Arkansas's Ten Commandments statue was destroyed

The previous Ten Commandments statue lasted less than 24 hours before being toppled. This time, extra security measures are being taken.

A Ten Commandments monument erected at the Arkansas State Capitol has been given a second chance after a bad first impression left the statue in pieces last summer.

The original six-foot granite structure, installed back in June 2017, remained standing less than 24 hours before an angry local man deliberately rammed it with his truck, shattering the statue.

The driver, Michael T. Reed, famously live-streamed the incident. A video shot from his phone showed him preparing to level the Ten Commandments statue. Reed gave out a cry of “freedom!” as he slammed on the gas and destroyed the $26,000 monument. He was arrested on the spot.

Commandments Restored

Arkansas new Ten Commandments statue

Workers installed concrete bollards to protect the new statue.

Nearly a year later, Arkansas politicians proudly announced that a replacement statue had been created. Last week, amid much fanfare, a crane lowered the new tablet-shaped monument into place and thick concrete bollards were installed to ward off any future vehicular vandalism.

Ironically, the whole thing was live-streamed. Speaking at the event was Republican state Sen. Jason Rapert, who sponsored a highly-contested 2015 law allowing for the original statue’s placement.

“The sole reason that we donated this monument to the state of Arkansas is because the Ten Commandments are an important component to the foundation of the laws and the legal system of the United States of America and of the state of Arkansas,” Rapert told the crowd.

Christian groups are thrilled to see religious values once again represented on government property. However, others appear less enthusiastic.

Critics Prepare to Fight Back

Also present at the statue’s unveiling were a group of Satanists protesting what they see as a government body endorsing a specific religion – a clear violation of constitutional principles.

The Arkansas chapters of the ACLU and The Satanic Temple have both decried the monument as unconstitutional – and they’re determined to do something about it. Attorneys for the ACLU have announced plans to challenge the government’s decision in court.

And they might have a case. Not only have the courts frequently sided with those challenging religious symbols on government property, but Arkansas appears to have knowingly discriminated against other belief systems. According to reports, the Satanic Temple requested to have their own monument erected on state property, but the state denied this request.

So, while this updated version of the Ten Commandments might be safe from vandals, it’s still not guaranteed to stay standing.

Ten Commandments next to a Satanic statue

The Satanic Temple argues that allowing a Christian monument to be displayed on state property while at the same time barring Satanist statues is unconstitutional.

Is It Constitutional?

Backers of the monument insist the Ten Commandments are legally displayed because they are presented in a historical – and therefore not a purely religious – context. They point to a 2005 Supreme Court decision that a similar Texas monument did not betray the Constitution.

But opponents say that’s just a convenient excuse to spread religious propaganda on government property. If the Ten Commandments can be displayed, then what’s wrong with erecting similar monuments to a goat demon? After all, Satanism – just like any religion – can be interpreted through a historical lens. This is what true religious plurality should look like, they argue.

The right to religious freedom is guaranteed to all faiths in the United States. Obviously, Christianity remains the dominant religion – but does that mean Christians should get special treatment?

If the Ten Commandments can be displayed on state property, should other faiths be allowed representation as well?  



  1. Katelynne Victoria Shouse says:

    Needs to come down some way some how, legally or not!!!

      1. Duckin Acup says:

        Because it is a violation of the US Constitution. DOH!

        1. Robert says:

          It is a historical monument Are we supposed to play ‘ISIS’ and tear down just certain monuments that offend certain groups and leave the others up? We all need to practice tolerance in our everyday lives.

          1. AKConiferious says:

            historical monument to religion. take that to private property.

          2. Rev.Jon Dixin says:


          3. Rev.Jon Dixon says:

            Agree Robert…

          4. Trisha says:

            If historical tradition is the argument, then you better take “Under God” out of the pledge b/c it was added solely for war purposes in the mid 20th century. If you don’t want that taken out, then don’t use tradition as your argument.

          5. Lisa says:

            You Christians need to practice tolerance. Wiccans have lived in fear at times, fear of being drowned or burned to death. We have shown “tollerance”. Christians an bc coming see need to put a rein on their US Senators and Rep, state as well and remind them that they are supposed to represent everyone in their state. They are not allowed to pick and choose.

        2. John Owens says:

          The Constitution doesn’t say anything about monuments.

        3. John Owens says:

          How does it violate the Constitution? Not that liberals care about the Constitution, just curious how you think a monument violates it.

    1. Melton Kent jr says:

      The Holy Bible tells us that he who offends in the least the little ones (children) will suffer greatly! By allowing a statue of lucifer anyone involved is trying to change children from the belief of GOD to the life of disbelief and evil. We are to pass down GODS laws and Jesus’s sacrifice to our generations!

      1. Allen says:

        The Ten Words/Commandments are not Christian based. 99.99% of Christians do not follow the ten commandments. They follow a couple, possibly by accident. They have Idols of Jesus/hazeus. They desecrated Yahuah’s name by calling him Baal/Lord. They desecrate his Seventh-Day Sabbath on a pack of Lies and traditions. United States laws are based around some of the remaining commands of the Holy scriptures, such as do not murder, do not steal.
        . Because the 10 words/commands are perfect, I think they should stay.
        . If other basic beliefs are designed not to hurt people they should be posted also. Then the whole world can see them.

      2. David says:

        You are a close minded bigot. Your religion is no more special than any other.

        1. John Owens says:

          There is no evidence of that.

    2. Danny Boss says:

      First off its Oklahoma not Arkansas

      1. Bill Gates says:

        I’m going to tell everyone that it was in Kansas just to keep the ball rolling.

    3. Bill Robinson says:

      I agree. It is Unconstitutional and will cost us, the taxpaying citizens of Arkansas, in attorney fees and court costs, when a state or federal court correctly orders it removed.

      1. John Owens says:

        The Constitution says nothing about monuments, therefore, it CANNOT be considered unconstitutional.

    4. aislingach says:

      The founding fathers were for the most part were either non-Christian or alternative Christian. If one belief is added for “historical” reasons, all others should apply. But I do believe we should follow the constitution on the articles related to separation of church and state.

  2. Wilmer Stanley says:

    It would be much less contestable if they “sold” that tiny piece of ground to an individual or organisation and let them erect the Commandments. It would be private property and noone could say diddly about it.

    1. Nathan Michael says:

      Sale of State property would have to be publicly announced and put out to bid allowing any business or organization to fairly bid on it. If the Satanic Temple bid highest, it would be their property to do as they wished. That is not what is wanted here.

    2. Bill Robinson says:

      State Capitol property cannot be sold to private individuals or corporations.

  3. ProphetessD says:

    Our legal system is based on the 10 commandments. History.
    Erecting alrars to Lucifer is reckless endanernent which is criminal since the devil is real this is the same argument for not allowing it in schools in response to Christian clubs. Some religions are too dangerous. Sat– ism is one.

    1. Alan Meunier says:

      Our system off government is NOT based on ANY religion, especially the Christian one. Look up the founding fathers, you obviously have a computer (and Google?), most of which were diests and (gasp!) atheists…perhaps you need to brush up on your history a bit. When Jefferson was elected folks hid their bibles for fear he would burn them.

      1. ProphetessD says:

        You’re wrong. Ur legal system is based on English common law which was based on the bible

        1. John Owens says:


        2. Thomas says:

          It was mainly based on roman laws actually the USA and Britain are a giant recreation of Rome saying as Britain was a part of the Roman empire

      2. James says:

        Competely wrong! They are all founded on God given rights. Read a book from the time of the writing of the declaration of independence, or the writing of the constitution. No simply conjecture or some uneducated rant.

        1. Steve Oder says:

          While these rights were termed “God-given”, it was a way to accept them axiomatically. There was no mention of whose god, nor of any specific religion in the founding documents, thus promoting the concept of freedom of religion, one of the founding principles of our republic. The founders consisted of Christians, deists, atheists, and Jews. The system of English common law was adopted (and tweaked) because it was the most sensible legal system yet devised and dovetailed nicely into the progressive values of the newly formed republic, and not because it was ordained by God.

      3. Jon Dixon says:

        The ten commandments is not a religion in and of it self. And it’s based in the old testament . They are principles to relate to one another and community…

    2. Atatakai says:

      Prophetess – No, it is NOT based on the Ten Commandments. Where did you get that idea? The U.S. Constitution was based on the Constitution of the Iroquois Nations, or the more popular term, Iroquois Confederacy Constitution.

      Lucifer? Do you mean Satan? Not the same fictional myth, nor is there any empirical evidence that either exists. Since you claim the devil is real, please prove it by showing your evidence.

      Schools can’t have Christian clubs? Sorry, but again, wrong. You have not heard of the “Good News Club”, I take it.

      IMHO, YOUR PERSPECTIVE of Christianity is too dangerous. Some examples include:

      Stoning unruly children to death

      Stoning anyone who does ANY work on the Sabbath

      Killing 42 children for teasing a bald-headed man

      Stoning to death an adulterer and partner for loving each other

      Promotion of slavery, not just indentured servitude. Slaves being one’s property.

      Killing off all life forms because your deity screwed up and allowed his human creations to screw up their behavior – (Global flood of Noah – Which never happened)

      1. Sapphire says:

        Your dumb… trying to sound smart smh

        1. Smarter than Sapphire says:


      2. Catherine Ohrin-Greipp MSW, LCSW says:

        Atatakai, you are so very right! Few people know that the US Constitution is based on The Iroquois Great Law of Peace. In addition, if people who profess to understand scriptures really read them from cover to cover, they wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. The bible is filled with so much violence perpetrated by an entity they called god, a jealous, vengeful, genocidal, freaky, spiteful character who does call for the things you mention- Killing children, raping women, outright genocide against peoples, slavery. The most scary and evil character of all is described in detail in the mythical book.

    3. yendorcire says:

      The 1st amendment calls for separation of church and state. There should be no religious monument on government property. The church of Satan is asking of equal treatment under the law. If you don’t want them to have a monument, there should be no monument.

      1. John Owens says:

        The Constitution does not say anything about a monument. Erecting a monument is in no way passing a law regarding the establishment of a religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. It also does not say if you erect a monument that you must erect monuments for every belief system. This was not a federal monument, anyway.

    4. Don says:

      The Satanists don’t — in my view — *seriously* — want or expect their statue on state property. They, like other people who respect the Constitution, just don’t want other people’s religion jammed down their throats. I agree 100%. And while Satan may be real, in your view, it isn’t a view that’s shared in the same way by everybody. No State Religion!

    5. Max Martin says:

      That’s a lie! The US government system and the Constitution are based in the Gayanashegowa….the great law of peace of the Iroquois Confederacy. Not any christian book or practices

    6. Ciara Miller says:

      Satanism is not a dangerous religion. They don’t even believe in Satan as a real being. Please educate yourself before posting nonsense, that only makes you look ign’ant. 😉

      1. James says:

        Well as a Satanist. I will say that what you are saying about Satan not being real is not 100% accurate. LaVeyan Satanist’s do believe him to be a real entity. While other branches such as the above mentioned Satanic Temple believe that Satan represents the us and that we are simply human and have created the gods that we worship or have worshiped and that we are hoods in our own right, only accountable ultimately to oneself.

        A link below will help you to understand the beliefs of The Satanic Temple:

    7. David says:

      ProphetessD, how is “Satan-ism,” anymore dangerous than Christianity. It is less so, because they are not forcing people to listen to them about how their religion is best and people must join or they won’t go to heaven. I would be a Satanist before a Christian any day with the way Christians have been acting towards other religions.

  4. Alan Meunier says:

    Arkansas taxpayers will again be footing the bill for litigation on this (illegal) display. Don’t they have better things to spend money on like, perhaps, education?

    1. John Owens says:

      You’d think the opponents of the statue would have better things to do.

      1. Atatakai says:

        John – They do – it is called protesting the separation of church and state. If they were to put their 10 Commandments on private property, it would not be a problem. The difficulty is that it is on government/public property.

      2. Kizzy says:

        I vote we throw Owens in a country ruled by Sharia Law and every time he complains we ask him, “don’t you have better things to do? Just accept our religious tyranny. Jesus effing Christ”

        1. John Owens says:

          Kizzy, you dumb twit, how in the HELL is this religious tyranny? Your words contain no wisdom.

    2. Nathan Michael says:

      It’s Arkansas Last I checked, there was no edjukashen there.

  5. Alvin Ronald Jones says:

    They Print Laws For Everything Else!…..(smile)

  6. Alicia says:

    While I don’t agree with taxpayers paying for statues and/or sculptures of religious nature, I also don’t agree that destroying these statues/sculptures should be done illegally, as Katelynne Victoria Shouse suggested.

    I’m just very confused as to how someone has so much hate inside that he felt the need to destroy the original by ramming it with a truck. I’m not Christian but, I would never feel the need to destroy something that is a symbol of another’s religious beliefs.

    By the way…People do realize that the 10 commandments aren’t Christian, right? They were delivered to Moses (see Exodus) long before Jesus was said to have been born, so, technically, they are Jewish.

    The U.S. is a melting pot with many different beliefs. Instead of honoring only two, perhaps an area could be carved out for sculptures showing honor for ALL religions. Or, instead of the 10 commandments, how about a sculpture that simply says “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”? Yes, it’s in the Bible, but there is no mention of any god. It’s just a good rule of life we should all follow.

    1. James says:

      Yet what do you find wrong with them? Only that God is mentioned?

      1. Mike says:

        My big problems with displaying the 10 Commandments on public property is that they do not represent the basis of our laws (see First Amendment if you question this), they are not representative of everyone, and the majority of people who claim to follow them (especially politicians) don’t actually follow most of these “laws.”

        Of course, there’s also the issue that these same “law makers” won’t allow any other religious icons on the same property. It suggests that they are so insecure in their own religious beliefs they can’t even entertain the notion that not everyone holds the same beliefs. Instead they view it as their right, given by their god, to force their beliefs on everyone and quash any and every other belief.

    2. Minister V says:

      The irony was that the man who destroyed it the first time was himself Christian. He saw the monument as an affront to his religion because of it being an idol to be worshiped.

      And yes, even the State Rep who is mentioned regarding its replacement, Sen Jason Rapert, has referred to the monument as an idol.

      One would think that those who wish to push their beliefs upon others would have a clear understanding of those beliefs. Even the very monument would have one that reads “Thou shalt not make graven images.”

    3. Sapphire says:

      No, technically the ten commandments we’re given to the Israelites. Check your history, go back and read…it ddoe not say Jewish at all.

      1. John Owens says:

        You are correct. There was also a mixed multitude of many other nations. One law for everyone. And the Holy Days, it doesn’t say they are Jewish. It says they are the Feasts of Yahweh.

  7. James says:

    This great country was founded on religious freedom The absence of religion is not religion It is Also freedom of religion not from religion. And the status stated and was written to keep a particular govt official from promoting only one doctrine from his office. When something is the foundation of something great, you can’t remove the foundation and still have something great. Simple engineering concept right there. We are all free to have an opinion, even state it. Yet the accountability side has been hiding. We can’t make poor people comfortable else they will stay poor, same with stupid people! Respect the good and use it to better yourself! Do away with evil twisted ways.

    1. Catherine Ohrin-Greipp MSW, LCSW says:

      Sorry, this nation was not founded on religious freedom. It was founded on greed and genocide.Just ask any Native American who is descended from First Americans over a 500 year period. The christian invaders used their christian religious ideology to not only discriminate against indigenous peoples, they justified massacres, stealing land and possessions and used their “god given rights” as a justification to do so. It is a sad fact, but many Americans do not like to deal with facts. It was not until 1978 that the Indian Religious Act was passed by Congress, which “allowed” Native People to practice ceremonies and spiritual gatherings, previously outlawed by those “good” christians over many centuries.The ten commandments are nothing more than an example of hypocrisy and was an attempt to exert control over sheeples in the Middle East.

  8. Minister Norman says:

    There was a very recent ULC Post about Sex Education in the California Schools: SO MANY of you commented on that, and were so very much against the State dictating public policy and usurping individual and parental Rights; and on both Religious and Secular grounds.


    How is a group with an obvious and singular AGENDA on Religion in Arkansas, any different from a group in California with their “Homosexual Agenda”, as so many of you stated?

    Oh right, you agree with this abuse of power, but not the other! How blind!

    Argue until your face turns blue and you pass out from a lack of oxygen, or more likely REASON, but this is exactly the same abuse of State power over individual SECULAR Rights.

    There is no difference!

    We The People… is all of us, or then it’s none of us! The STATE (and especially Globalists), will always test our resolve, and continue to abuse their power if we do not separate our “likes” and “dislikes” from appropriate public discourse and individual Rights & Freedoms for ALL!

    Or you can continue to insist they “Govern” by majority, mob, or religious rule, until something akin to “Christian Sharia Law” or some other atrocity rules our society! BUT pray it’s your particular bent of Christian belief, or even secular thinking that wins the day, or just maybe (and too late), all you so called “Christians” and “Patriots” will wake up in a Police State that makes the “Patriot Act” look like a beacon for FREEDOM!

    If the State can “Prefer” any Religion, they can also preference anything else: Including a religious belief you don’t agree with; as the winds of change blow perhaps in a different direction.

    So be careful what you champion, pray and wish for! It may just come true.

    This is why we need to err on the side of individual Rights! A lot of you may agree with and like this particular State action (in Arkansas), but just as with California’s mandatory Sexual Education Classes, you may then find yourself on the other side of the argument with something you don’t quite “Like” so much…

    This is why Secular Law, parental and individual RIGHTS matter!

    Once again, this is the STATE, which is supposed to represent ALL OF US, acting in the interests of just one group with a singular AGENDA (or point of view), and to the exclusion of all others by imposing their views on everyone.

    That is so WRONG!

    At least California’s Sex Ed BS represents ALL sexuality in its misguided approach! But just like that, this is a blatent abuse of power!

  9. Marcel French says:

    First of all nobody should receive special treatment based on religion, sex, lifestyle, race or political views. Second there’s supposed to be a separation of church and state. This means that politics should never influence religion and religion should never influence politics.

  10. JEFF Ratliff says:

    I rather see the 10 Commandments up or anything Christian I do not get into Satanism voodooism nothing that does not worship God himself so the Satanist and all these protesters against Christianity and about Christianity being in schools can kiss it I know schools that have Christian clubs

    1. Marko says:

      I’d rather see a giant statue of the Buddha or anything Buddhist. I do not get into Satanism or Christianity, or any deist faith. See how that goes, Jeff? The world doesn’t revolve around you and this disagreement we have is exactly why there is separation of church and state. I don’t care if there are Christian clubs at my kid’s school and she can join them if she wants. The IF SHE WANTS part is crucial though. People that visit or go by the capitol have to look at this ugly slab that breaks its own rule of not erecting any idols. What horrible Christian wants to break the 10 Commandments in the name of being pro-10 Commandments, and what horrible person can’t see the hypocrisy?

  11. Tom says:

    Ultimately, (1) the 10 Commandments have a religious history; and (2) the only necessary commandment is paraphrased as “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”…nothing else is necessary…Tom

    1. yendorcire says:

      The golden rule is not part of the 10 commandments, it was added by Jesus in the new testament. Interestingly the ten commandments were originally in the code of Hamurabi, a Babylonian legacy code that the israelites were exposed to during their internment there.

    2. Allen says:

      Tom. You left off half the verse. That’s what Christians do.
      . Matthew 7:12 all things there for whatever you would that men should do to you, even so do you also to them, for this is the Torah and the prophets.
      . The first half of the first points to the entire Torah being important, not your 1/2 verse version. Then you can say, ” …nothing else is necessary…”
      . 99.99% of the Christians do not follow the messiah’s words regardless.

  12. yendorcire says:

    Does anyone else think it’s ironic that the original tablets were destroyed and were replaced with a second set?

  13. yendorcire says:

    Are not we not sworn as misters of the Universal Life Church, to respect all faiths, even those different from our own? Yet there are so many comments here against non Christian faiths. Many of these comments are made in ignorance, without having done any research of the faith that they disparage.

    1. Duckin Acup says:

      I don’t often swear, but when I do it’s at silly posts like that one. And why leave out the Mrs.’s?

      1. yendorcire says:

        1st of all, you forgot to swear. Also, what do you mean “Mrs.’s”

      2. yendorcire says:

        Ah, I see my device changed “ministers to misters. Quite funny.

    2. Necole Ivey says:

      I am shocked by some of the comments on this and other post. You are correct. As ministers and represenatives of the church we should approaching all things with care and respect.

      1. yendorcire says:


  14. Jon Dixon says:

    I think on the basis that they argue it’s appropriateness based on founding or foundational principles behind our laws it makes sense…

  15. ROBERT lewis says:

    “One nation under God”

    1. yendorcire says:

      This phrase was added during the cold War to contrast the USSR’s atheist regime. It is at various times contested for its violation of the 1st amendment.

      1. ROBERT lewis says:

        It doesn’t matter when it was added, it’s there!

        1. Minister V says:

          So, if the Satanists were to put their statue up next to the 10 Commandments monument in the middle of the night, you would argue that it should then stay? Because in your own words “it doesn’t matter when it was added, it’s there!”

          1. Tammy Roberson Gilbert says:

            Ok I believe that if someone put a statue of Satan up .it would not bother me at all because I am a believer of Jesus n I Love him so much and strong in his teaching. I know that a lot of religious people would get upset with it being there but if you truly are dedicated to the Love of your will not fear other God’s or so called beliefs.And the word God is not a name its a father or son .Its the True name that brings the Power.n Healing..

          2. John Owens says:

            If they went through proper channels, that would be acceptable. If not, then, NO.

  16. Jon Dixon says:

    Also our Constitution is based on and heavily influenced by the Magna Carta…

  17. S C Taylor Frank says:

    If the purpose of displaying the commandments to instill good behavior, they might do better to show the state penal code.

  18. Matthew says:

    I like peanut butter AND jelly!

  19. Sarah says:

    As an American, I believe in the separation of church and state. I do think it’s sort of hypocritical to put up one religion’s commandments and outright deny another’s.

  20. Warren Wall says:

    The number of religious bigots commenting here is amazing to me. The ULC promotes the respect of all religions. No government entity or agency should be involved in the promotion or degredation of ANY particular religion or its tenets.

  21. John Banasiak says:

    What were the original 10 commandments? Are they written exactly as they were on that monument in Arkansas? If not, why not?

  22. Bill Fox says:

    I’m glad to see the return of the Ten Commandments. Any religious display on public land cannot be at the exclusion of other religions. I hope the message of the pedophile goat with young children sends the proper chilling message.

    1. Tammy Roberson Gilbert says:

      Why is the head of a goat on a statue that’s is supposed to be Satan? I guess no one knows what he actually looks like.just like we don’t know what Jesus looks like but I don’t put any one down for worshipping something or someone they have been introduced or taught by. I truly.believe though the belief that Loves more,hates less,Heals more n kills less,n forgives more n manipulates less or doesn’t point their finger against people.judging,n hating one another more than Loving one not good from true life experience. I m going to Love a person if they worship Satan ,Budda,or Jesus or whoever they believe in.cause we are all the same anyway.we are all non-perfect. I don’t choose to Worship Satan, or Budda I choose to Worship Jesus.he is my God. But I am not going to Stand up n say .just because this person here or there worships Lucifer or Satan Im not going to Hate Them.This messed up world we live in needs more Love.

  23. Cosimo says:

    Our constitution was built from and around these commandments so just get over it. If they want a satanic one as well allow them to put it up as long as its not anything that is clearly against actual laws like public pornography, Pedophilia, or Murder (Sacrifice depictions) its just like any other religion. In the end we all have to answer to our own greater power. This is just being petty and its like watching kids fight over toys…

  24. Eddie says:

    All I can say is, “cast a stone if you are not a sinner” Jehovah God is the CREATOR His SON Christ was with HIM ever , lucifer or the devil, satan dragon, was a created being and was cast out of heaven, humans are also created beings and is called “dust of the earth” God loves everybody because we are his creation but HE will never hear the payer of a sinner but only those that are worshipper of God and doeth his will, him he heareth John 9:31 . True worshipper of God is in Genesis 2:1-3 also is in the Ten Commandments…I CHOOSE JEHOVAH GOD and CHRIST MY LORD AND SAVIOR….God Bless

    1. CW says:

      But sin is in the eye on the beholder and in death punished in the mind of the sinner. You might see something a sin while the person that does it does not see it as a sin and there will not be punished in the after life. I see your comment on the Ten Commandments but also see in your comments that you have not bothered reading them. If you had you would have seen I am your one and only god. You shall have no other gods before me does not include (false gods) Jesus or a holy ghost, You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. (stain glass or a cross), You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God. Do you think that an all seeing all knowing god did not see Jesus and forgot to add and my son?

  25. TomJ says:

    When will people learn that theocracies do not work! Believe what you want to believe and what works for you. Stop insisting that your way is the highway!

  26. Secretary3rd says:

    Where is that elephant statue. The one that besides worship in India is a symbol the Republican party.

  27. CW says:

    There is a reason Church and State are separate. One is that the Protestants used to run the school, and were forcing their beliefs down the throats of students. Now we have Democrats doing the same and are not stopping it. But if government does not keep religion outside and off the property. e will get a corrupt state like the Muslim run countries, that have laws on the books to take human lives for being raped, homosexuality, being of another religion, and woman are seen as 1/2 value. Religion needs to stay out of politics as the government needs to run itself for all the people. Political opinion needs to be ban from schools just the same.

  28. Levi says:

    All religions should be allowed to have their statues and symbols wherever they can legally put them

    If the 10 commandments can be displayed, all religions should be able to have some form of religious statue somewhere.

    Think about it, Let’s say forever and a half ago it was decided that Satanism was the main religion of the land

    If I was Christian, I would be EXTREMELY offended if suddenly my religious symbols were made illegal to display

    Or if I had to face violence and judgement simply because I was Christian

    All religions should be treated equal

    Just like people :/

  29. XaurreauX says:

    If the Judeo-Christian is displayed then The Satanic Temple has a right to have the statue of Baphomet displayed–and that of any other religion including the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Secularism is for grownups.

  30. Christian says:

    Commandments 1, 2, 3, & 4
    are Unconstitutional and must be removed from government public property.

    1. No.
    Middle East Deities have a horrible track record of Child Abuse, genocide, child sexual mutilation, theft, murder, and a wide variety of crimes.
    Knowing their unstable and conflicting nature, you can not put any trust in deities, or more accurately, can not trust those that abuse people and use mythology to justify their violent criminal behavior.

    2. No.
    You are free to create any and all Art , music, writings, paintings, anything your imagination can produce.
    And you have the Copyrights and Patents to protect yohr ownership of your creations.

    3. No.
    Feel free speak your mind against amy and all deities. Terroristic threats against free thinkers demonstrates the weakness of any system that turns towards violence to try and enforce enslavement of people.

    4. No.
    Free Markets operate as needed. Certainly you are free to not work, work part time, work full time, or work overtime. Certainly you should seek to reach work life balance and take time out everyday to care for your exercise and health. Days off and vacation time ensure your good health.

    Ideally you would only have to work 4 hours or less a day, or only work 2 days a week and relax 5 days a week.
    Once you have a home, food, clothing, and such things you need – why work past that ? Enjoy life.
    Travel. Experience the e
    ndless wonder of the beautiful creation we have been given.
    Given the age of automation we are reaching – your robots and machines can work for you.

    Everything else outines loving caring and respecting other persons, their private property, their homes & families.
    Everyone can agree on these principles based upon the founding golden rule:

    PLAY NICE ! 🙂

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