ULC helping around the globe
ULC helping around the globe

The Monastery Donation

As a nonprofit organization, the Universal Life Church Ministries works hard every day to inform, assist, and empower its global network of members and to fight for the freedom of people everywhere. To continue these important pursuits, we rely on generous donations from people like you. We are grateful for your support!

Where Your Contributions Go

Every donation made to the Universal Life Church Ministries helps to support vital organizational objectives like providing timely assistance to our global network of ministers, taking direct action to protect their rights, and offering meaningful aid to important causes across the globe.

We have always treated any attempt to curtail the rights of ULC ministers with the utmost seriousness. Most recently, we took assertive legal action in Nevada and Tennessee to show that we stand by our members wholeheartedly, and that we will never back down in our fight to protect their rights – including the power to perform legal weddings.

Worldwide, organizations are coming to terms with the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. The ULC is not immune to this new reality and the difficult financial pressures it brings. Your generous donations ensure we can continue critical legal battles to secure your rights, as well provide aid to those in need amid this unprecedented crisis.

Put simply: we’ve always made our ministers a priority, and we remain ever-ready to offer assistance. Now, more than ever before, we are asking for yours in return. Please consider donating, if you are able. Thank you.

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