The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need

Joanna Martine Woolfolk

Recently revised, this comprehensive guide to astrology contains all of the information any would-be astrologer needs to explore that exciting field of study.


Product Description

The aptly named The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need is just that… the only astrology book you will ever need! Author Joanna Martin Woolfolk, an internationally renowned astrologist and best-selling author, has jam-packed her book with an unbelievable collection of astrological information.

This 21st century edition, which has sold nearly three-quarters of a million copies, contains all the information you need to know (regardless of your star sign) until the year 2100.

Woolfolk goes into tremendous detail as she analyzes each sign, its associated astrological guideposts, and the personal and emotional traits that follow. She goes further by helping readers understand the influence that each planet in our system can have on the human psyche, and when this influence will be at its strongest.

Having trouble in your love life? Need to know why your career seems to be stalling? Are you struggling to connect with the people around you? The Only Astrology Book… is exactly what you need to help you diagnose what is going wrong in your life, to understand the causes, and to start the work of correcting that influence. You'll also find all the wisdom you need to ensure that you stay ahead of any of the bumps you may encounter for the rest of your life.

This fantastic resource is a must-have for anyone hoping to build a better life for himself or herself. In addition, it makes a wonderful gift.