Modern Marriage Certificate

Printed on fine textured paper, these custom designs make gorgeous marriage certificates that you can offer as a keepsake for a couple on their wedding day.


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Many ULC ministers gift couples they wed with these fine linen marriage certificates. Often times official legal paperwork from the state doesn't capture the aesthetic of such a meaningful event. That's why we are proud to offer these wonderful custom designs with a linen finish. They are perfect for framing and displaying on the wall or in a wedding scrapbook. Each certificate is adorned with elegant writing and a crisp border in either gold, silver, or bronze. We have created a design for each season!

Current style choices are:

  • Spring Mountain Path
  • Summer Sandy Beach
  • Autumn Vintage Car
  • Winter Snowy Road
  • Frosted Pinecone
  • Gold Shimmer
  • Menorah
  • Winter Snowfall

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  • Black Certificate Holder
    Black Certificate Holder
  • Printed Modern Marriage Certificate
    Printed Modern Marriage Certificate

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  • Modern Marriage Certificate 1 Certificate 1 Certificate
  • Modern Marriage Certificate 3 Pack 3 Pack
  • Modern Marriage Certificate 5 Pack 5 Pack
  • Modern Marriage Certificate 10 Pack 10 Pack

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