Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - October, 2016

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Often, our support for broader doctrines is challenged by our personal feelings.
This month, we turns a spotlight on "loyalty". We cover Kaepernick, a Mom making a radical shift, and a Pastor without a God. It's all to ask: where should our allegiances lie?

Taking a Knee

When NFL player Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the anthem before a game, he sparked a contentious debate about patriotism. What are our responsibilities as citizens?
What So Proudly We Hail?

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2nd Opinion on Vaccines?

2nd Opinion on Vaccines?

The vaccine debate rages on! Some parents are on-board, while others are adamant they’re dangerous. After years of fighting them, this anti-vax mother changed her mind when her 3 kids got sick.
To Boost or Not to Boost?


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Heretic in the Pulpit: A Pastor Stops Believing

Canadian pastor Gretta Vosper is at risk of being defrocked after declaring herself an atheist. Vosper has ministered a Christian parish for 20 years. Her congregation supports her, but should the Church be obligated to?
Can an Atheist be a Pastor?

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The Missing Zodiac Sign

If you’ve ever opened a horoscope and looked to the stars for guidance, chances are you were looking at the wrong ones. It turns out the Babylonians omitted a 13th Zodiac sign, shifting everything.
Learn Your New Zodiac Sign!

Eminent Domicide

America’s Native people have been fighting to reclaim their land for 400+ years. That fight turned violent again when protesters clashed with a company building an oil pipeline in North Dakota.
This Land is Whose Land?

By the Power Vested in You

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Throwing Stones in Glass Houses

When public people make bad decisions, we tend to gleefully dwell on them - cheering on downfall. But aren't we all guilty of poor judgment? Should celebrities be held to a different standard?

Too Late Now to Say Sorry?

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