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Minister *|FNAME|*, May 11th, 2022
This week at The Visionary, we realized that when you stop and look around, the world you see looks an awful lot like the world you might have seen 50, 80, or 6,998 years ago. From the pending destruction of Roe v Wade, to the "new" trend of book banning, to eugenics, and beyond (er - before)... it's almost like we stepped into a time machine. When the heck are we??

Life After Roe

LGBTQ advocates are worried that a potential Roe reversal could have implications far beyond the right to an abortion. They say the signs are clear: the next thing to go will be same-sex marriage.
Is Obergefell Next?

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Ban the Bible?

Ban the Bible?

One Florida man, inspired by nationwide book bannings, says that he wants a violent, sexually explicit, pro-slavery book removed from school library shelves immediately: the Holy Bible.
Black-List the Bible?

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"God Told Me to Have an Abortion"

A leak out of the Supreme Court suggests that Roe v. Wade might be reversed soon. While many Conservative Christians are celebrating, some people of other faith perspective – like Jews – are very concerned because for them, in some cases, abortions are religiously required.
When It Comes to Abortion Rights, Which Religion Should Get a Voice?

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Playing God?

A guest post from a ULC Minister makes the case that resurrecting extinct species by "playing God" is a slippery slope to eugenics. Even if scientists can… does that mean they should?
How Slippery Though?

Okay, Oklahoma

Oklahoma recently became the first state in the nation to ban nonbinary options on birth certificates, incensing the LGBTQ and nonbinary communities in the Sooner State.
Is Oklahoma Right?

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Show Off Your True Colors

Pride is just around the corner, and with it we're proud to feature a new addition to our collection: the Rainbow Clergy Stole! Officiate your next ceremony adorned with the colors of the rainbow. Representing the beauty of human diversity, this specially-made stole will bring a nice touch to any event.
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Did you know the Universe just had a birthday? It recently turned 6,998 years old, according to a famous theory put forward by a German astronomer. The calculation turned out to be just a biiiiit off, but the history behind it is fascinating (and who doesn't like birthdays!?).
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