly popular abroad.
Is One Wife Enough?

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More Than Skin Deep: When Your Birth Race Isn't Right

Society is still wrestling with how to navigate life post-gender revolution, but a new wave may be approaching. Can people be a different race from the one to which they were born?
Sound off: Can colors change?

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World's Strangest Couples

Did you know you can marry yourself? Heard about the 106-year-old bride? Incredibly, those bizarre marriages didn't even crack the top five on our list!
You Won’t Believe #1!

Prince(ss) Propaganda

An animated Disney show featured a young male character dressed up like a princess, sparking harsh criticism from conservative religious groups.
Is It Child Brainwashing?


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Does the Pope Hate Muslims?

On a recent trip to Myanmar, Pope Francis angered humanitarians when he refused to stand up for a persecuted Muslim group fighting for survival.

Was He Out Of Line?

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