Ministry In A Box Kit

This box includes everything an ordained minister will need to perform all of the functions of ministry that they could ever possibly be asked to perform.


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Product Description

Beginning a new ministry can be time consuming and confusing. We have pulled together over 30 years of combined ministry experience to bring you an instant solution to the task of starting your ministry.

This all-inclusive package comes with the basics necessary to begin performing ceremonies, as well as several complimentary items to get new ministers started.

Your package will include:

  • Black Binder
  • A personalized high-quality certificate of ordination (suitable for framing),
  • A personalized wallet identification card.
  • 12 beautiful seal-embossed certificates (Marriage, Commitment, House Blessing, Baptism, and Baby Naming certificate)
  • A Universal Life Church Clergy badge, parking hanger, parking placard, bumper stickers, and a window sticker.
  • Business Card Holder Page, CD Holder Page, Document Holder Page, Photo Holder Page

Package contents are subject to change. We make certain to send equivalent to or superior item changes. Quality increases and sometimes the entire package contents change. You are advised of this in advance although you need not be concerned that you will receive less - always more or different but equal.


  • Your documents must have your legal name.
  • Verify that the information is true and correct.
  • If you are performing a wedding, you may need to add the Letter of Good Standing.

Available Options

Optional Package Add Ons
  • Certified Letter of Good Standing
    Certified Letter of Good Standing
  • Black Certificate Holder
    Black Certificate Holder
  • Protective Card Sleeve
    Protective Card Sleeve
  • Premium Degree Holder
    Premium Degree Holder

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