Clerical Dickey

Black clerical dickey from the Universal Life Church. Worn underneath clothes, this garment is used to create a professional clergy image while on a budget.


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Need to up your image but don't want to invest in an entire new wardrobe? With the ULC clerical dickey, you can easily add a professional collar to shirts you already own. It's also great to have on hand in case a Minister Emergency arises! Worn underneath an over-shirt, sweater, or robe, this dickey is fully adjustable to fit any neck size and made from an advanced polyester, so it won't absorb water, is breathable for hot days, and is resistant to wrinkles.

ULC clerical dickey features:

  • Includes traditional white collar
  • Wrinkle-resistant polyester
  • Designed to fit under overshirts
  • Velcro fasteners for adjustable fit
  • Internally stitched seams
  • Neck size: 15 - 19 inches

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