As Easily as Ordination is Granted in the Universal Life Church - It Can Be Renounced

Giotto - Legend of St Francis -Renunciation No ordination file is ever deleted. The laws requires that the church, all churches in fact, keep records of all ordinations forever because of the legal entitlements that ordination grants, and the ramifications for the church body of not keeping these records. It also protects individuals from someone else asking for their file to be deleted. For individuals that rightfully ask that their ordinations be renounced, their files are marked as renounced but not deleted. You can Contact the Universal Life Church by email or by using the normal United States Postal Service and declare your intention of renunciation of your ordination. This is sufficient to renounce an ordination if the name and address are provided and correct. Searching for the correct ordination information requires precision and is very important that the name and address is correct in order for your renunciation to be properly recorded.