The list of celebrities deciding to become ordained as a minister to marry couples in unorthodox ceremonies seems to be growing even longer. People like David Byrne of the Talking Heads, Mike Nesmith of the Monkees, andcomedian Kathy Griffin have already had the opportunity to perform a modern wedding ceremony as a minister ordained online. Now actor and comedian Russell Brand can be added to the list of celebrity ministers, and it would seem that Brand obtained his ordination credential from the Universal Life Church.

Brand recently decided to officiate a wedding ceremony during one of his stand-up gigs at a casino in Santa Barbara, California. The lucky couple were Scarlett and Will De Boor. Unfortunately the words chosen by the cheeky British humorist cannot be enumerated here in their entirety without permanently scarring the delicate eardrums of young children, but suffice it to say that the unorthodox ceremony was replete with an assortment of irreverent, prurient quips in which bride and groom promised to love and cherish one another, despite their many unnamed foibles as a modern-day couple. To be certain, the off-the-wall exchange will challenge many people's ideas of modern wedding vows. However, the De Boors will be able to say that theirs was a perfectly legal wedding ceremony, since ordination is more or less a formality in the United States now, unlike in Brand's homeland of Great Britain.

Apparently Brand decided toget ordained online in the Universal Life Church. At least, British comedy newsmagazineChortle
suggested as much in their article on the ceremony when they wrote, "The Universal Life Church has ordained more than 20 million people for free online, and many states, including California, allow ministers to conduct legal marriages." Because it is now easier for people to become a wedding officiant online for free in the United States, the De Boors will be able to say that theirs was a perfectly legal wedding ceremony, and Brand, that his role as ordained wedding officiant is perfectly legitimate, thanks to laws protecting against discrimination on the basis of religion.

We at the Universal Life Church would like to congratulate the De Boors on their unusual and memorable wedding ceremony, and Brand on his decision to use stand-up comedy as a medium for helping redefine the traditional wedding ceremony and allowing such memorable events to become a reality, all the while revealing a lighthearted side to ULC ordinations. We look forward to seeing what other quirky wedding ideas the inimitable satirist from Essex has in store.




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