Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - September, 2016

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We've been thinking a lot about time lately, and the way that it shapes our lives.
This month, The Visionary digs into humanity's past, examines how current events are rewiring our societies, and interprets some messages we've received from the future.

Bikinis vs. Burkinis

When the French invented the Bikini they changed its beaches forever. Recently, they did it again by outlawing the Burkini, a full-body swimsuit worn by Muslim women.
Is that a 9-1-1-Piece?

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Interview with an Alien

Interview with an Alien

Researchers recently uncovered footage they purport is an interview with an actual alien being captured at Roswell in 1964. Has humanity’s fate been revealed?
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When God Gets it Wrong: Transgenderism and Religion

While Caitlyn Jenner and company may have brought the transgender issue to the forefront, these conversations have been happening in churches, mosques, and temples for decades.
What the God(s) Say

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Hunting for Eden

Humans have long searched for the Biblical paradise the Garden of Eden, to little avail. Seekers now, however, believe they may have pinpointed its location.
Is This Where It All Began?

The Mark of the Beast

Smart tattoos are here! These markings can be used to store digital information directly on your skin – but some see them as a harbinger of doom.
Is this Where is All Ends?

Funerals & Memorials

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How to Assist a Suicide

Four states have passed laws to allow terminally ill patients to obtain life-ending medication. Some argue it helps ease suffering, while others insist it's unethical.

Do We Have a Right to Die?

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Well, this was interesting. Our friends on our ULC Facebook Page engaged in a vigorous back-and-forth over a mother-son couple who fell "madly in love" and were fighting for the right to be together.
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