Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - June, 2016

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Old institutions are being confronted by the forces of progress. Will they bend?
This month's Visionary explores an evolving America: our children, our churches, and even our Disney Princesses are being asked to change… are we ready for the future?

Teenage and Transgender

As if transgender bathroom rights weren't contentious enough already, last week President Obama declared all schools must open their bathrooms. Should kids be allowed to swap genders?
Underage Transitions Okay?

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Massive Methodist Mess

Massive Methodist Mess

The United Methodist Church is facing an enormous identity crisis – it's refusal to accept gay members has exposed a fundamental dispute which threatens to split the church.
Where do You Stand?

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Islam Abroad: Can Muslims Adapt to Life in Secular Europe?

Europe has been flooded by a wave of immigrants - many of them Muslim - from around the world. Significant problems have already arisen, can they coexist?
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1st Gay Disney Princess?

An online movement is trying to convince Disney to give Elsa, the main character of the film "Frozen", a girlfriend in the upcoming sequel. However, some people are outraged at the idea.
Should They Let it Go?

Biggest Threats to Nation

There are many threats to our nation, but our judgment is easily clouded by irrational fear. Perhaps America's biggest threats are the people who promote fear and anger.
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Should Humans Stop Having Kids?

Only fifty years ago big families were fairly common in the U.S. These days, large families are so rare that some people have actually developed a fear of them. So, what's changed?

Are you Fecundophobic?
Our friends on Facebook had a fascinating discussion about scientists growing human embryos in a lab – potentially opening the door to "designer babies". Is it ethical for us to "play God"?
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