turkey float at macys thanksgiving day parade
Does the inclusion of LGBTQ+ performers make the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade unfit for families?

A “transgender extravaganza” is coming to your television on Thanksgiving morning during the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – at least according to one activist group sounding the alarm bell.

No, Snoopy’s not coming out. Rather, a handful of transgender and non-binary Broadway performers will be performing at the iconic New York City parade on Thanksgiving morning.

And unless they're stopped, they’ll “potentially expose tens of millions of viewers at home to the liberal LGBTQ agenda,”  claims the pro-faith activist group One Million Moms.

Now, the group has reportedly started a petition hoping to stop the LGBTQ+ performers from participating in the nearly century-old parade.

A Transgender Extravaganza!

In asking for signatures, One Million Moms calls the parade "not family-friendly," and characterizes it as a "non-binary and transgender extravaganza."

They're asking supporters to sign a petition which reads, in part:

“I do not agree with the LGBTQ agenda you are pushing on families during your Thanksgiving Day Parade. My family and I will not watch this indoctrination. Since this event goes against our beliefs and values, Macy’s has left conservative and Christian families with no choice but to avoid the parade and its stores, even during the holiday season. My family will not support Macy’s; you have lost our trust.”

The petition has over 30,000 signatures at the time of this publication. 

How the Conflict Started

The petition first began after it was announced that two Broadway performers who identify as non-binary, Justin David Sullivan and Alex Newell, would be included in the Thanksgiving parade festivities.

Both performers are expected to perform songs from the Broadway musicals "& Juliet" and "Shucked," which feature non-binary and transgender characters.

This decision apparently caught the attention of activist groups.

Kristen Waggoner, president of the Alliance Defending Freedom, appeared in a news segment criticizing the move:

Waggoner says:

"Right now, we're seeing in the entertainment industry at Disney's hands, as well as even in our school system, we're seeing propaganda being waged that plays out in secret transitions that are being facilitated without parents' knowledge. We're seeing curriculum and books that are being used in classrooms designed to confuse children about who they are and who God created them to be… it's an issue of parents saying, 'We're here to parent.' And this ideology isn't just existing in a theory or a vacuum, it's playing out on the ground, so it's very destructive."

In response, Macy’s issued a statement to its critics and confirming their commitment to Sullivan and Newell.

“Every performer and volunteer is there with one mission — to entertain millions of spectators and kick off the holiday season,” it said. “We look forward to celebrating this iconic Thanksgiving tradition again next week.”

Raining on the Parade

As for the parade itself, there have been a range of reactions. 

“Well, made that decision easy,” wrote one commenter. No Macy's Day Parade on the TV in our house… Nice tradition just bit the dust.”

Another person called for a boycott similar to the one waged against Bud Light after it ran an ad campaign featuring transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney earlier this year. “People, just like with Bud Light, vote with your dollars,” they said. “Simply stop shopping at Macy's. I did.”

However, others announced their support for including non-binary people in the Thanksgiving parade.

Numerous LGBTQ+ news outlets criticized the petition as "sensationalist" and "alarmist."

Another (perhaps surprising) group who may be supportive of the Thanksgiving parade: pastors. A recent report shows that church leaders are significantly more likely to support the LGBTQ+ community than their congregants. 

Still other commenters pointed to high representation of the LGBTQ+ community in the theater.

“Imagine thinking that an event that ALWAYS has Broadway dance numbers in it will be totally heterosexual…” wrote a user on Reddit.

What do you make of the controversy? Does the presence of LGBTQ+ performers in the Macy's Thanksgiving parade pose a danger to families, as critics claim? Or are these concerns overblown?


  1. Mark Hannon's Avatar Mark Hannon

    The whole parade has always led up to Santa Claus being enthroned at the end. It has never made me become an elf.

    1. Robert Gagnon's Avatar Robert Gagnon

      For the people who would turn elf..Just don't watch it.

      1. Danny D. Maynard's Avatar Danny D. Maynard

        Elf Buddy, and Will Ferrell, will be greatly disappointed!

  1. Joy's Avatar Joy

    Oh so they (i.e., Christians) want to censor television. Gotcha. Why don't parents talk to their kids instead of wanting to remove stuff from the rest of us? I'm sure their kids go to school with LGBT kids. The kids already know. And since when has anything in the parade been solely to celebrate their Jesus? It's a freaking PARADE people!

    1. Reverend Andrew's Avatar Reverend Andrew

      I say to them as they say to US when we get told don't like it then go to another place . Don't like it then turn your TV to another channel

      1. Joy's Avatar Joy

        Exactly! Thank you :)

      2. James Richard Munro's Avatar James Richard Munro

        The problem is, there are hardly any channels to go to that aren't infested with the LGBTQ perversion. This is supposed to be a religious sight. Seems like it's the blog page for the LGBTQ perverts. Which, by the way has zero to do with religion. There is no such thing as a Gay Christian. It's multiple choice. Pick one.

        1. Kristi's Avatar Kristi

          There's supposed to be no such thing as a hateful Christian, but you are proving that wrong every day.

          1. Pink Clover's Avatar Pink Clover

            As are so many others. Which is why so many of us have left religion.

            1. James Richard Munro's Avatar James Richard Munro

              Jesus Didn't write the Bible. . Funny thing happened. Looked in the Bible and couldn't find anything about shooting people with my gun? Must mean it's OK to shot people? Couldn't find anything about gun`s.at all ? Did run across. Something about, Though shale not kill.

              Did not find anything about LBGTQ. Did find a passages about man laying with man. Found another about woman laying with woman as man lays with woman. Says something about it being an act of perversion. Hay, I didn't write the Bible. It doesn't take much to figure what it says. Simple English.

              1. Rev. B's Avatar Rev. B

                The bible DOES say to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. So before shooting someone, please shoot yourself first. Don't forget, it only counts if you REALLY want to be shot.

            2. James Richard Munro's Avatar James Richard Munro

              If you have left religion, why are you on a religious sight?

              1. Danny D. Maynard's Avatar Danny D. Maynard

                Do the terms "Universal Life" have any meaning to you?

              2. Rev. Klaire ThD, MA's Avatar Rev. Klaire ThD, MA

                As I said before, if you don't know the difference between "sight" and "site" or the context that this site isn't a religious site, at best it is a spiritual site covering all faith and non-faith philosophies under it's umbrella. The fact that these concepts appear foreign to you tells me that you are probably not bright enough to be attempting to dispense 'religious guidance' to anyone before you, yourself, actually learn a good bit more about the universe in which you reside.

              3. Rev. B's Avatar Rev. B

                It is for all religions or none. Some people don't read up on a site before signing up. I think that's why so many people keep forgetting which outlandish mythical deity they're trying to justify in their posts.

        2. Kevin Andrew Skolnik's Avatar Kevin Andrew Skolnik

          Careful. your very un-Christlike bigotry is showing through your very un-Christlike self-righteousness

        3. Lawrence A. Benson's Avatar Lawrence A. Benson

          With all do respect, we are ALL God's children. Don't piss him off by talking smack about his children. SHAME on you.

        4. Rev. Klaire ThD, MA's Avatar Rev. Klaire ThD, MA

          "The problem is" actually, your shallow understanding of the the universe you exist in. You also don't seem to understand the difference between a spiritual 'web site' and a religious "sight", lol! It seems your apparent shallow way of analyzing the world around you critically limits your ability to function empathetically, careinglly, and appropriately in society. If you think the majority of ULC ministers align with the ideas you've presented here, (or Christianity, itself) you may want to rethink that.

          1. Wendy Hoffman's Avatar Wendy Hoffman

            Yeah, Rev. Klaire, you said it all perfectly!

        5. Kevin Andrew Skolnik's Avatar Kevin Andrew Skolnik

          When, where and how did Jesus ever condemn homosexuality? Stop using your blind faith to discriminate. It is the ignorance of people like you that give Jesus Christ a bad name and reputation.

        6. Elizabeth Jane Erbe Wilcox's Avatar Elizabeth Jane Erbe Wilcox

          Where did you get the idea that “this is supposed to be a religious sight [sic]?”

          How has any member of the LGBTQIA2S+ ever hurt you? Have you become gay or transgender because of them? Have any of them knocked on your door or left pamphlets to turn you gay?

          1. James Richard Munro's Avatar James Richard Munro

            You ask the question, How have I been harmed by LGBTQ and what ever is IA2S ? My truck was keyed because I had a sticker in my back window that said, Think Gay Is OK ? Read my book. God. Is this not "Universal Life Church Ministries" ? Sounds like a religious sight to me.

            1. Danny D. Maynard's Avatar Danny D. Maynard

              Universal Life Church Monastery. Please understand the individual terms first! I was always taught that the church are its members, not a building.You put limitations on words and do not understand what is happening right before your very iPod eyes.

            2. Michael Hunt's Avatar Michael Hunt

              Sounds like a good reason for your car to get keyed

              1. Minister Raymond Butterworth's Avatar Minister Raymond Butterworth

                All personal beliefs aside, this is America. Land of the free. We all have freedom of speech. No one should have there property damaged because someone doesn't like a sticker. That is petty as it is cowardly. If you don't like any statement being made by someone, you have the same right to speak to them, maybe you resolve the issue, maybe not, but there it is. Just my opinion.

        7. Amanda Grace King's Avatar Amanda Grace King

          Amen! I agree!

        8. Joseph E. Lane's Avatar Joseph E. Lane

          It is a religious site. But ULC is about bringing religions together to celebrate all of us who have faith in something more than ourselves. Not all ULC ministers are Christian, and not every religion believes in forcing others to follow their doctrine. God gave us free will. It is up to us to choose to follow Him, not up to you to force us to. That is what many sadly do not understand.

          1. James Richard Munro's Avatar James Richard Munro

            Thank You Joseph. Yours is the best reply Ive seen. You said God gave us free will to choose to follow him. Couldn't agree with you more. LBGTQ doesn't follow him and when I point this out, Im told that I'm wrong. Then they have the attitude that if you disagree with them that you hate them. Never said that. I don't hate them. I do get a little pushy when they try to push themselves on me and mine. Like I said earlier, I didn't write the Bible. What is so hard to understand what it says? I must admit that when the LGBTQ people try to push their misbelief on me and mine, that I do tend to get on the defensive. They do not except and or believe in what the Bible says. Haven't been able to find an LGBTQ bible so I don't know what there's says. I just know it's not the same Bible that me and mine have. I wish good things for you and yours. Pastor Jim Munro

            1. Michael Anthony LaRocca's Avatar Michael Anthony LaRocca

              I don't disagree with you. I am Christian and I am gay. I studied for four years under one of the top Biblical Scholars in the United States. I am well-versed in Liturgy and Theology. If you have the same level of education as mine or even higher than mine, I will discuss this topic with you. If not, I will not discuss, I will try to teach you as I have been taught. Just out of curiosity, what Bible do you read. You're right, there is not a LGBT Bible, but there are many different variations, publications, and theological interpretations of the Bible. To which version do you subscribe?Once again, please let me know your level of education regarding Biblical, Theological, and Liturgical studies and we can take it from there. Blessings from a Christian who is gay... Michael

        9. Rev. B's Avatar Rev. B

          No such thing as a Gay Christian? Why don't the gay catholic priests count?

  1. Colleen McAllister's Avatar Colleen McAllister

    I feel sorry for those who are so insecure that a few LGBTQ+ people in a parade can threaten their beliefs. Do they really think this is the first time? The only difference is that now it is openly acknowledged.

    BTW, I am an Evangelical Christian and I look forward to this parade.

    1. Rev. Klaire ThD, MA's Avatar Rev. Klaire ThD, MA


  1. Katelynne Shouse's Avatar Katelynne Shouse

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA One Million Mom's & Mom's for Liberty.......Nazis for Christonationalism would be a more correct term!

  1. Clay Serenbetz's Avatar Clay Serenbetz

    These people need to get a life and some culture. Singing a Broadway show tune has been a staple of the Macy's parade for decades. These performances not only entertain, but they also sell tickets. No one has been indoctrinated watching a Broadway performer. Next thing, these cretins will try to stop Broadway productions with homosexual entertainers, which is improbable, as so many performers are homosexuals or they support LGBTQIA+ causes. Without homosexual writers and entertainers Broadway would become a dark, desolate and boring.

    1. Reverend Andrew's Avatar Reverend Andrew

      Without homosexuals , They would have o TV shows to watch People to do there Hair or makeup, Or even Have pretty clothing to wear

  1. Alexander Arends's Avatar Alexander Arends

    Do you wish to live in a free society, or a society that is controlled by a specific religion? Just looking at the laws enforced by extreme Muslims should give you that answer. Parents should be wise enough to teach their children what is right and what is wrong in their eyes, and/or refrain from attending or watching activities they find offensive. That's just the way it is.

  1. Alan Meunier's Avatar Alan Meunier

    "One million Moms" just like "Moms for Liberty" are simply a vocal minority whose time is pretty much over. More and more people see their agendas as too radical. They will get even more vocal as they go down into tha annals of history as simply fascists with a limited agenda.

  1. Katelynne Shouse's Avatar Katelynne Shouse

    Hahahahahaha, Mom's for Liberty.....more like Nazis for Christofascism!

  1. Merlin's Avatar Merlin

    “Christianity” has promoted itself as a philosophy of love, but only if those are like them. If not hate and condemnation.

    1. Reverend Andrew's Avatar Reverend Andrew

      a great song by a singer called TX2 Randy McNally. Is all about Christian Hate.

    2. Danny D. Maynard's Avatar Danny D. Maynard

      Love the Christian. Hate the Christianity!

      1. Rev. Klaire ThD, MA's Avatar Rev. Klaire ThD, MA

        Love this!

  1. Robert E. Polston's Avatar Robert E. Polston

    Hello Friends!

    Today has been a good day, the leader of China and our President Biden have set out a plan to work together to get along on a few mutual goals. That made me feel hopeful. Then I saw this 30,000 Mom issue promoting people not being able to play nice and share. I felt a heavy heart and felt like I would have to abandon my good day and make a sharp response to this failure of people simply to love and tolerate one another. I am so happy to report that with the exception of a couple of negative misinformed people that every comment on this issue favored love, getting along, being tolerant, and letting people be themselves. I am counting this as my second happy item for today, making this a pretty good day overall, now I hope we have something good to eat for dinner and it will be a trifecta! Thank you brothers and sisters for standing your ground and sharing love with all of us. Cheers to you all! Bob Polston

    1. Danny D. Maynard's Avatar Danny D. Maynard

      Bob, Love always wins! <3 :D

    2. ServantOfJudgement's Avatar ServantOfJudgement

      China is a slaver nation that loathes human rights. Much in common with president Biden.

      You should be concern when we "work together" with slavers and oppressors. That's a bad thing.

      As far as the 30k concerned moms, the best they can do is not go to events that are in conflict with their principles. Find a community that doesn't promote things they don't believe is good for children.

      1. Robert James Ruhnke's Avatar Robert James Ruhnke

        The American Right love slavery. It’s why we have the largest prison population on the planet. The 13th amendment allows slavery as a punishment. An considering how many non violent offenders are in that system, built by people with racist biases, yeah, Republicans love slaves too. American conservatives loath human rights if the person isn’t white straight male and Christian.

        1. ServantOfJudgement's Avatar ServantOfJudgement

          It seems that your right. Since all presidents have built up China since the 70's I'd say the Democrats are equally as thrilled about slavery. Indeed, President Clinton awarded them The Most Favored Trading Nation during his time behind the wheel. Getting re-elected by all the country's Democrats, we can write it down they dig having slaves make their I-phones and cordless drills. It's important democrats and Republicans realize this. It sounds like you're a Democrat, I'm glad I was able to point out your flawed love of slavery.

          With your aged president attempting to force untested vaccinations upon the so called free citizens of USA under penalty of poverty, we can see that you indeed are in favor of squelching human rights, especially those you hate which appears to be a big chunk of the populace.

          My comment was void of race yet yours isn't. You've been on a winning streak of judging in hypocrisy and you've pulled it off again with a hint of bigotry as your last word.

          Flawlessly executed, congratulations.

          1. Robert James Ruhnke's Avatar Robert James Ruhnke

            Lol i wasn’t being bigoted, I just call out a behavior that’s been suited up since the hood fell out of fashion. Like I said. We have a slave population with our prison industrial complex. A lot of republicans and some democrats have investments in private prisons. You’re pushing garbage conspiracy theories and projections. Telling on yourself with your anti Chinese biases. Yeah they’re pretty horrible considering they started indulging in western trade practices in the 70’s. I’m not a democrat. But I can tell you’re another Trump worshiping spite addict.

        2. Danny D. Maynard's Avatar Danny D. Maynard

          I remember the saying: "Only Nixon could go to China", because he was so anti-China.

        3. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

          Well, they do go back to being straight when they get out of prison.

      2. Robert E. Polston's Avatar Robert E. Polston

        Servant of POOR Judgment, I'm sorry to say that your "JUDGEMENT" is far too questionable to consider you as anyone serious as visions from ignorance, prejudice, and a hard hart always fails to win. You are on the side of the most losingest idea ever supported, hate. I always like to think folks like you will fall down and bump their head, stub their toe, or have some kind of conversion process to help you untangle your tangled view restoring your sight from your current blindness,

  1. Douglas Robert Spindler's Avatar Douglas Robert Spindler

    Million Moms is is a joke. There are not a million, and they are not moms.

    It’s just a bunch of Christians promoting hatred an intolerance. All they are doing is making potential Christians and non-Christians hate them. They are doing an excellent job as more and more younger and older people want nothing to do with the Christian religion. Christians are leaving the Christian religion as well. They don’t want to be associated with all of this Christian hatred.

  1. Bridget Kielas-Fecyk's Avatar Bridget Kielas-Fecyk

    There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with LGBTQ+ stuff in the parade. People are getting their hate-filled knickers in a twist over nothing. Simply put, they're FILLLED with hatred and want to spread their hate everywhere instead of just having the "live and let live" philosophy.

    And for those in comments, here, screaming the same hate, listen up. You're either born LGBTQ+ or you're not. It's GENETIC. Watching a parade about it, reading books about it, seeing it in a movie, or just accepting LGBTQ+ individuals exist is NOT going to "Turn someone". And it's not "Grooming" children, nor is it enacting pedophelia. There are more STRAIGHT people who are pedos than LGBTQ+ individuals. The whole calling it Peodphelia is just more hate-speech Propaganda to try to excuse the violence against them.

    1. Michael Hunt's Avatar Michael Hunt


  1. Rev Ned's Avatar Rev Ned

    Will there be SCARY RAINBOWS?!? Forget Christmas, let’s put Christ back in Christians.

    1. Danny D. Maynard's Avatar Danny D. Maynard

      Most people do not realize that Jesus was a practicing Jew when he died. He knew nothing of the version of "Christianity" that is based on the decision beginning with Roman Emperor Constantine in 325 CE, when the 'Trinity" was first newly.invented. That is what is called a "mythology".

  1. Barbara Harris's Avatar Barbara Harris

    I usually work on Thanksgiving so others in my department can be with their families. So I haven't watched the parade in years. But this year I will be at home and will have it on for sure. I will also be shopping at Macy's this year although it will have to be online.

    I know so many in the LGTBQ+ that you would never know what their sexual life is. They are loving, caring people who work hard and support others. I will always support them and those who also choose to acknowledge that they are part of their celebrations.

  1. Alun Lloyd Palmer's Avatar Alun Lloyd Palmer

    It's not propaganda, just transgender people beng who they are, and that's what ths group objects to, as they'd rather sweep them under the carpet.

    1. Danny D. Maynard's Avatar Danny D. Maynard

      Yeah! After their cremation!

  1. Retta K Mallady's Avatar Retta K Mallady

    Here's hoping all loving and giving folk have a blessed Thanksgiving tomorrow! I'm thankful all people are different. If everyone were the same, I doubt there would even be a Thanksgiving Day.

  1. Gary James Thomas Garrett's Avatar Gary James Thomas Garrett

    Wow, I thought there was going to be pride float or something. But it's just two gay broadway performers singing a song or two!? News flash hate group christians: there has never been a Macys' parade that didn't include gay people. Do you plan to boycott the famous window displays? Hey I've got more news for you...

  1. Marion Alma Nelson's Avatar Marion Alma Nelson

    God says to love our brothers and sisters. Not to judge. Treat others as we want to be treated. People need to see people are all Gods children. Not discriminate.

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      Thank you, Lady Marion. By the way, which God are you referring to, mankind seems to have created so many? I wonder if any of them are real! 🤔


      1. Marion Alma Nelson's Avatar Marion Alma Nelson

        My God is the God in Heaven ,the father in the kingdom of Heaven. The God I devote my life to Jehovah.

        1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

          It's nice of you to reply, Lady Marion telling us what God you like to believe in. You are of course totally free to believe in any god that you choose, much like everyone else on earth has the option of doing. Everyone seems to insist their God is the real one, and they love to devote their life to it. I guess that until someone can demonstrably proved their god is real, which no one on earth has yet managed to do, not even their god has yet proved its real, we have to assume it doesn't exist. Thank you for your comment though. 🤗


          1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

            Lionheart, maybe they're only real to those who believe in them.

        2. Kevin Andrew Skolnik's Avatar Kevin Andrew Skolnik

          So then you identify as a Jehovah’s Witness?

          1. Marion Alma Nelson's Avatar Marion Alma Nelson

            I'm a Christian of God

            1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

              So, do you have any demonstrable evidence that the God you believe in is real, Lady Marion?


              1. Marion Alma Nelson's Avatar Marion Alma Nelson

                My evidence is what my heart sees and every time i hit rock bottom no matter how long it takes that prayer gets answered so yes to me that's all I need to know and believe. But ty for your question

        3. Danny D. Maynard's Avatar Danny D. Maynard

          Your leap of faith from "many Gods" to "one true God" was mighty! My leap of faith from one God to No God was minimal, but it sure opened my eyes to reality!

  1. James Riggle-Johnson's Avatar James Riggle-Johnson

    It’s not as though you could tell these people are non-binary if not for One Million Moms saying so. The actors performing are from the casts from the Broadway musicals, performing their roles. Indoctrination? Let’s talk about Hetro indoctrination, or Christian indoctrination. These people need to stop making problems out of nothing.

  1. Brien's Avatar Brien

    Wow. With the death and destruction that is happening...we are having an in-depth discussion on the meaning of a parade. I am so proud of the remarkable intelligence that is present here, (sarcasm), that I just had to help you all out. It is a...parade. That's it, just a freaking PARADE. Not a war, not destruction of anyone, no children dieing, no emergency relief needed, no religious backwash, no......well you get the idea. It is just a freaking PARADE, get over it.

    1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      Sorry Brien, but we need something to talk about, and they don't exactly let us pick and choose. So it might be better to keep the conversation going, than to take a chance on the next thing they want us to talk about. And by the way, "Happy Thanksgiving"! I shut off my crockpot a little while ago, and have three quarts of turkey casserole to eat. I've been fasting for a day, so I'm going to have to take a break soon, for my turkey casserole breakfast. Then I'll fill up some bowls of it, and take them to some of my neighbors.

      1. Brien's Avatar Brien

        And Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. I guess I just don't understand how do much can be read into so little. Anyway, I hope you and yours have a great holiday season!

  1. Mary Theresa Usrey's Avatar Mary Theresa Usrey

    What is wrong with people? The hatred in this world is alarming. I’m in constant prayer. If people would put love in their hearts instead of hate what a wonderful world this world be

    1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      Mary, to some of us it's a wonderful world anyway. Don't you love the diversity? It all depends on your point of view. You might even agree if you try looking at the picture as a whole.

  1. Tom Herman's Avatar Tom Herman

    One million Mom's my butt. One million bigots is more like it. This group simply promotes hatred. The parade has always introduced the Christmas season and everyone should be welcomed. If this truly anti-Christian values group wants to boycott the parade, let them. The rest of the world will be better off for it. All people should be welcomed regardless of religion, ethnicity, beliefs or who they love. I for one will make it a point to watch the parade and support Macy's with my patronage.

  1. Marie Grace Maroney's Avatar Marie Grace Maroney

    This kind of action makes me wonder how much is “attention grabbing” and just how much is true. Children have watched ballon’s and characters in these parades for decades that don’t have a “male” or “ female” trait attached to them. Snoopy, for one, is Snoopy male or female? WHO CARES!!! It’s a character children love to watch. The more these parents push their children on this the more confused they become, not the the other way around. They have friends in school, good friends, kids they like because they don’t bully, they’re nice, etc…and the parents tell them they have to hate them because of their sexuality? How messed up do you want your children to be? Teach them certain actions of a child shouldn’t be tolerated, like bullying, stealing, cheating. Stay away from those children. True Christians would find a way to help those troubled kids Moral values should not be judged on your sexuality, but your actions and your actions only. This builds character, not learning to HATE.

  1. Michael Anthony LaRocca's Avatar Michael Anthony LaRocca

    To be very blunt... I am truly sick with all these Bible Thumpers that push their religious and conservative agenda on the rest of our Country. In the meantime, their families, including children send out Christmas cards with a family picture of all of them holding assault weapons and other guns. Macy's is not pushing any agenda. I belive this annual tradition is open to all the diversities in our Nation. They do not discriminate against anyone. I doubt there is going to be a transgender float with little boys getting their penises chopped off while whearing a dress. (Talk about circumcision.) There will not be a gay float with naked men having sex with each other, and I am sure not one person is going to be handing out flyers stating, "Come Join Our Team." I am a 65 year old gay man who is proud of the diversity in our Country. When I was a kid there were no black people in TV Commercials, there were no gay people in SitComs, and woman were only good for being a housewife and mother vacuuming in a dress with a pearl necklace. If these hypocritical so-called Christians, don't like our diverse Nation, then please buy and Island somewhere and go there. I am sure Joel Osteen can afford to pay for it. Then you can all live in your white-straight-Christian world with Trump as your King. Please go with my Blessings...

  1. Linda P Dettler's Avatar Linda P Dettler

    The only way a child would know if a dance or song is being performed by a non-tradiional person is if the parent points it out; don't point it out! Our Jesus tells us we should not judge others, that is God's job. Don't throw a stone at someone else unless you are pure. Let children enjoy the parade as has been done for many years. Kids will not see anything other than a performance, a float, or a band. There have probably always been people with their own lifestyles just never was open about it before. If your heart was of a good Christian, you would lead or change by actions and note hate. Jesus broke bread with sinners. He showed them God's word. Leave the judging to God. Let your children be children. Show them how to love everyone not how to hate. Unless you are sin free, don't judge another for their perceived sin. I have 4 children, 9 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren and would be so happy to enjoy parades and festivities with them all. I am also a minister. God bless you all, do not judge others.

  1. Daniel H Leyes's Avatar Daniel H Leyes

    The first gay man I was ever aware of was my 6th grade Language Arts teacher. It was obvious to me he was gay and I didn't care. He was kind, and gentle, and inspiring. He was a gifted teacher. He exposed me to great literature and helped me learn how to critically analyze literature and encouraged me to write. I did not becone gay after a year in his classroom. I did eventually become a writer. Most importantly I learned that gay is not to be feared. A lesson these moralistic moms and their followers still need to learn.

    Peace, and a blessed Thanksgiving to you all.

  1. Rev. Rory's Avatar Rev. Rory

    It's not ideological, it's biological. It's not the entire parade, it's one musical routine.

    Nobody is forced to watch the parade. If it was not announced that these performers were included in the celebration, I doubt most people would notice. The people that start online nonsense make money on clicks. I can guarantee that their grandparents were raised watching Milton Berle (not gay but cross dressed), their parents were raised on Tootsie and Three's Company and their kids see a whole lot more on social media.

    There are people that think that left handed folks are the work of the devil. I wonder how many people in the parade are left handed? 10%, like the rest of the population. I wonder how many people in the parade are LGBTQ? 7%, like the rest of the population. Of course, in the performing arts the percentage is probably higher.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Don't think that everything you see is trying to "change" you. It's not. And don't argue at Thanksgiving Dinner. Respect each other and you will digest all that food in an efficient manner!

  1. Lisa Ann Apynys's Avatar Lisa Ann Apynys

    Repeat after me - "we are all children of the same universe." Hate to break it to the haters but it doesn't matter if you're gay or straight. I feel sorry for their offspring being forced to live such a narrow-minded and fear-based existence. Yeshua taught by example to have love and compassion for EVERYONE!! btw, your precious bible is the word of men.

  1. Alun Lloyd Palmer's Avatar Alun Lloyd Palmer

    One Mllion Moms and their agenda are ridiculous

  1. Theresa C. Marquess's Avatar Theresa C. Marquess

    The only comment that I can think of to add to this blog is to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. Let's all be thankful for what the Lord and our hard work to honor Him has provided for us. We are blessed!

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      Thank you, Lady Theresa. Yes we need to be thankful for Lord Krishna, and all those others we have bestowed that high order upon. 🤗


    2. Danny D. Maynard's Avatar Danny D. Maynard

      Hallelujah! Praise be to the FSM! She boiled for your sins! She wallowed in marinara sauce to cleanse your palate! r'Amen!

  1. The Most Reverend Dr. Mark D. Manning, DD, DRS's Avatar The Most Reverend Dr. Mark D. Manning, DD, DRS

    It’s all pretty simple here folks…God is our judge, period. All we have to do is learn to love one another.

    John 13:34-35 NIV

    “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      It’s very nice, isn’t it? I wonder if he really said that? 🤔


  1. Alexander Clarke's Avatar Alexander Clarke

    From the beginning of time there have been people who do not fit into the "normal" definition of Man and Woman. Religion, as created by men, to rule over all and to keep women in their place. Their "place" of course is barefoot and pregnant. In reality the combination of an egg and a sperm sometimes has a mix of genes that don't fit the "perfect" man or woman. The product is an imperfect human, as most of us are. It is society primarily religious organizations lead by men who define what we are supposed to think, say and do. If you are not LGBTQ+ nothing at a parade or bar or political association will turn you anything that you are not already. The problem with the Bible and all other religious books is that humans take out of them what fits their own beliefs and ignore everything else. Beware the Bible thumper.

  1. Kathleen Anne OBrien's Avatar Kathleen Anne OBrien

    As a Reverend and a Psychotherapist I know 2 things relating to this. 1) What the Bible Really Says about Homosexuality by Daniel A. Helminiak is a book for all reverencs to read. The Bible does NOT condemn Homosexuality. It is the exploitation and degregrated use of another person that is condemned. 2) there is a LOT OF SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that those that condemn Homosexuality are in face usually latent homosexuals themselves. (do a search for the scientific articles yourself). The hate comes from hating what you are yourself that is projected onto others. Several instances of homosexuality are mention in the Bible and NOT CONDEMNED. It is only with modern mistranslations of Ancient Greek that curren t predjuices are introduced to use the Bible for a tool for hate. The Bible should never be used for hatred for ANY religious group. To do so completely voids your claim to be a "Christian".

  1. Lisa Ann Apynys's Avatar Lisa Ann Apynys

    Before entering into another soul contract we choose our body,i.e. type, identity, eye color, hair color, sexual orientation, life contract. I believe we have entered a new period in time where more spiritually advanced souls have agreed to help us understand this by taking on more androgynous appearances, for the soul IS androgynous. What they do with their bodies is their business, they deserve respect all of you who choose to hate first. Try acceptance and understanding, more aligned with Christ.

  1. Rev Frankie PG's Avatar Rev Frankie PG

    GayBCs and the Church have repeatedly been at odds and actually almost cost me my life, when I was finally coming to realization that I am gay. It was through God's Word and the Fruits of the Sprit that showed me that many churches are wrong in this subject. If these church crusaders think that the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Performers haven't been of the GayBCs Community before, then they are sorely mistaken. Now I didn't see the parade, however, I highly doubt that those of the GayBCs Community had billboards proclaiming their identity, after all, what business is it truly of another? The Word says to love thy neighbor as yourself and Jesus showed love to EVERYONE, despite their pronouns. For those that are of many faiths I ask, why a woman is still oppressed today if we are all equal?

  1. ServantOfJudgement's Avatar ServantOfJudgement

    Lets see here.
    Gonna have a parade, it's theme is a bountiful harvest, cooperation between two completely different cultures presumably thanks to God the creator. Oh yeah, and the raunchy sex. Those all go together don't they?

    1. Michael Hunt's Avatar Michael Hunt

      I'm sorry but what does sex have to do with non-binary performers singing? It's not like they're having an orgy on their float, they're just singing and they happen to identify as non-binary. If not for this uproar from far-right groups you wouldn't have even known the performers were non-binary so let go of your pearls and take a chill pill.

      1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

        I wonder why nobody has mentioned the float in that parade with the two male turkeys that were getting it on, on a platter, with stuffing flying all over the place. That was really a sight for sore eyes!

    2. Robert James Ruhnke's Avatar Robert James Ruhnke

      Thanksgiving is one of the dumbest commercial holidays because it’s based on a lie. There’s nothing really raunchy about any of this. Fetishizing the existence of queer folk as being inherently sexual is just dumb and a waste of time. Not to mention natives generally had healthier views on sex and sexuality. Not to mention they had easy means of divorce.

      1. ServantOfJudgement's Avatar ServantOfJudgement

        The lbtqia++ community's s identity is specifically sexual. Don't make me spell it out for you. That's the central theme of the mass movement. Sexual preference is the lgbtqia++ movement.

        As far as healthy views on sex, there is none healthier than that of a monogamous marriage of two virgins and everybody knows it.

        1. Robert James Ruhnke's Avatar Robert James Ruhnke

          Ah yes. Nothing healthier than two inexperienced fools fumbling around in the dark. As always SOJ your opinion is lacking data. But hey I like you anyway. Not all cultures value virginity as a social construct. Christians, Muslims, Jews, and civilizations who see human beings as property. The central theme of the movement isn’t just sex. Sex is just a byproduct. The central theme is liberation. The freedom to associate with who they love. It’s about consensual relations between two adults. It means that chosen family is just as important as biological family. Yes. People who make their sexuality their whole personality is annoying. Queer Folk don’t have a monopoly on this behavior.

        2. Douglas Robert Spindler's Avatar Douglas Robert Spindler

          @ ServantOfJudgement Please spell it out for us.

        3. Michael Hunt's Avatar Michael Hunt

          By that logic the straight community is specifically sexual as well because that's the theme of their community too, their sexual preference for heterosexual sex. The difference is the straight community isn't persecuted for their preference.

          It's also your opinion that the healthiest relationship is a monogamous marriage of two virgins, not an indisputable fact. I know plenty of very unhealthy monogamous marriages and I know plenty of incredibly healthy open, polyamorous relationships. One is not universally better that the other.

        4. Rev. Klaire ThD, MA's Avatar Rev. Klaire ThD, MA

          I can only guess, by your comments, that you have never personally met or talked to any LGBTQ people or that you have never done that while trying to do anything other than over talk them or shout them down which would be a conversation in bad faith and a closed heart. No one's god would agree with that.

    3. Danny D. Maynard's Avatar Danny D. Maynard

      Considering how many Christians are caught doing the "raunchy sex" part ... Yeah! ... Consider that! Food for deep thought!

  1. William Waugh's Avatar William Waugh

    The "concept" of "gayness" was given wayyy too much grace. Never should have been applied on psychological or mental concepts. The only individuals that should be confused about their sexual identity are hermaphrodites. Proof by the way, that god on occasion makes mistakes. Anyway, a plausible explanation for queers is they developed an appreciation for attractive qualities in their same sex before being educated on the roles of male and female. Hey, that's better than the supreme leader of Iran thinks. He thinks queers are created when a pregnant woman engages in anal sex. Say what!! Look it up. That is wrong on soo many levels.

    1. Danny D. Maynard's Avatar Danny D. Maynard

      A "God" who makes mistakes is not a god at all! Sorry, but you lose so badly! I wonder how you feel about the "Humans Chimera"", or those who are born "Asex", without any sex organs at all! It seems Mother Nature is far more creative and permissive than your chosen brand of "fixed religion"!

      1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

        And don't forget about the ones who can perform auto-fellatio. One out of every two thousand men, in the medical book I read. And some of them are into it more than others, and can't ever seem to get enough! So, why can't they get married to themselves. That could be coming next.

    2. Michael Hunt's Avatar Michael Hunt

      The most plausible explanation is that gay people were born with a natural attraction to those of the same sex or gender. In fact, scientists have identified several genes that have an effect on a person's sexual preferences.

      1. Daniel Ginther's Avatar Daniel Ginther

        That s a friggin lie from hell, there are no Homosexual genes, do you have a mental disorder ?

        1. Elizabeth Jane Erbe Wilcox's Avatar Elizabeth Jane Erbe Wilcox

          There is actual, factual science. But you probably won’t look it up, read about it, or believe it. But it does exist.

          1. Rev. B's Avatar Rev. B

            ...or able to read it.

        2. Michael Hunt's Avatar Michael Hunt

          There are in fact many genes that play a role in a person's sexual preferences, whether that person is gay or straight. Nonheterosexual behavior is polygenic, meaning there are a large number of genes that all play a small role in a person's sexual preference. https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.aat7693 https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/29/science/gay-gene-sex.html

          Isn't learning cool!

        3. James Patterson's Avatar James Patterson

          Elizabeth and Michael are correct regarding the science. The genetic mechanism that determines ones sex and sexual orientation is influenced by the timing of androgen, testosterone during gestation and amount of said hormones present. You can read about it here.. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3296090/ . Like any code being executed proper timing is as important to the outcome as is the code itself. While the programmer may be perfect and without fault, unfortunately the material the program runs on isn't. Happy Thanks Giving!

        4. Danny D. Maynard's Avatar Danny D. Maynard

          What is your opinion of those who are born Asex (no sex organs at all) or are Intersex, (those born with both male and female genitalia)?

      2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

        I could have sworn I heard that homosexuality only has to do with people who are only capable of falling in love with or feeling romantic affection for members of the same gender, which does not necessarily have anything to do with sexual interests. I've even known some very masculine straight men who claim they only do it with other men, so they'll know how their wives feel. And some of them are slow learners who must keep repeating the experience. Even the ones who haven't spent much time in prison. So, go figure! All I know is what goes up must come down. Spinning wheels got to be round.

  1. Dent L. Sweem's Avatar Dent L. Sweem

    Let's get this STRAIGHT! LMFWAO! When children do not like liver at the dinner table quit trying to brainwash them into thinking they LOVE LIVER! JUST NOT HAPPENING! As far as the macy's day parade go I feel and believe the "GAY" Community has enough parades all on thier own. You have'nt gotta trash Hoildays or Holy days to make yourselves feel better or secure. Be big boys and girls and let the rest of us have a little peace. You are over cooking this issue that even I am sick of it too. Geez give it a rest..

    1. Robert E. Polston's Avatar Robert E. Polston

      Why not take your own advice? Thanksgiving is an American holiday which means if you are an American you are invited to join in and celebrate. I suppose Native Americans may not look at the holiday the same as the rest of us imagrints, but that is another story. In short, if you are American you are free to celebrate and be part of the parade. That means gay, straight, black, white, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Cop, Criminal, Atheist, Drewid, and everyone who is an American. I suppose you can be Canadian, Russian, and from any country really if you want to celebrate. Hate, intolerance, and bigotry, are all part of a losing formula that is proven to be for losers throughout history. Geez, give it a rest.

    2. Danny D. Maynard's Avatar Danny D. Maynard

      I am not sure teaching children about Holy Genocide, Holy Drowning and Holy Murders are good for a Little Soul! Certainly not for a "Soul Train"!

    3. Amanda Grace King's Avatar Amanda Grace King

      I agree with you Dent. Enough is enough. They have the right to marry. Great. Now that’s not enough. They want more rights. As you stated and i agree, they have enough parades, leave our traditions alone. Me for one does not want to see LGBQT clouding up the screen. Bring on the traditional parade with holiday favs. Stop pouring your agendas down our throats LGBQT community. We have rights too.

      1. Michael Hunt's Avatar Michael Hunt

        Oh no! Heaven forbid the LGBTQ community have the same rights as everyone else!

        If you seriously think the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade hasn't long been full of LGBTQ performers you're fooling yourself.

        1. Amanda Grace King's Avatar Amanda Grace King

          Let’s examine a question here:

          Would the LBGTQ community like it if Christian people got into their parades and held up signs that go against them?

          I don’t think so. Some of my very best friends were gay. I hold no animosity towards anyone because of their sexual preference. That’s their choice. However, one of the biggest issues i have is with children. These so called parents need to allow children to be children and stop forcing them to identify their sexual genders. At four and five children don’t know anything about being gay.

          The parade will not muddle up peoples lives if gay people are in it, but it is our duty as responsible Christian adults to put protection on our kids eye, ear, and mouth gates.

          When children grow up and are old enough to make their own choices and decisions, that’s fine, but until then they don’t need to be bombarded with sexual identity stuff.

          1. Robert James Ruhnke's Avatar Robert James Ruhnke

            Ma’am you had no gay friends. You pontificated, condescended, and patronized to those folk. Also. Had. Being key word, they probably got tired of your velvet glove approach to being hateful. The only one bombarding them with sexual stuff, is you, pervert. Queer representation in media just lets them know they’re not alone in this world. Don’t like it? Change the channel. If you wanna keep your grandkids sheltered from the world. Fine. But uh. If they’re queer, they’re queer, get over it.

  1. Michael Sciulli's Avatar Michael Sciulli

    From minster mike I said before book revelation, in the Bible tells this christians follow the Bible teaching godbless all following Jesus

    1. Danny D. Maynard's Avatar Danny D. Maynard

      As a matter of fact, the last two chapters of the Book of Revelation describe the spaceship in which Jesus is supposed to return. It is eerily like a "Borg Cube"! Quite the SciFi novella! ;)

      1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

        Darn it, Sir Daniel, I thought it was going to be something like a Tardis 🤭


    2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      That's right, Michael. It does seem godless to follow Jesus.

  1. Pat Horinawa's Avatar Pat Horinawa

    I once thought western liberal values values were based on prosperity and unrestrained liberty. I went as far to that cliff edge as I could. I now say to seek what is Good, what is True, and what is Beautiful. Strive to find virtue and balance in a quickly devolving society. Because liberty without responsibility is chaos, and responsibility without liberty is tyranny.


    1. Rev. B's Avatar Rev. B

      "I now say to seek what is Good, what is True, and what is Beautiful."

      It's always nice to hear another is leaving organized religion.

    2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      Pat, are you a robot? You have to answer that question truthfully, and in triplicate.

  1. NLilly's Avatar NLilly

    I myself love watching parades since I was a child! But Macy's, what are you doing? Well, I will not be forced to watch any parade that I may find 'strange' and 'different' than the mere innocence of pure and clean talent within, that I used to enjoy watching.

    Not seeking to 'shut down' any thing. I just won't be watching it when it comes on. Like Wow! I'm just now seeing this Post and I had included the Macy's Day Parade in my celebration! Thank You Abba Father for YOUR Divine Guidance and Protecting me and my Thanksgiving Holiday Celebration by not becoming irritated nor offended with such a parade! in my plans. Smiling warmly. Thank YOU JESUS! Good Looking Out! ♥ WOW! Thank You the monastery.org.

    1. Michael Anthony LaRocca's Avatar Michael Anthony LaRocca

      Here is the Line Up for the Parade this year. Could you please point out to me the "Gay Agenda"??? Not one person is going to be pushing an "Agenda." Please look through the Line Up and tell me where you see people who are strange or different. Your hatred is not something God put inside of you when you were born. Love more and hate less and you will be living up to the teachings of Jesus. Here is the link for the parade.


      1. Rev. B's Avatar Rev. B

        Michael, I can tell you EXACTLY what the gay agenda is. It has two stages;

        1. Get themselves to be treated like straight people.
        2. Then... straight WHITE people.
        1. Michael Anthony LaRocca's Avatar Michael Anthony LaRocca

          So I am inferior to you because I am not straight? I do not deserve the same rights as straight white people? I need to be placed on a scale that lowers the person God made me to be, much like the black slaves, or women before they could vote? You believe that I should not have the same right to marry as straight people because of the Adam and Eve fable and there should not be interracial marriage because it lowers the white majority? Let me say, I pitty you for your backward thinking and beliefs. Thank God we live in a country that allows us both to state our beliefs. The world has become more diverse and all humans should be treated with complete equality no matter their religion, their orientation, their gender, or the color of their skin. We are all one in the eyes of God. I'm afraid you have not learned that lesson. I will pray that you do come to understand. In addition, I will not be responding any longer to you. You are free to comment all you wish, but there will be no response from me. Ignorance can only be tolorated so much when someone believes as you do. May God Bless you with enlightenment and rid you of your bigotry.

          1. Rev. B's Avatar Rev. B

            Michael, I am so sorry for the confusion. I do not believe you are inferior. I was stating that there are some judgmental people who do and I am saying that the "gay agenda" is a process to be considered by those people to be equal. You already have my respect, Michael. I may not be gay but I am on your side.

            1. Michael Anthony LaRocca's Avatar Michael Anthony LaRocca

              I am so very sorry, Rev. B. I just realized I was answering your comment and not NLilly. Please forgive me. I read your comment the wrong way. Thank you for supporting equality for all people and for your forgivness on my reply. Although I do hope Nilly does read read it and take your words and my words to heart. Blessings to you...

      2. NLilly's Avatar NLilly

        Oh LORD! For Crying Out Loudly! @M.A.L.: If I Ever Want To Seek Your Advice Or Opinion, I'll ASK You For It!

        That's Exactly Why I Do Not Like Commenting On These POSTS In Here! Too Many Monastery Police In Here, Attacking One Another's Post/s! Showing Off Their Own Hatreds, Etc. As If They Are Perfect Themselves, Or Hold Some Type Of Perfectionist Doctrine/Degree!

        All I Did Was Comment On The Post! Not On Anyone Else's Comments! To Each His Own! But When I Participate, STAY OUT OF MY CONVERSATIONS! You Don't Know Me! You Don't Know How I Live! So You Know NOTHING About What I Hate! And Who Do You Think You Are, To Question My Comments In Here?

        If These Topic Boards Do Not Get Any Better In Here, & Have Some Respect For Other People's Comments, I Won't Be Participating At All! I'm Not Here For All This Hate Mongering NONSENSE! Especially Towards Christians! My Time Is Valuable! Clean Up This Messy Area Because It Doesn't Look Good Nor Add Any VALUE To Other People's Private Lives & Times On Hand!

        You Cannot Change Who I Am As A Person, Nor What I Believe In, Nor How I Perceive Anything! So What You Do NOT Like About Me, Just Keep It Moving & Your Comments! Go Pass My Posted Comments! Acting Like A Bunch Of Vultures When You Do That Kind Of Stuff In This 'Sacred Place'?

        Now, Is This Comment Of Mine Needing Approval Too? Judging Me As A Hater. You ARE JUDGING Your Own Self In That Matter! YOU HYPOCRITE! NO APOLOGIES GIVEN! I STAND BY MY POSTS! PERIOD!

  1. Amanda Grace King's Avatar Amanda Grace King

    I love the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Thanksgiving Day Parade and Football is what make Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving and a day to remember. I’ve been watching since i was a kid. I’m now 67 yrs young. The LGBTQ or whatever the initials needs to stop pouring themselves down our throats. Our children have enough emotional problems without this constant bombardment. First they wanted to get married so they could receive their partners benefits. The government and a lot of churches caved in. They got their wish. Enjoy your freedoms but leave our traditional Christian values alone. Hawk your wares elsewhere. Next year we will probably have Santa and characters coming out. Enough LGBQT folks. Go home and enjoy yourselves there. The parade will be watched by children all over the country. We want their eye gates protected to things they have no business seeing. Thanks but no thanks.

    1. Elizabeth Jane Erbe Wilcox's Avatar Elizabeth Jane Erbe Wilcox

      Let me help you with the initials:

      L lesbian G gay B bisexual T transgender Q queer or questioning I intersex A asexual 2S two spirit + all others not included above

      Please stop trying to shove your brand of christianity down our throats.

      1. Amanda Grace King's Avatar Amanda Grace King

        I am a true Christian. I genuinely love all people as Christ commands. I personally do not like putting labels on people. Labels belong on food and clothing. I personally prefer to call the LGB community an alternative lifestyle. I think it is much more appropriate. I certainly would not like to be called queer.

        Those of you that prefer to call yourselves by labels is fine with me. What you do behind closed doors is not my business. I really don’t care. Not my place to judge. My place as a Christian is to love you no matter who you are. My place as a Christian is to put protection on our children and to stop Satan from infiltrating their young minds. That includes alcohol, illegal drugs, and yes from alternative lifestyles that they have no business even knowing about. They grow up fast enough. When they get old enough to make that choice, it’s their right, but until such time, children need to be shielded from certain things.

        1. Rev. B's Avatar Rev. B

          Oh! PLEASE tell me what a "true" xtian is. Is it anything like a true Scotsman?

        2. Robert James Ruhnke's Avatar Robert James Ruhnke

          Nobody believes you. Queer youth exist despite how people like yourself try to brainwash them into being something they’re not. You’ve spent three whole paragraphs wasting your breath, ma’am. Your place as a Christian isn’t one that dictates how others live, and how others grow. You are a pawn of Satan, an what’s sad, all he had to do was quote the Bible at you to get you to fall in line. That book doesn’t scare Satan. Besides. Who do you think wrote it? Wasn’t god.

  1. Amanda Grace King's Avatar Amanda Grace King

    Just want to clarify a few things:

    I love God. I believe in God. I dislike anyone who says God created them LGBQT. God created man and a woman, not LGBQT people. Nowhere in all of the Bible does it state that God created LGQBT. I personally love all people and that includes our alternative lifestyle folks, but enjoy your new found freedoms without wanting to infiltrate every aspect of society. Have your parades and colorful outings, but respect that majority of Christians prefer to hold to God given values and traditions. It’s our belief and our way. We are not knocking what you are about or what you do. That’s your God given right. I respect all people but when it comes to children, they need to be kept pure until they are old enough to exercise their free will. Not have it shoved down their windpipes that LGBQT is the way to go.

    1. Lisa Ann Apynys's Avatar Lisa Ann Apynys

      Typical "Christian" judging everyone and everything that doesn't align with your narrow-minded belief system. Why are you even on this platform? You say that you love everyone? Empty words just to make yourself sound good. Take your self-righteous Christian BS with you when you leave.

  1. Carol M. Anaski-Figurski's Avatar Carol M. Anaski-Figurski

    Well interesting subject, I am definitely watching the parade. It's history in the making. It's barbie thanksgiving! I hope there's a lot of pink there. Barbie is a billion dollar industry with this trans & lgbt actress content. Freedom of religion allows people to be who ever they want to be. & God loves everybody. If its not your gig exactly your next generations are growing up with it as well & deserve the right to understand it. It's in schools, camps politics & sports so you cant hide from it or pretend it doesn't exist. All are welcome. The future is coming on embrace change & be unbiasd.

  1. William Michael Bennett's Avatar William Michael Bennett

    Yall. I fear for the world my daughter will live in. This might be my last earth thanksgiving and hers. She deserves her macy parade the way it started. Politics shouldn't come into play in a holiday celebration. Its for the kids mainly. Why target children like my daughter. she is scared of the LGBTQwhatever else. She thinks they will hurt the lords people and her because she is a natural born female. She studies satanism and wicca. She tells me even satan the devil himself doesnt support the lgbtq and that agenda. I confirm with historical study. Most religious views do not support their agenda. So maybe their false flag wars will unite us all to come against them and win together. We spiritually can all win together with cooperation to protect our children. If they can learn their crap in school. Then they must allow religious study in class everyone can learn about each other's faiths the different and the similar ways.

    1. Michael Anthony LaRocca's Avatar Michael Anthony LaRocca

      Please enlighten me... I am a 65 year old gay man. My only "Agenda" is to live up to the teachings of Jesus, to take care of my family and my dogs, to pay my bills, to cook my meals, to celebrate holidays with friends and family, to love all people regardless of their race, religion, position in life, gender, orientation, to be the best citizen and representative of a United States as I can be. That is my "Agenda." So again, please enlighten me... What is the "Gay Agenda"??? As a Christian, don't you feel it is our duty to love and respect all people the way Jesus did? Gay people are just as good as anyone else and their agenda is very similar to mine. There is no other "Agenda/" Your daughter should not fear anyone if you teach her not to fear anyone. Fear and Bigotry is taught, I do not believe God puts fear of others that are different from us in our hearts when we are born. Love more and teach your daughter that lesson and she will become a loving, great, and accomplished woman. Maybe even Miss America or President. God's blessings upon you and your family this Thanksgiving and Christmas Season...

      1. Rev. B's Avatar Rev. B

        I believe the "Gay Agenda" is to be treated like everyone else. However, I am not gay, you sir are the expert.

  1. David Orville Hobbs's Avatar David Orville Hobbs

    All of the people on the planet are ENTITLED to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    1. Danny D. Maynard's Avatar Danny D. Maynard

      Unfortunately, too many people do not believe in either of those three!

    2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      David, I'm sure some people agree with you.

  1. Kyle Miller's Avatar Kyle Miller

    I would like to know why people can't just be people and stop going around saying or pushing the spotlight hi Im "gay" or Im lgbt just be the person a "person' I see this a lot I dont see people that says Hi im married and blank point say oh im a guy Im a girl a person will see a Person or child it like a gay person changes there voice to act as a girl or boy or they change their clothes to other sex. people are "people" humans that it. people go around if you dont know them might say hi let me go ask my wife a person would think you mean a woman because that has become a norm but in fact it may mean now day anything or an excuse not to talk and move on but what i would like to see is that people start to go around saying i'm a person and leave at that now yes you can say I'm married you can say im a guy man boy girl woman wife child but stop with the identifying that I'm a was girl now cat a dog a im gay im bi leave that to the person if you get involved in a relationship close but stop pushing the words its like people don't go around say oh im catholic a thousand times a day or most go around saying what their joe title is yes or there Name like john jeff kay Jennifer, ask a child what there friend is they will come up with name or boy girl name is ------ not oh john gay Bi no simply john he a boy period

  1. Thomas Christopher Medina's Avatar Thomas Christopher Medina

    If you want to indoctrinate your household in the same beliefs that you were indoctrinated in to, then you have the upper hand, as they are under your guidance the majority of the time. If a certain event or a particular community of society can disrupt that, then either you need to rethink your approach, or just accept that maybe your way just doesn't appeal to them. We all have choices to make. Either way, remember, it is their lives to live, whither you agree or disagree. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.

    1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      To the contrary Thomas, as the saying actually goes, "If you lead a horse to water it will drink". Ofcourse, if it doesn't like the taste of it it might spit it out at you, but it won't be as nasty as camel spit, so you might try it again.

  1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

    I just got through wolfing down a bowlful of my homemade Thanksgiving turkey casserole. Unfortunately for the sake of my neighbors, it tasted too delicious to part with any of it, and I won't be breaking bread with any of those pilgrims or Indians today, but am going to try to make it last me for atleast a couple of days. Well, I'm still trying to get rid of my middle aged couch potato gut, and instead of using whole grain brown rice like usual I used two boxes of Stovetop Stuffing for turkey. So I don't think I better eat it too fast, but I am going to have one more bowl of it before I put the rest of it in my refrigerator. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, but don't come over to my house today, expecting to be fed. And don't forget that you won't become any less spiritual by sometimes being selfish with your food. Just don't eat it in front of starving people, while laughing.

  1. James Richard Munro's Avatar James Richard Munro

    Again, the bible is translated into simple English. If you can't comprehend. what it says, maybe you can get someone to read it to you. Sounds like you lack the ability to understand. Or refuse to except what it says. You can't eliminate what you don't like. (There are too many copies around the world.) Perhaps the LGBTQ people should write their own bible? That way, you can eliminate the parts that say your wrong, and perverted. OH, almost forgot, and also immoral.

    1. Robert James Ruhnke's Avatar Robert James Ruhnke

      We don’t need bibles. Other religions don’t care. The only pervert here is you trying throw others under the bus for your own vices.


    Pedophile parade.

    1. Robert James Ruhnke's Avatar Robert James Ruhnke

      I didn’t know you liked watching GOP parades. Weird.

  1. Amanda Grace King's Avatar Amanda Grace King

    To the person that thinks i used empty words to make myself look good. I assure you they are empty words and im not here to bash or degrade anyone. I am an Ordained Christian Minister. I genuinely love all people because we are all human beings created by God. However, i detest these so called parents that state their child knew they were gay or different when they were two, four etc What are you people doing to your children?

    The LBG community wants us Christians to accept their way of life and want to be recognized. We recognize you. We may not support you. We may not like your alternative lifestyle, but we sure do not hate you. Some of my very detest friends were gay or lived alternative lifestyles. I never judged them. I loved them as God commands us to. Children are my only concern when it comes to LBG lifestyle. They will grow up fast enough. Let kids be kids and do kid stuff. I mind my business except when it comes to children. I love children and feel as though they should be protected from alcohol, drugs, and homosexuality. They can make their own choices when they get of age. Until then, parents need to guard what they see, hear, and say.

    1. Robert James Ruhnke's Avatar Robert James Ruhnke

      Take your veiled bigotry and shove it back into the void where it came from. I was a queer kid who knew he was different by at age of 10. Some know sooner. It’s about the same time when straight kids start to figure they like the opposite sex, but you don’t question or bat an eye. An ya know, sometimes that changes as a person ages. I don’t accept the Christian lifestyle you’re pushing. Children should protected from the hell you try to push on them. Being LGBTQ+ was around long before your occult nonsense was even a thought. Thank you for being the epitome of Christian love, quietly hateful and gently manipulative. The biggest difference about being LGBTQ+ and being a Christian like you? You choose to be wretched, they’re just doing what comes naturally to people.

  1. Joshua Martin's Avatar Joshua Martin

    Romans 1 settles this debate in it's entirety. Go ahead and read it. There's no hate involved. Just the truth of the Word. God bless everyone!

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      Do you believe everything you read, Sir Joshua? Is there anything in that book that you don’t believe?


  1. Rev. Dr. James Jacob Showers Jr's Avatar Rev. Dr. James Jacob Showers Jr

    I'm a bit 'cornfused', who, what where, when, why??? I watched the Parade and saw nothing of the sort. Didn't the Almighty Creator, through the Son, state to 'love one another as I have loved you?? Didn't the Christus also state it was somewhat of a commandment? What of the churches like Cathedral of Hope in Dallas, Texas., or any Metropolitan Community Church, or a Center for Spiritual Living, or a Unity Church Worldwide, United Church of Religious Science, or the Unitarian Universalist's, Narcotics Anonymous, the CityGate Network, Association of Gospel Rescue Missions or a host of other very humble churches. Not just those of the Sadducee's and or Pharisees. I probably shouldn't relish the fact that I don't drive a Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, or one of the other fancy 'smancy' cars and pay for my seat . I guess I'm just grateful to be invited to the show, and sometimes in the front row seat, because thats just the sinner that I am. If someone is in need of compromising data, you got that quote straight from the horse's mouth

  1. Berly wm Cross jr's Avatar Berly wm Cross jr

    rev. Berly well before casting stones , we should all look at our selves . It is a parade never had anything to do with religion , it is supposed to fun and colorful . Why should any group get to dictate what is best for the rest of the world? God wants us to share are love & support for all people, whether we agree with there life's choice.

  1. Steven Ferrell's Avatar Steven Ferrell

    Christians are to love everyone, but that does not mean love or support the sin they may be living.
    In my secular job I worked with gays, etc. they knew I did not agree with the lifestyle they live, but they also know I cared deeply and loved them and held them up in prayer.
    A couple of them even came to my office a few times to talk about the problems they were having with their spouse because my wife and I have a very strong marriage.
    They trusted my insight and judgment.
    I did not beat them over the head with my belief in God. I just showed them that as a person, I cared about them. But I never condoned their sin.

  1. Dan Anderson's Avatar Dan Anderson

    What's next? Banning of entertainment venues which show people who happen to be left-handed? Remember who sits on the right hand of God vs. the left! (Yes, that was the actual belief during my lifetime! Children would have their left hand tied so that they could not use it, so they could become right-handed.

    It is the same issue.

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