Universal Life Church Sermons

By sharing thoughts and ideas from all across the religious and spiritual spectrum, we hope to educate, enlighten, and inform our ministers. As an interfaith church, we strive to find common ground that unites us across any divide. The sermons posted below draw from the inspirational teachings of a wide variety of faiths and belief systems.

However, there are so many sermon topics worthy of discussion, and we simply don’t have the resources to cover them all. Therefore, we'd like to invite our ministers to contribute to this growing forum of ideas.

If there is a topic which interests you, and that you think others would enjoy reading about, we encourage you to write your own sermon and submit it to us! To do this, please email sermons@themonastery.org. All submitted sermons will be considered for publication. If you’re interested in submitting something but need help getting started, we offer some helpful tips on how to write a sermon.

The Sin of Gossip

This guest sermon was written by an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. All ULC Ministers are invited to contribute their own sermons for consideration/publication. To do this, please email sermons@themonaste...   Continue Reading »

Keeping Secrets

Is it ever right to withhold serious information from a dying individual? In a story that would not typically be newsworthy, an 88 year old woman died recently due to old age. Ten years after her husband's passing, s...   Continue Reading »

Do We Have Free Will?

Can we call it having free will if, in a sense, our decisions are made before we are conscious of them? As human beings we have an urge to ask for reasons why certain things happen. Some people believe that there is ...   Continue Reading »

The Power of Prayer

No matter which direction you look anymore, it seems like you're staring straight at death. As the attacks seem to increase in frequency, so too does the familiar refrain we hear in response. "Pray for Syria" "Pray...   Continue Reading »