Premium Certificate of Marriage

The high quality certificate paper is finely textured, which allows it to be easily printed on or hand-lettered with a calligraphy pen or ball point pen.


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Many of our ministers choose to present their clients with these fancy marriage certificates because the state and local government only sends a low quality paper copy of the marriage license. We understand the significance of this special event in people's lives – to help properly commemorate the ceremony, we supply a wide selection of beautiful wedding certificates that are sure to please any newlywed couple.

Choose from a variety of premium marriage certificates to present to the newlyweds at your next wedding. These tasteful certificates come in various designs and colors. The ornate foil layering is available in three color options: gold, silver, and bronze.

Each foil color comes with two designs to choose from. In gold, choose between the gleaming wedding rings and the sleek ULC shield. In silver, your options are two facing doves or the contemporary hand-heart depiction. Finally, the bronze options include a single yellow rose or a bouquet of three red roses.

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  • Black Certificate Holder
    Black Certificate Holder
  • Printed Premium Certificate of Marriage
    Printed Premium Certificate of Marriage

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  • Premium Certificate of Marriage 1 Certificate 1 Certificate
  • Premium Certificate of Marriage 3 Pack 3 Pack
  • Premium Certificate of Marriage 5 Pack 5 Pack
  • Premium Certificate of Marriage 10 Pack 10 Pack

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