7. Self-Marriage

A bride chooses "sologamy" and marries herself.
Erika Anderson planned a wedding ceremony to tie the knot... with herself!

Solagamy also known as "self-marriage" is a relatively new trend where people choose to tie the knot with themselves. What's the motivation behind it? According to 37-year-old Erika Anderson, she was tired of being asked by friends and family members why she hadn't found someone to settle down with yet. To resolve their concerns, she decided to marry herself. Fittingly, Anderson marked her one-year anniversary of self-marriage with a solo trip to Mexico.

6. 106-Year-Old Fiancée

106-year-old woman gets married Some women wait a lifetime to meet the man of their dreams. Others wait more than a lifetime. Meet Valdemira Rodrigues de Olivera, who at the spry age of 106, gave an enthusiastic "yes" when her 66-year-old boyfriend popped the question. The two were married in Brazil earlier this year. Apparently, it's never too late to find your soulmate.

5. A Snake at the Altar

An Indian woman married a snake

Back in 2006, a woman in India declared her love for a snake that lived near her village. So strong were her feelings, that she decided to marry the serpent in accordance with Hindu marriage rituals. In total, over 2,000 people attended the ceremony. Unfortunately, the snake was unable to attend so the wedding planner commissioned a brass statue to take its place during the proceedings.

4. Man Marries Goat

A Sudanese man was forced to marry a goat

A Sudanese man named Charles Tombe found himself in a prickly situation after violating a local law against having relations outside of marriage. The law says that if a man is caught sleeping with an unmarried woman, he has to marry her immediately to preserve her honor. The only catch? His love interest was not a woman, but a goat. After getting caught in a compromising situation with the animal, officials forced Tombe to marry the goat and pay a dowry to its owner. It's unclear if the two are still together.

3. Marrying a Videogame Character

A Japanese man, who goes by his online alias Sal9000, fell in love with a female videogame character named Nene Anegasaki. Unable to suppress his infatuation, he planned a wedding ceremony and tied the knot with her in 2009:

2. Woman Marries the Eiffel Tower

The runner-up on our list of strange marriages is this unique relationship between a San Francisco woman and the Eiffel Tower:

1. The Corpse Bride

Charles Tanzler married the corpse of a former love interest
Tanzler (left) was arrested after his "corpse bride" (pictured right) was discovered by authorities.

This one takes the cake. Back in the 1930s, a Florida man named Carl Tanzler fell deeply in love with a local beauty, Maria Elena Milagro de Hoyos. Tanzler eventually left his wife to pursue this newfound love interest, but de Hoyos tragically passed away from tuberculosis. Tanzler, unable to accept that she was gone, took drastic measures to keep her in his life. After the funeral, he snuck into the graveyard, dug up her corpse, and used his scientific knowledge to preserve the body. He reportedly kept the corpse in his bed, using perfume and other chemicals to mask its odor.

Tanzler kept his "corpse bride" a secret for nearly 7 years before his disturbing obsession was finally discovered, and he was arrested by authorities.

If that doesn't win the prize for strangest (and creepiest) marriage, we're not sure we want to know what would beat it.



  1. Barry's Avatar Barry

    Lots of sick people out there

  1. drrgrivera's Avatar drrgrivera

    I'll tell you what wili beat it. the bride of Christ. " For God so loved the world...." The most horrible things remain yet to be seen and may never be seen. the examples you've given are merely an accessible few.

    1. drrgrivera's Avatar drrgrivera

      Modern Marriages Are “Invalid” Says Pope Francis

      I agree with Pope Frances. Only Christ is empower from start to finish, to reveal Marriage, the shadow of which is practiced by those who return to the dust.

      Marriage does not originate under Heaven. it is from above. Our best promises are lies.

      Modern? An identification of today. Nothing new under the heaven. We are simply accustomed to the manure like plants fertilized by horse and cow dung whenever fertilized.

  1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


  1. Anita French's Avatar Anita French

    Did/could the goat consent? No. Call it what it is: RAPE.

    1. Jim D.'s Avatar Jim D.

      Or at the very least call it "kid" napping... Get it?... "kid" napping? C'mon, that's funny!

  1. Ken Dixon's Avatar Ken Dixon

    After the woman married the snake, was there a reptile dysfunction on the wedding night?

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Oh, wow. That is a good one! Way to go!

  1. Jim D.'s Avatar Jim D.

    After reading the top ten, all I can think is that we are doomed as a species. The only thing for which I am grateful is that, assuming these whack-a-do's remain faithful to their... uh... spouses (such that they are), there is zero chance that these loons will procreate and pass on their bat-s#!t crazy! Yup, we're doomed.

  1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

    Absolutely insane. All of them. No doubt. Too stupid to believe, and yet, believable in this day and age.

  1. Dennis Horvitz's Avatar Dennis Horvitz

    What would be the property and custody arrangements should the living spouse decide to divorce? And on what grounds? Infidelity?

  1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

    Doesn't Carl Tanzler look a lot like Pope Francis? or vice-versa?

  1. Clayton Beardmore's Avatar Clayton Beardmore

    I'll bet the woman that married the Eiffel Tower and the others on this list that he/she's crazy and he/she can pick their own doctor!

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