Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - December, 2021

This edition of The Visionary is heating things up as the temperatures get cold. Our main story involves a controversial Norwegian postal service ad that's lit an international controversy for its depiction of Santa Claus as gay, even showing Santa sharing a tender kiss with another man. But that's not all that’s heated this week: There's a judge deferring to God, a fight over flowers, and some good old mudslinging, too. Things sure are getting hot - maybe we should actually turn the thermostat down.

Disorder in the Court

A judge in New York is catching heat for giving a convicted rapist a slap on the wrist after saying that he prayed over how to sentence the young man. Is God weak on crime?
Should Judges Pray?

Ministry in a Box

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The Jesus Vote

The Jesus Vote

The race for an Ohio Senate seat got heated when one candidate was accused of lacking Christian values because he is Jewish – it ignited debate over whether America should be a Christian nation.
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Santa Comes Out of the Clauset

An ad for the Norwegian postal service shows Santa and another man falling in love and sharing a kiss. While many applauded the progressive ad campaign, some were not happy to see Mr. and Mr. Claus.
Is Gay Santa OK?

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Flower Fight

A Christian florist is finally throwing in the towel after an eight year legal battle against a gay couple who sued her after she refused to provide a floral arrangement for their wedding, citing her Christian faith.
Was Justice Served?

A Shameful and Disturbing Attack

Video taken late last month shows an antisemitic attack on a group of Jewish teens celebrating Hanukkah on a London bus. Attackers can be shown spitting on the bus and making obscene gestures towards those inside.
See the Disturbing Video

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Steal The Show

You often hear that the Christmas story is "the greatest story ever told". When you recount it for your congregation this month, you might find it helpful and special to incorporate an Advent Candle wreath into the service. These four Advent candles in the traditional colors, along with a brass stand that is perfect for building an Advent wreath around are a helpful and special way to honor the Advent season.
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How does one know when they have enough money? When it literally starts pouring out of the walls? That’s what happened at Joel Osteen's church in Houston – a bizarre discovery sparking speculation about how the money ended up hidden in the walls, who put it there, and just how much this megachurch is raking in.
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