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Getting ordained in Ohio is more possible today than ever before! The title of “minister” was once reserved only for those with the resources to pursue it through time-consuming, costly (and sometimes judgmental) avenues. But those days are no longer. The Universal Life Church Ministries has knocked down these barriers by engineering a new path to ordination that makes it easier for anyone who feels so-called to get ordained online for free.

Ohio is known for producing leaders, including a record eight U.S. presidents! It's not surprising, then, that so many Ohioans have proudly accepted the title of "minister."

Are you ready to follow the same path? This page will explain how online ordination works, what legal aspects you should be aware of, and, most importantly: how to become a minister in Ohio!

1. How Do You Get Ordained in Ohio?

Getting ordained online with the Universal Life Church Ministries starts with filling out a short form on our website. Just input a few basic details to create your account, then press submit – that’s it! Once your ordination has been processed, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to view your official digital ordination certificate on our website. To begin, click the button below!

Our ordination process is straightforward, fast, and entirely free. Why? Because we believe everyone has the right to direct and chart their own course through the expansive waters of the universe. Your faith is your own, and we think it’s important that you be given the ability to pursue your beliefs however is most appropriate for you – not according to some arbitrary set of rules laid out by distant outsiders.

2. What Can You Do With Your Ordination in Ohio?

Once you become ordained, you’ll have total freedom to choose how you want to put this new status to use. Regardless of where in Ohio you call home – from Dayton to Akron, you can take advantage of your title of "ordained minister" in many meaningful ways. As an ordained minister with the ULC, you can:

  • Solemnize weddings
  • Conduct baptisms
  • Preside over funerals
  • Lead a wide variety of other types of ceremonies

Some members of the ULC in Ohio even go on to begin their own churches! To learn more about the many directions you can take and how to study up on these different specialties, visit our Minister Training Center.

3. What Do You Need to Be Ordained in Ohio?

Once you’ve set yourself toward a certain type of activity you’d like to participate in, the next step is to make sure you have all the necessary supplies and documents to pursue your goals! Here are some of the most popular items among our ministers in Ohio:

Regardless of what you want to pursue, we can help get your ministry off the ground running!

4. What Does it Mean to Be Ordained?

Ordination is a process of consecration that has been practiced across many different religious groups throughout history. Each faith and denomination has its own method for ordaining its members as part of the clergy – processes that can vary quite significantly from one belief system to another. In the simplest sense, getting ordained indicates that powers have been vested in you by a higher authority to become a minister and carry out duties such as performing ceremonies.

The path to ordination was historically a difficult one, requiring many years of study and the approval of church leadership – not to mention the financial backing to attend formal schooling for becoming a minister.

The ULC believes such traditional routes are unnecessarily restrictive, which is why we’ve opened the doors of ordination to all those who seek it through a unique online model. We offer this avenue in Ohio because we know how important it is for Buckeyes to be able to make their own decisions about becoming ordained, free from the barriers imposed by conventional religious bodies.

Ordination through the Universal Life Church Ministries confers all the same rights and privileges enjoyed by members of the clergy ordained through more traditional avenues. ULC ministers are empowered to conduct the same types of duties performed by other clergy members from other organizations and denominations.

5. Can You Get Ordained to Perform a Wedding in Ohio?

Many folks who are ordained by the ULC hope to perform wedding ceremonies as part of their ministry. ULC ministers perform countless successful wedding ceremonies in Ohio each year! A traditional church ceremony in Cleveland can be wonderful, but what if a couple just wants a friend to perform a fast and fun wedding on the shores of Lake Erie? Having the ability to go off-script can make for an extra-memorable experience.

If you plan to officiate a wedding, it’s vital to understand that because marriage is a legal ceremony, there are additional rules that apply. Each state has its own laws regarding marriages and the process of performing them, so you’ll need to know about the requirements that apply in your area. To learn more, please visit our guide on performing weddings in Ohio.

Are ULC Ordinations Valid in Ohio?

As an established religious organization in good standing, ordinations conferred by the Universal Life Church are fully recognized in Ohio, and ULC ministers have the authority to perform all normal clergy duties, including solemnizing legal wedding ceremonies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to get ordained online in Ohio?
Yes! The Constitution specifies that everyone has the right to practice their own religion. By pioneering the use of technology to communicate and ordain, we may look different from the more traditional churches you might be used to, but as a ULC minister in Ohio you have the same protections as all other ministers.
How long does it take to get ordained in Ohio?
The amount of time required to get ordained depends on which religious organization is ordaining you. The Universal Life Church has deliberately made ordination available almost instantaneously online because we believe that everyone in Ohio who feels so-called has the right to captain their own faith journey.
How much does it cost to get ordained in Ohio?
Ordination with the Universal Life Church is free, and always has been! We believe that everyone in Ohio who feels so-called should have access to ordination. Note that in certain areas you may be required to present proof of your ordination, which we provide for a small charge to help us cover production expenses.
How old do you have to be to get ordained in Ohio?
To get ordained online by the Universal Life Church in Ohio, an individual needs to be at least 18 years old. Depending on your location, there may be age requirements to perform functions like the solemnization of weddings - the office issuing the marriage license will be able to provide you with that information.

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