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It's 2022, and it seems everyone is turning over a new leaf. A Utah billionaire renounced his membership to the Mormon Church, arguing that they’ve done irrevocable damage to LGBTQ people. NASA's working with faith leaders, hoping to find out how the world’s largest faiths will react to learning that aliens exist, and a German museum asks its visitors to imagine a transgender Jesus. Happy New Year!

Billionaire Bye-Bye

Utah's richest man announced he is leaving the Mormon Church over its treatment of LGBTQ people. He renounced his membership and plans to donate thousands to LGBTQ charities.
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Caught in the Crossfire

Caught in the Crossfire

An atheist activist group is suing a North Carolina sheriff, arguing the massive Bible quote emblazoned on his wall is flagrantly unconstitutional. The sheriff says it's a political hit job.
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Jesus Christ and * Her * Disciples

Was Jesus Christ a transgender woman? A German Bible museum says "Ja!". They ran a pro-LGBT exhibit this Christmas, including a play that depicts Christ as a transgender woman. Evangelicals aren't happy.
Does Jesus Even Have a Gender?

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Area Chapter 5, Verse 1

"NASA recruited the world's top theologians to determine how the world's major faiths would respond to the knowledge that alien life exists. Um… Something you wanna tell us, NASA?
Do Aliens Exist?

KFC for Christmas

You read that right! We've collected our favorite holiday traditions from around the world. And did you know the holiday season still isn't over for Spain and Latin America?
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Is it wrong to not invite your sister to your wedding because she\'s transgender? In a viral post, a bride explains that her parents have promised to foot the bill for her big day, on one condition: that her trans sister be excluded. The bride agreed. Read what our friends on Facebook had to say.
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