Buddhist Wedding Ceremony Script

Smiling bride hudding groom after getting married at Buddhist wedding ceremony
  • ~12 Minute Ceremony

This wedding script follows Buddhist traditions to create an authentic spiritual marriage ceremony experience for all involved. For example, rather than saying “I do” like in most weddings, Buddhist tradition dictates the use of “We do” – you’ll see such alterations reflected in this script.

Introduction/Welcome/Wedding Sermon

[Moments of meditation may start the ceremony. If so, the officiant will announce the start and end of this meditation.]

Officiant (to guests):

We have come together to celebrate the love of _______________ and _______________, and to unify them in marriage today.

These two have chosen to marry one another in love, harmony, and matrimony. This is just the beginning of this couple walking together harmonized as a married couple. We wish them all the best as their families support one another and follow the teachings of Buddha, dharma, and the sangha.


Standing quietly by the fence,

you smile your wondrous smile,

I am speechless,

and my senses are filled

By the sounds of your beautiful song,

Beginningless and endless.

I bow deeply to you.

- I Bow Deeply by Thich Nhat Hanh

Exchanging of Vows

[No personal vows are professed at a Buddhist wedding because of the “we do” tradition.]

Officiant (to couple):

Do you promise, as per Sigalovada Sutta’s request, to hold each other in honor as equals, always remain kind and compassionate to each other, and pay attention to one another’s needs while remaining polite?

Couple (spoken together):

We do.

Officiant (to couple):

Will you promise to care for your home and uphold your responsibilities in your lives together as a unified married couple?

Couple (spoken together):

We do.

Officiant (to couple):

And will you promise to remain forgiving, stay patient, and give love with generosity always in your marriage?

Couple (spoken together):

We do.

Exchanging of Rings

Officiant (to couple):

Now it is time to exchange the rings as the symbolism of the love you have for one another and the support of your families as one unit.

(Couple places rings on each other’s fingers

Declaration of Intent

Officiant (to couple):

_______________ and _______________, please join hands. _______________, do you take _______________ to be your lawful wedded partner?

Partner 1:

We do.

Officiant (to Partner 2):

_______________, do you take _______________ to be your lawful wedded partner?

Partner 2:

We do.


Officiant (to couple):

Remember the warmth, joy, and love felt during this ceremony today as you continue your journey onward as a married couple.

By the power vested in me by the Universal Life Church Ministries, I now pronounce you to be married! You can now kiss!