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Looking to get ordained in Montana? In this guide, we'll walk you through each step of the process and talk about the many advantages of being an ordained minister. As you probably know, it wasn't so long ago that becoming a minister meant a lengthy formal schooling process (which didn't come cheap, by the way). Not only that, but certain segments of the population were frequently excluded due to their immutable characteristics.

But online ordination with the Universal Life Church flipped that script on its head. The ULC has proudly dismantled those historic barriers to participation in ministry by pioneering a new online model for ordination that allows anyone who feels so-called to get ordained. And the best part? Ordination is free, and the process can be done 100% online.

Montanans are known for having that old cowboy attitude: be honest and honorable, and always do that which is right. Considering this, it's no surprise to learn that there are so many ministers in Big Sky Country who chose to get ordained by the Universal Life Church.

Below, we'll explain how online ordination works, the different ways it can be put to use, and (of course) show you have to become a minister in Montana!

1. Fill Out Your Montana Ordination Application

Getting ordained with the Universal Life Church Ministries is a straightforward process. All that's needed is to fill out a brief form on our website, press submit, and your ordination will be instantly processed. Once you see your digital ordination credentials pop up, it's official: you're now a minister! You'll also get an email from us confirming your ordination, so keep an eye on your inbox. When you're ready to get started, hit the button below!

You might be thinking: "why is ULC ordination this simple?" The answer stems from our guiding philosophy: that everyone should have the opportunity to follow their own spiritual path, wherever that may lead. Faith is inherently unique to each individual – and because it's so personal, it can mean different things to different people. Unlike traditional religious organizations that impose their views top-down on members, the ULC takes a different approach. We believe that anyone who feels so-called should be able to pursue their faith journey in the way that makes the most sense to them. And empowering folks to do this begins with an ordination process that is accessible to everyone.

2. Get Your Ordination Certificate

Upon receiving your online ordination, we advise that you get to work on obtaining a copy of your credentials. Regardless of what you plan to do as a minister, and what ceremonies you hope to perform, it's vital that you gather all the supplies and documentation you’ll need so that you don’t encounter any roadblocks. We’ve ordained quite a few ministers in Montana, and these are the supplies they indicate have been the most helpful:

No matter what path you take with your ordination, please rest assured that we're committed to facilitating your access to the religious resources required for your journey ahead!

Become a Wedding Officiant in Montana

Among the many reasons that people choose to get ordained online is to officiate legal wedding ceremonies. Every year, ULC ministers perform scores of successful wedding ceremonies all across Montana. Some people become a minister just to perform a wedding for a friend or family member, but many members of the ULC have gone on to start careers as professional wedding officiants in Montana!

There's a good chance you'll even get to experience new places and push your boundaries. Have you considered the prospect of officiating a modern wedding ceremony in Great Falls? Who knows; you may even get the chance to break out your inner history buff and perform a springtime wedding ceremony at the Fort Union Trading Post.

If you think officiating a wedding could be in your future, you'll want to get up to speed on the rules and requirements for doing so in Montana. As marriages are legal ceremonies, it's important to follow the correct processes in order for the wedding to be recognized.

As these rules vary from place to place, once you know where the ceremony will be held, you should read up on the requirements in that area to make sure you know what's required to officiate. To learn more, check out our step-by-step guide on how to perform a wedding in Montana.

What Can You Do With Your Ordination in Montana?

Getting ordained is only the beginning of this journey! Once your ordination is confirmed, you will have all types of doors open to you. From Billings to Kalispell and everywhere in between, an ordination from ULC is a great tool for the Montanan on the move.

As a ULC ordained minister, you can:

  • Officiate weddings
  • Perform baptisms
  • Hold funeral and memorial services
  • Preside over many other types of ceremonies

We've heard from many of our members in Montana who have even proceeded to start their own churches! To learn more about the possibilities available to ULC ministers, please visit the Minister Training Center.

What Ordination Means in Montana

The concept of ordination exists across many different belief systems, and has been practiced for centuries. This formal act of consecration confers upon individuals the power of leadership status within a religious organization. With this status typically comes the authority to perform clergy duties, such as performing ceremonies.

The process itself can differ markedly from one religious tradition to another, but every faith system has its own specific methods for ordaining members. Historically, there were plenty of barriers to becoming ordained. To even be considered for clergyhood, members typically had to study for years, pay for expensive schooling, and pass numerous tests. Ordination also meant conforming to the standards set by church, no matter how strict or how well they aligned with one's personal identity or views.

The ULC views this traditional style of ordination as archaic, unfair, and most of all, exclusionary. That's why we've reimagined the ordination process from the ground up, pioneering a new online model that allows anyone who feels so-called to become a minister.

Furthermore, getting ordained via the Universal Life Church Ministries bestows upon you the same authority and rights under the law that apply to ministers of more traditional faith backgrounds. With the power of the Constitution at their side, ULC ministers in Montana have the privilege of performing duties that were historically reserved only for members of the clergy from traditional faith institutions.

Why ULC Ordinations Are Valid in Montana

The Universal Life Church Ministries is an established organization in good standing in Montana, meaning that all ordinations conferred by the ULC are valid there. Our ministers enjoy the authority to carry out all the duties performed by other clergy members, including the power to officiate legal wedding ceremonies.

Is it Legal to Get Ordained Online in Montana?

Yes! The First Amendment of the Constitution extends the invaluable freedom of religion to every individual across the United States, regardless of their personal beliefs or chosen forms of worship. In accordance with its protocols, the ULC has duly ordained thousands of ministers online in Montana. These wise and compassionate ministers actively conduct a myriad of services and ceremonies within their respective communities on a daily basis.

The ULC firmly advocates that anyone who feels compelled to pursue a spiritual calling, regardless of their specific beliefs, should have the opportunity for ordination and the liberty to navigate their spiritual journey. We only require our ministers to uphold two fundamental tenets:

  1. Do that which is right, and
  2. Every individual is free to practice their religion in the manner of their choosing, so long as that expression does not impinge upon the rights or freedoms of others and is in accordance with the government's laws.

How Long Does it Take to Get Ordained in Montana?

Ever wondered how long it takes to get ordained? Well, it depends on the pathway you select. At the ULC, our primary focus is on ensuring ordination accessibility for all who feel called. To facilitate this, we've established an innovative online platform for ordination applications. Ordinations that are properly requested through the ULC are swiftly reviewed, typically resulting in near-immediate approval. As a result, we have officially ordained thousands of ministers in Montana who actively contribute to their communities daily.

If you're considering joining our community, we extend a sincere welcome to you.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Ordained in Montana?

The method you choose for ordination significantly influences the financial commitments involved. Attending a traditional seminary or religious graduate program often entails substantial tuition expenses, which can amount to thousands of dollars. Since its beginning, the Universal Life Church (ULC) has been dedicated to ensuring that ordination remains accessible to all individuals, regardless of their financial circumstances. This dedication stems from our belief in providing equal opportunities to anyone who feels compelled to serve. As a result, online ordination through the ULC is completely free of charge.

This inclusive approach has empowered countless individuals who may have otherwise been blocked by financial limitations to pursue ordination and positively impact both themselves and their communities. While a nominal fee is requested from ministers opting for physical supplies or credential copies to cover the associated costs, the online ordination process itself is free of charges and is open to all.

How Can You Get Ordained in Montana for Free?

As noted above, online ordination with the ULC is always free! If you are interested in applying for online ordination and haven't done so already, please just scroll up to step 1 on this page and hit the big blue button to begin your ordination application and the next amazing adventure in your life!

Do you have to be a resident of Montana?

An online ordination from the ULC is not itself location-specific, meaning that you only need to get ordained one time and that ordination itself is valid no matter where in the universe you happen to be located.

You ought to be aware that different locations do sometimes have different rules and procedures for how certain ceremonies, like weddings, are meant to be performed - so prior to performing any ceremony or service with legal implications we always suggest that you reach out to the governmental office that will be overseeing the results of that ceremony ahead of time to ensure that you have all of the documentation you'll need.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get Ordained in Montana

The Universal Life Church requires that all those who apply for online ordination be at least 18 years of age or older. This age restriction, along with other policies and procedures related to the ordination process, are made clear as you are completing the application form. Any ordination application that is made under false pretenses or in violation of our terms and conditions will be automatically considered void, and we will not be able to defend the legitimacy of any ordination granted under false pretenses or otherwise in violation of our guidelines.

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