Religious Symbols Pendants

These necklaces are available in either silver or gold colors, there are 13 different charms to choose from, each with a 1 inch pendant on a 24 inch chain.


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Show your pride and devotion to your faith with these Religious Symbol necklaces. These necklaces are the perfect accessory to your both your official ministerial garb as well as your every-day attire. They speak volumes about a fundamental aspect of your world view, and you can even combine more than one onto the same chain if you wish!

Christian Cross, Islamic Crescent Moon, Buddhist Wheel of Dharma, Hindu Om, Taoism Yin Yang, Atheist Symbol, Shinto Torii, Sikhism Khanda, Bahá'í Star, Confusious Symbol, Humanism Symbol, Jewish Star of David, Wiccan Pentacle, Yin Yang

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