hands off roe v wade and lgbta rights protest sign
If Roe is reversed, activists worry a cascade of rights reversals could follow.

The bombshell leak indicating the Supreme Court plans to reverse Roe v. Wade has sparked intense reactions, with some groups thrilled and others horrified. 

But for the LGBTQ community, the news conjures up a different, previously unthinkable possibility: marriage equality getting overturned in the United States.

The leaked draft opinion penned by Justice Samuel Alito rested partially on the argument that because abortion rights weren't codified in the Constitution, the nation's highest court shouldn't be deciding this controversial issue for individual states.

Now, many LGBTQ rights activists fear that the very same logic could threaten marriage equality. 

If abortion is outlawed, is same-sex marriage next?

Roe Reversal

The LGBTQ community is finding little comfort in the fact that Alito’s leaked draft seems to go out of its way to apply itself only to abortion. Roe was decided largely on privacy grounds – that pregnant women have a fundamental right to privacy, including the right to choose to have an abortion.

Alito’s justification in part for reversing Roe is that “the Constitution makes no reference to abortion and no such right is implicitly protected by any constitutional provision, and no such right is implicitly protected by any constitutional provision, including the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.”

Those familiar with the legal history quickly noted that this language closely echoed Alito's dissenting opinion in Obergefell v. Hodges, which legalized same-sex marriage nationwide in 2015. 

“The rights we enjoy, especially the LGBTQ + community, are based on unenumerated rights under the 14th Amendment, the right to privacy," explained Jim Obergefell, whose marriage was at the center of the case that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide (and he's a ULC Minister!).

"And the belief that if the Constitution doesn't specifically in writing outline that right, i.e. the right to privacy, then all of those rights that have been affirmed for us that are based on the right to privacy under the 14th Amendment are at risk."

“It scares the daylights out of me,” he said.

What's Next?

The worry amongst many in the LGBTQ community is that the Supreme Court tossing out one right that was originally decided on privacy grounds could lead to an avalanche of other rights getting taken away, too. Same-sex marriage? Birth control? Interracial marriage? All are potentially at risk, if that same logic is applied more broadly. 

That the court could reverse Obergefell isn’t unfounded fearmongering, either, according to experts. Just a few years ago, Justices Alito and Thomas issued a statement lambasting the Obergefell decision, saying that “the court has created a problem that only it can fix,” and that “until then, Obergefell will continue to have ruinous consequences for religious liberty."

And many point to Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearing in March as proof that certain politicians still have an Obergefell reversal on their minds. During her questioning, Texas Senator John Cornyn called the legalization of same-sex marriage an “act of judicial policymaking” and a “court-made law” that “[overruled] the will of the people." Several other senators also made a point to ask Brown Jackson how she felt about the Obergefell ruling.

While there’s no current case on the Supreme Court’s plate that could reverse same-sex marriage, LGBTQ advocates fear it's only a matter of time before a challenge is raised. 

What do you think? If Roe gets reversed, could same-sex marriage be next? And how far can that logic realistically extend?


  1. Bishop William Dusenberry, DD's Avatar Bishop William Dusenberry, DD

    As the Earth is closing in on having Eight Billion human inhabitants — anyone opposed to family planning and the use of birth control — is an enemy of society.

    The GOP, the Southern Baptists, and all other MAGA’ers, are enemies of humanity.

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      Why am I thinking Hitler would have been very pleased with your remarks. 🤔


      1. Joe Stutler's Avatar Joe Stutler

        Because you don't know what "thinking" means and you have a perverse affinity for Hitler. 😏

        1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

          How do you know that I don’t know what “thinking” means? Prove it!

          Where is your evidence that I have a perverse affinity for the genocidal maniac, Hitler? I don’t advocate eugenics, do you?

          Have you thought your statement through, Joe?


          1. Joe Stutler's Avatar Joe Stutler

            Because a spirit (a tiny demon) spoke with me (as they generally do) and informed my of your issues. 😁

            1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

              Joe, that sounds like something you ought to discuss with a psychiatrist. It might be time for medication change.

        2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

          Joe, do you think there's a better way to have an affinity for Hitler, other than perverse?

      2. Donald Richard Starns's Avatar Donald Richard Starns

        Use “Hitler” in an argument, lose the debate. It’s the law.

      3. Amber Fry's Avatar Amber Fry

        Erm... Hitler would have apposed free choices in birth control. He literally actively worked to control it himself.

        1. Kiltedbiker's Avatar Kiltedbiker

          Hitler worked to promote eugenics and to breed a master race. Kind of makes him the evil choice.

          1. Lyle's Avatar Lyle

            Anybody uses Hitler in their posts. Should be banned. Because Hitler was a racist. A radical. And everybody uses Hitler in their post are ridiculous they're just showing that there is racial or Prejudice as the next person so quit bringing up old history of radical race so people could try to make your point

    2. Timothy Albaugh's Avatar Timothy Albaugh

      Oh, crazy people, we are not GODS. Although you think you are,Life is not by man, life is given by God. Your serial encounters without marriage and commitment is your SINS. To say that we should kill the unborn or regulate population is the work of SATAN and his workers. I will continue praying for persons with this evi l that has been festered in the minds of men and women.

      1. Nathaniel Robert Hunt's Avatar Nathaniel Robert Hunt

        And to force me to marry and father kids against my will is evil as it steps on my free will, telling others what to do is the same.

      2. Be's Avatar Be

        We live in a country that allows for religious freedoms, including working with/for Satan. However, abortion, like all medical procedures, is not a religious act. It is decision that people are allowed to incorporate religious thought into when it concerns them. We are not gods, you are not a god either, and as such, you should leave medical decisions to doctors and patients rather than imposing your religion onto others.

      3. Ricky's Avatar Ricky

        Religious liberty gives you the right to practice your religion, but it doesn't mean you can make other people practice it too.

    3. Michael Barton's Avatar Michael Barton

      Abortion isn't birth-control. Furthermore, the Republicans are even allowing up to 12 weeks for an abortion. If it's medically necessary, there isn't a limit.

      The only reason to want abortions past the 12 weeks would be because you want to harvest body parts.

      1. Amber Fry's Avatar Amber Fry

        False. There are a number of medical conditions that would warrant an abortion including the fetus no longer developing or that a full term pregnancy would kill the woman. Twenty two weeks is well before any fetus can survive outside the womb and also gives both doctor and patient time to discover such health conditions.

        1. JaZe's Avatar JaZe

          The solution is easy: stop having sex. Still, 6 weeks is too early and 6 months is too late. As far as I know the countries that allow termination have a time limit mostly around 4 or 5 months unless there is a strong reason for a later termination. Why should women have to bear the coersion and the blame? A female cannot get pregnant without that 'little contribution' from the male.

          1. Be's Avatar Be

            It's simple, stop imposing your backwards views about sex onto others. People can have sex as often and with as many partners as they would like. But that has nothing to do with abortion. The reasons for abortion access are FAR more complicated than people just having sex.

          2. Kathleen Ann Aseltyne's Avatar Kathleen Ann Aseltyne

            How about we require that males have mandatory vasectomies at puberty and when they are ready to take responsibility for a child, it can be undone. Of course I am not serious but I agree with JaZe that men start the process - where is their accountability? The last time a woman got pregnant without a man's "contribution" was over 2,000 years ago.

        2. Judith Dunbar's Avatar Judith Dunbar

          Amber, you are wrong about the viability/surival of 22 week babies. I am a nurse that works in a level 4 NICU and we save 22 week babies frequently. Many are fertility IVF babies so we know their exact gestational age. We are also developing technology constantly that allows us to care for smaller and younger patients all the time.

        3. Kiltedbiker's Avatar Kiltedbiker

          Disinformation. 24 week olds have survived.

      2. Amber Fry's Avatar Amber Fry

        Comment removed by user.

      3. Be's Avatar Be

        Stop spreading lies. It's a sin to lie.

        1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

          Instead of telling lies, just tell stories.

      4. Be's Avatar Be

        Comment removed by user.

    4. John Daly's Avatar John Daly

      WD, I bet I would tag u as my enemy just seeing you walk down the street. I am sure your leftism oozes from your pores. U would h8 me too because I would most likely have my MAGA hat on.

      1. Nathaniel Robert Hunt's Avatar Nathaniel Robert Hunt

        maga hats are banned at my church as maga's tend to be hostile to our religious beliefs which include welcoming the lbgtqa community and helping the homeless

        1. John Daly's Avatar John Daly

          Guys wear hats in your church? Even I would not wear a political hat going into church.

          1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

            We only make the bald ones wear hats during services, at my church.

      2. Ilmenheru Terikson's Avatar Ilmenheru Terikson

        My question is why do you choose to be evil? To support any aspect of a conservative agenda is yo be no better then rapists and child molesters.

    5. Lady Celynia's Avatar Lady Celynia

      You are making assumptions about large swaths of people you do not know. Just because of of those groups you mentioned believe differently than you does not mean every single person in those group believe the same thing. Also, abortion should never be used as birth control. We have very effective, inexpensive, easily accessed forms of ABC for both men and women.

  1. Chris's Avatar Chris

    All these "You can't tell me to wear a mask or get a vaccine!" are hell-bent on being allowed to tell everyone else what they can or cannot do. It has nothing to do with "Protecting the babies" or being "Pro-Life." They refuse to do anything to help anyone else, like provide a living wage, social programs, extended maternity/paternity leave, make adoption easier, improve the foster system, free healthcare, and so many other things. It's all about having power over the wimmin-foke and anyone else they don't like.

  1. Bishop William Dusenberry, DD's Avatar Bishop William Dusenberry, DD

    Conservatives (AKA, reactionaries, who’d like the USA to go back to the “good old days” when minorities and females knew their proper place in Christian USA) discovered, some 50 years ago, that White Christian fundamentalists who were racists, were an embarrassment to their fellow MAGA’ers.

    Therefore in order to keep being racists, without self-identifying as such, they became “Pro-lifers” so they could attack birth control proponents, while keeping their bigoted racist-type support for the GOP hidden from public scrutiny.

    Question for my fellow ULC bishops, who also have a DD degree.

    Do you personally know any ULC clergy, who are opposed to the use of birth control who are not racists?

    Self-identifying as a racist is often not a good idea— so becoming a pro-lifer enables one to be a closeted racist.

    This is known as “The Politics of Abortion.”

    1. John Daly's Avatar John Daly

      Blacks make up a huge % of abortion clinic patients. Margaret Sanger targeted the black population with planned parenthood. A true "racist" (your word) would therefore love abortion. Personally, I am not a conservative. "Conservatives" are a joke because all they have been is a speed bump for the left. I am a patriot and a nationalist. I wear my maga hat everywhere just to piss people like u off. These days I am praying Desantis is our next president. I have 2 granddaughters that live 2 miles away. I see them a 3 or 4 times a week and my wife is there every day helping out. The youngest is 6 weeks old. I held her for a while yesterday and could not believe how beautiful she is. People like u that support baby murder are a stain on the human race.

      1. Jereamy Gray's Avatar Jereamy Gray

        You seem to think the fact that you have granddaughters justifies you having a say in what any woman's choice about her body should be. You don't matter. Your opinion about abortion does not matter. When your granddaughters are old enough, I hope they can make the family planning choices they NEED to make for their health and for what is best for them at that time.

        1. John Daly's Avatar John Daly

          There was a time in this Satanic Sodom and Gomorrah world we live in (a few weeks ago actually) when any woman in the US who wanted to kill her child, could. There was not any man that could legally stop it. Going back in time to just after Roe v Wade women could kill their off spring and that should have been enough for the psycho left, but it wasnt. They pushed for abortion without parental permission and got it. They pushed for the ability to have late term abortions and got it. They pushed for insurance companies to pay for it and got it. Recently they pushed for abortion up through the 9th month and got that. Not too log ago I saw the sick monster who used to be the gov of virginia (who is a doctor) talking in public on some panel discussing how it should be ok to let a baby expire just after birth. The left is never satisfied and for them abortion is not the issue. They could care less about u and your "rights." The left, which itself is a tool, uses tools like u to push their agenda. Abortion is great for them because in the end it helps to destroy the US and western civilization in general. So big Clarence Thomas stood up like a man and smashed the left in the face. Hopefully i will see more of that in the future. God Bless Clarence Thomas!!!

    2. Curtis K Hargrove's Avatar Curtis K Hargrove

      Yeah William, me. I'm not racist, I'm GOP I'm Maga. I'm white,I'm self employed I love all people. I'm pro choice, I hope the choice is for life. Glad to answer you question from the Arkansas Missouri border about a rural as you get. Uh huh. I got guns too.

  1. Katelynne Shouse's Avatar Katelynne Shouse

    Of course it is, these Christo-Fascist [ |_| || ī $ have been clamoring for repeal from the day it was first upheld......we need to stack that court and get whatever we can in the next 2 1/2 years and let the MAGAts try to change things if they win the WH in '24! 🖕every Republican in this country!

  1. Robert Gagnon's Avatar Robert Gagnon

    The supreme court has blatantly lied in their draft and analysis of the same opinion. There is no direct reference in the Constitution about the right to abortion. Or the right to privacy. But if all men, or in current times all American citizens are created equal: then women should have the same rights as men. And one of those rights are the right to choose what to do with their body. That could mean drinking, overeating,tattoos or medical procedures. Abortion is a much simpler procedure than a nose job or other augmentations. You can't outlaw one procedure without regulating all the others.

    1. Tim Yorty's Avatar Tim Yorty

      I agree the SC lied and it's not the first time. but "Or the right to privacy." seems like it's referenced pretty clearly - "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." - the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution.

      1. Charles Wesley Fuller's Avatar Charles Wesley Fuller

        exactly what I was thinking about privacy.

  1. Matthew Mastrogiovanni's Avatar Matthew Mastrogiovanni

    Republicans can't figure out how to care for the kids we already have (ie: hunger, homelessness, clothing, education, etc). They should take care of them, before worrying about the unborn.

    1. Tim Yorty's Avatar Tim Yorty

      I haven't seen anyone Republican, Democrat or Independent figure that out yet.

      1. Amber Fry's Avatar Amber Fry

        Actually the dem and indi groups have figured it out. They just cant seem to get passed the filibuster to implement it properly.

    2. Lady Celynia's Avatar Lady Celynia

      The easiest way to care for all our people is to stop sending billions of tax dollars overseas. If we put those billions toward feeding, housing and educating our own, we would be virtually unstoppable as a nation.

  1. James Riggle-Johnson's Avatar James Riggle-Johnson

    Alito and Thomas have already said they are waiting for the right case to come before the SCOTUS so reverse same-sex-marriage. It is only a matter of time. The thing that kills me about this is that the majority of Americans don't care if I marry a man. It is the loud minority that seems to be threatened. I can't belive that in the 21st century I am still fighting for equal rights. Equal, NOT Special rights.

  1. Clay Serenbetz's Avatar Clay Serenbetz

    Undoubtedly, this is the opening Salvo to overturn scores of rights, which are not "protected " by the Constitution, including the right to same sex marriage and inter-racial marriage, as well as the right to vote, the right to counsel, the right to travel across state lines, etc. Independent of their husbands, women were denied credit in the U.S. until 1974 when Congress passed the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. Credit is not a Constitutional Right and SCOTUS can withdraw this right from women at will. Their is no Constitutional provision for women or minorities to serve on the Supreme Court. Justice Alito's opinion relies on the pontifications of Sir Edward Cooke. Sir Edward Cooke advocated capital punishment for witches. Are women going to be burned at the stake if a man accuses her of witchcraft? Furthermore, the Fourth Amendment guarantees that “people have a right to be secure in their persons…” This is a guarantee of a woman's right to privacy in her decisions regarding her body. A 12 year old repeatedly raped by her father is going to be forced to carry the seed of a rapist to term. It will layer abuse upon abuse. Christian fundamentalists want to turn our country into a right-wing Christian theocracy, not dissimilar to the Taliban's rule in Afghanistan. They want to make women second-class citizens. Finally, if Justice Roberts wants to investigate breaches of trust. He should start with nominees who have intentionally misled Senators about their position on whether Roe is settled law, or not. He should investigate Justice Thomas' breach of judicial ethics voting on a case to protect his wife's seditionist activities from public disclosure. He should investigate Senator McConnell's breach of trust when he refused to hold hearings on President Obama's nominee well-before an election, yet rushed Justice Barrett's confirmation through confirmation in less than a month. He should investigate the breach of trust in the politicization of the Court's rulings.

  1. Ann's Avatar Ann

    So much compassion here for our unborn and the women who need help. Instead we make it about LGBTQ. The commenting on here is looking more and more like Social media bots.

    1. Robert James Ruhnke's Avatar Robert James Ruhnke

      People who are pro choice have compassion for all three. Life isn’t fair, sometimes abortion is necessary for the mother to survive. The unborn however should never take precedent over people who are already, whether they are women or LGBTQ+ the three are not mutually exclusive when it comes to compassion. Nice projection though.

  1. Stephanie A Willey's Avatar Stephanie A Willey

    To all of you saying "... (repealing Roe v Wade) will not make abortion illegal ...", please understand the 23 states have existing laws in place that will automatically, upon the repeal of Roe make abortion illegal. So the repeal of Roe will in fact make abortion illegal in nearly half the nation.

    1. Tim Yorty's Avatar Tim Yorty

      Who remembers that the concept of "States Rights" goes all the way back to John C. Calhoun? John Caldwell Calhoun was an American statesman and political theorist from South Carolina who held many important positions including being the seventh vice president of the United States from 1825 to 1832, while adamantly defending slavery and protecting the interests of the white South. He began his political career as a nationalist, modernizer, and proponent of a strong national government and protective tariffs. In the late 1820s, his views changed radically, and he became a leading proponent of states' rights, limited government, nullification, and opposition to high tariffs. He saw Northern acceptance of those policies as a condition of the South remaining in the Union. His beliefs and warnings heavily influenced the South's secession from the Union in 1860–1861.

  1. Derek Evans's Avatar Derek Evans

    This is a distraction. Just another way to divide and distract from the rampant crime, inflation,homelessness, unaffordable housing,immigration,drug crisis, blatant in your face government corruption. The list goes on.Both parties are culpable. Until we hold the elite entities that are responsible as being responsible we will continue to be at each other's throats. While they "the corporate entities" that own every politician continue to profit.

  1. Thom's Avatar Thom

    First, don't you love how the document was released without the consent of the court? Second, don't you love how so much attention is now being focused on a document which has not been set in place as a court's decision? Third, don't you love how it was stolen from the court records?

    We as citizens have no idea if this document is real but so many of us know it is now being used as a squirrel tactic by the progressive left. Yes, they want you to worry so much about the killing of unborn human beings that you won't pay attention to all of the other problems going on. Yes, the killing of babies is more important than a failing economy, inflation, higher gas and food prices. Shortages on products and so much more.

    The responses I have read on this subject are absolutely horrendous; it is all the GOP's fault; those conservatives only care about one thing and so on. Why not see the truth instead of being so concerned about individuals who were not responsible when having a booty call. The market is filled with methods of prevention for getting pregnant. And I know, rape, incest, domestic violence are reasons for this but the actual percentage of abortions for these reasons are in the single digits. If you don't want to get pregnant then be responsible.

    As for Gay rights, if the law for same sex marriage is repealed it will be about time. The "law" was made by the branch which interprets the laws of the land yes, the supreme court. The law for same sex marriage was not made through the House and Senate or by all of the states but by the supreme court. This "law" is not valid and should be repealed.

    Now, I am sure I will be attached because I am saying things which don't agree with the left but, before you attack me, check the facts. You may not like what I am say but it is the truth.

    1. Marcella J Schieffelin's Avatar Marcella J Schieffelin

      Thom, the facts are that not all religions have the same definition of personhood. That is a fact. I invite you to learn about Jewish thought and teachings on abortions. https://www.beth-elsa.org/wp-content/uploads/The-Right-to-Choose-is-a-Jewish-Value%E2%80%A6.the-battle-for-choice-autonomy-and-progress-in-America-HHdays-5782.pdf This is just ONE of many articles. And in response to your comment of “if you don’t want to get pregnant then be responsible.” Men are half of the equation here. I say, men need to be accountable for their actions. Should we have a law that states that if a woman gets pregnant then the man will be partially responsible by castration? Is it fair to dismiss the religious autonomy of an entire group of people because of the religious majority in this country?
      Something to ponder: if you don’t agree with abortion, then don’t get one! Simple. No one gets hurt. If a woman wants or needs an abortion and it is not legal, it ultimately hurts the woman in ways you cannot comprehend or know. SELF-DETERMINATION is at the center of this. And no matter what, women WILL get an abortion. It’s just a matter of access to SAFE abortions.

      1. Thom's Avatar Thom

        I was brought up with a parent who was a Surgeon and, I hung around the hospital from the age of 7 until at least 16. I saw all sort of things, people hurt in car wrecks, sports activities, working on their home and, so much more. Most of these were accidents. Something beyond their control. Yes, they were doing an activity, and something happened which caused them to get hurt.

        I saw people at their worst, their saddest and sometimes, their best and it was quite an eye-opening experience. I also saw a great deal of people who overdosed on drugs, hurt themselves because they were falling down drunk and, had been for days, some who had tried to commit suicide - some succeeded and some did not.

        What I saw with all of this was that people are either responsible or not responsible for what happens to them in life. In no instance did the teaching of the Bible come into play. At no time did anyone say, hey according to this denomination they believe this is this because of that. What I am saying is, with every action there is a reaction and at least one person needs to be involved. But, in no way have I said, well the woman is the only one who is at fault. I totally agree, the man needs to be responsible.

        The problem we have today is, the government has encouraged woman to have children and let the father leave so they can receive welfare. You see, the government won't pay if the father is around, and generations have lived on the welfare of the government. So, if the father was responsible and stayed around, the government would not pay then, they would have to support themselves. Now, this would cause a decrease in the number of single moms in the US and thus a major decrease in booty calls would happen and thus a decrease in the number of abortions.

        Do I agree the father should be responsible? Yes. Do I believe this will ever change? Not as long as the government keeps handing out money. But, with all of the things I saw happen in the hospital, not once did I see a woman leave there happy that she had lost her child. Not once did I see a sibling think, well we did not need another mouth to feed.

        As for safe abortions, is there really one? The physical part may not be a problem but the mental is a big one. And, what if the father did want to be responsible and be a parent? What if the mother did not want the child? Does the father have a say if she keeps or aborts the child? Does the father have any rights?

        Maybe to open your eyes you should watch this video: https://youtu.be/A16gzm9eaa8

  1. Steven Douglas McGhee's Avatar Steven Douglas McGhee

    As I read these posts and the responses, I wonder how many have actually read the opinion. It does not ban any kind of abortion what-so-ever, it simply sends that decision back to the states where the people have more direct control. Look at the example of Colorado where they just passed laws to secure abortion rights (https://www.cnn.com/2022/04/04/politics/colorado-abortion-rights-bill-governor-jared-polis-signs/index.html). If you are concerned that the state you live in might restrict abortion beyond what you prefer you are free to move to another state unless you are bound by court order. Regarding the marriage issue, I have often wondered why the legal 'experts' chose to fight the way they have. The Constitution clearly establishes that the government cannot interfere with the free exercise of religion (including marriage license fees, etc) Why not fight to have all government control over exercise of religion removed?

    1. Amber Fry's Avatar Amber Fry

      If you cannot see how that would leave the door wide open for them to eventually ban it and contraception across the nation you are seriously running blind. The constitution supports freedoms of choice as we each see fit for our own lives and many women's lives depend on the right to choose to terminate if necessary. Anyone who disagrees is not looking very deep into the various conditions both in life and in health that will be affected here, not to mention taking that choice away is just one more chip off the freedoms of US citizens on the whole.

      1. Steven Douglas McGhee's Avatar Steven Douglas McGhee

        Does this mean that some states may ban most types of abortion? But again, you can move to a state that allows it. Now that would entail taking responsibility for yourself and your decisions which I understand is an anathema for those who believe they have the right to kill. Regarding contraception, it would seem that it is you who have been running blind for the last forty years as contraception has been freely available from any public school nurse or free clinic. So the only reason for becoming pregnant against your will is rape or you being lazy and irresponsible. Please feel free to cite any case where the woman's life was in jeopardy and the state refused to allow an abortion. Again, show me where the Constitution says anyone has the right to choose life or death for another human being, the only exceptions are the death penalty for those convicted of the most heinous crimes (like killing babies). Finally you expose yourself with the "anyone who disagrees..." A typical my way of thinking is the only way allowed leftist approach. You are in serious error, this topic has been studied, debated, and legislated for fifty years now, it is more than a little sad that you think that you are the one person to have thought of these things. We have thought about it, and the conclusion is that no matter how much it cuts into your party time a baby's life is more important. Lastly, this does not chip away at any right, the original decision was flawed and not Constitutional which is why it is being overturned. You can't lose a right you never actually had.

  1. Thomas Allen Grant's Avatar Thomas Allen Grant

    Killing the unborn is murder plain and simple. Abortion is not "family planning". Contraception is, or simply being responsible and controlling your self. That said a 12 year old should not be made to carry the child of a rapist. There should be extremely limited exceptions. And this has zero to do with interracial marriage or Lbtalphabetsoup rights. Deal.

    1. Amber Fry's Avatar Amber Fry

      You cannot murder what isn't born yet. Yes, abortion is family planning. The right to choose to expand family or not is exactly what qualifies in family planning. Contraception does fail. Life threatening conditions do also happen. Rape and incest are also an issue. And yes, it does have to do with the rights to interracially marry or to be who you are in the case of LGBTQ rights. The more rights that are taken away, the more that will be taken away. There are already bills being drawn up in a several states to take those rights as well.

  1. Paul Seldes's Avatar Paul Seldes

    Being pro-choice is not being pro-abortion. If you're against abortion, don't have one.

    Imposing your faith on others is just simply wrong. And it is not about protecting the lives of children. If it were, then actual children would have free healthcare. Hungry children would be fed. Homeless children would be sheltered. And children would not fear being shot in school. But those things cost money. Those things do not inflame the political base of the right. The pro-life movement is a scam. it was never about life. it was about controlling women.

    1. Maria's Avatar Maria

      This article is referring to Roe vs Wade which is ALL about abortion! The causes you mention are important and need to be addressed too. But abortion or how ever you want to call it...is the slaughter of innocent children!

  1. Diana Lee McAnsh's Avatar Diana Lee McAnsh

    If life begins at conception then this unborn child must be treated as a dependent child on tax submissions.

    1. Amber Fry's Avatar Amber Fry

      Absolutely. In the case of an unmarried couple the child support and medical care should also be given from the father at that point.

  1. Alexander Clarke's Avatar Alexander Clarke

    After Roe everything will be on the table. The right wing Christian Taliban want us to go back to Biblical times where the Church and the government were the same. The Supreme Court is now a Right Wing controlled arm of the Christian Right.

  1. tuppennyblue's Avatar tuppennyblue

    Marriage always was equal - anyone could marry somebody of the opposite sex, and that's how it should stay.

    1. Rev Deborah Dunkle (Raven Wolf Song)'s Avatar Rev Deborah Dunkle (Raven Wolf Song)

      That's not equal in any way. What determines who one can love? Are you suggesting this because YOUR religion may have a problem with it? If so how is that paramount to other religions who do not? Or is this just a personal belief that you think should be dictated to everyone because it makes You comfortable? If you aren't comfortable with what same sex people do in thier homes STOP Fantasizing about it and Mind Your business!

    2. James Riggle-Johnson's Avatar James Riggle-Johnson

      So, you are saying that I do not deserve the same rights as a straight person? I'm sorry I do not fit within your narrow view of how things work, but God nor Jesus ever said homosexuality was a sin... man did. That word was never in the Bible until 1946. I deserve the same federal rights that you do otherwise you are saying I am less than you.

      1. Tim Yorty's Avatar Tim Yorty

        God nor Jesus ever said homosexuality was a sin? What do you think was the cause of the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah?

        Homosexuality is one in a long line of sins. It is filling a need (love, affection, physical closeness) in a way counter to the way God designed humans to relate to Him and each other. The Bible does not say why God ordained marriage and a sexual relationship to stay between one man and one woman, but it is clear that He did. Several times in the Old Testament, God lays down the law concerning homosexuality (Genesis 19:1-3; Leviticus 18:22; 20:13). Paul reiterates this mandate, renewing the standard for the Christians in Romans 1:26-27 and 1 Corinthians 6:9. A common argument is that while Paul talks about homosexuality, Jesus does not. Defenders of the homosexual lifestyle choose to accept Jesus' loving nature and reject Paul, accusing him of latent legalism. It's an invalid argument. Jesus spent the great majority of His ministry in Jewish lands, surrounded by Jews who were very familiar with and quite faithful to the Old Testament law. He generally dealt with sin on a case-by-case basis (as he did with the Pharisees' hypocrisy and the woman caught in adultery). Paul worked with Gentiles, specifically Romans, in a culture where homosexuality was common. Much of his audience had no familiarity with the Old Testament law or its purpose. He needed to go out of his way to address the cultural issues they grew up with—including idolatry, adultery, and alcohol abuse.

        Many argue that homosexuality is a congenital physiological condition. Even if that were so, it would still be a sin according to the Bible. The original sin of Adam and Eve irreparably damaged human DNA. Some of that damage induces individuals to sin in specific ways. Some are born without innate empathy; they are still responsible to allow God to work with them to express His love and kindness to others.

        1. Cheryl Pettijohn's Avatar Cheryl Pettijohn

          The destruction of Sodom was because the broke hospitality rules. Man decided it was otherwise.

        2. Amber Fry's Avatar Amber Fry

          Cheryl Answered that. It was about hospitality. I still find it strange people don't dig deeper into the meanings of the stories in the bible.

          1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

            Amber, I still find it strange that anyone ever reads the bible at all.

    3. Robert James Ruhnke's Avatar Robert James Ruhnke

      Not true at all. Interracial marriage was illegal for quite some time in this country. An to say marriage has always been equal is also a farce. Considering that women couldn’t work or have checking accounts till the 20th century in this country. So no. You’re just plain wrong with everything here. Two (or hell, more) consenting adults wanna get married, it’s nobodies business but there’s.

  1. Keith Allen Steele Eash's Avatar Keith Allen Steele Eash

    First of all, as a minister in any congregation, you should not be revealing what you are thinking if it's contradictory to the faith. You could affect someone's faith either by losing it or taking everything you say seriously. Shut you're damn mouth and leave the faith.

    1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      Keith, it all depends on what you have faith in.

    2. Stacey Owens's Avatar Stacey Owens


      You said a mouthful. Their acting faithless, murmuring, and afraid. Their titles reveal who they really are. The holy spirit is know where insight.

      As it is written: So then, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath. Do you see a man who speaks in haste? There is more hope for a fool than for him.

      They need to check themselves.

    3. Cheryl Pettijohn's Avatar Cheryl Pettijohn

      Keith, you are saying that posting here, in family as it were, is unacceptable? I agree that when you are in front of the pulpit you need to control yourself, that it would be easy to alienate some and prevent them from developing a relationship with the being you believe in.
      But if we cannot post and work out our thoughts and feelings with our peers, then we are screwed, and alone, always.

  1. Matthew Mastrogiovanni's Avatar Matthew Mastrogiovanni

    Just think of all the people who will lose their jobs, if Roe is repealed.

    1. Michael Barton's Avatar Michael Barton

      Just think of all the babies that will be able to live a life.

      1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

        Michael, those souls could just as easily wait a little longer to come back for another incarnation, or choose a different country, or even planet, to be born in. I'm getting tired of living my lives on this planet, and think I might start living them in another galaxy.

      2. Cheryl Pettijohn's Avatar Cheryl Pettijohn

        many in poverty

      3. Amber Fry's Avatar Amber Fry

        Have you bothered to look at orphanages and impoverishes areas? That's hardly life and if they overturn Roe it will become infinitely worse in just a few short years. If they truly want to cut abortion they should be focused on fixing the things that lead to the need such as universal health care and sex education and free contraception. Capping housing costs and corporate profit margins, closing loopholes in taxes for the very wealthy and raising minimum wage would also help in leaps and bounds. History has shown over and over again when life is good for the people then abortions drops dramatically.

    2. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      That is a very interesting dichotomy to think of all the people who will lose their jobs, or think of all the people who will lose their lives. Mmm, which should it be ?🤔


      1. Joe Stutler's Avatar Joe Stutler

        That sounds suspiciously threatening.

  1. Dr. Bob Thomas's Avatar Dr. Bob Thomas

    As I understand the "leak," abortion will not be made "illegal." Only that the decision on abortion is returned to the States and they get to decided. This could very well lead to a country where abortion is legal in some states but illegal in others. I suspect issues like "same sex marriage" will also go the same way. The Supreme Court is saying that if the case presented to the court is not specifically mentioned within the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, then the Supreme Court has no authority to rule on it. This decision takes away the very broad rulings made in the past that were based upon more public opinion than Constitutional Law. Personally, I believe this is a step in the right direction. It forces Congress into doing exactly what it is supposed to do - make laws. We will no longer see laws made by the opinions of judges through their rulings, where it was never intended to be.
    This could very well bring back into line the executive branch as well where many presidents have issued proclamations that act as if they too were making laws. This is a practice whereby whichever party does not control Congress but does sit in the White House, has used that position to inact laws that would have never made it through the law making process in Congress. I for one like that idea of putting each branch of government back in its place.
    This would also stop Agencies from making policies that acts as law as well (i.e. The BATFE, the DOH, the old DOE, the DOJ and the Treasury - IRS).

    1. Donald Richard Starns's Avatar Donald Richard Starns

      Why is it a good thing for a gerrymandered state legislature to be able to decide what rights I have? Shouldn’t rights be universal?

      1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

        Donald, that's just the way it is. It's best to accept things as they are, and don't go shoulding on yourself.

    2. Robert James Ruhnke's Avatar Robert James Ruhnke

      There’s a bunch o states right now poised to ban all abortion should roe be overturned. There’s states right now pushing for anti LGBTQ laws also. States rights arguments are just masks for the religious bigotry that’s been indoctrinated in those states. No thanks. Women and LGBTQ+ should be protected by federal. Period. No one is forcing anyone to have abortions, or to be LGBTQ+ To hell with the current constitution, it’s outdated and needs a massive overhaul.

      1. Tim Yorty's Avatar Tim Yorty

        That sounds a lot like this:

        "The fanatical and bombastic Roman Catholic Priest and editor, David S. Phelan, paraphrased those words when he wrote in the Western Watchman, June 27, 1913, the same year the Order shackled America with the wicked Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendments along with its thieving Federal Reserve Bank:

        “Why, if the government of the United States were at war with the Church, we would say tomorrow, To Hell with the government of the United States; and if the church and all the governments of the world were at war, we would say:—To Hell with all the governments of the world. . . . Why is it the Pope has such tremendous power? Why the Pope is the ruler of the World. All the emperors, all the kings, all the princes, all the presidents of the world are as these altar boys of mine.”


  1. Tammy Sue Peck's Avatar Tammy Sue Peck

    I think everyone here are essentially losing their mind over something that no court anywhere has a right to give or do. God gave man and woman the free choice just has the Constitution does. Courts are saying that you have a right to something that is truly not their place to give. Only you can make a decision on your life. I suggest that you seek God for the right steps that you take in your life.

    We as children of God are to not judge.

    If you are looking to government to give you rights, then you don’t understand God’s word.

    If you feel that government should supply answers to a pandemic and the forcing of others to wear a mask or take a vaccine then I guess you should be open to that same government meddling in your private life and making your decisions for you whether is an abortion or same sex marriage.

    I see so many saying “My Body My Choice “, but they think that it’s okay when it comes to a pandemic to say that it’s okay to take that right away from someone that doesn’t want to wear a mask or take a vaccine. Hippocrates

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      There is no demonstrable evidence that we are children of any God but thank you for your comments.


      1. Joe Stutler's Avatar Joe Stutler

        We're certainly the parents of many gods, though. 😁

        1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

          Joe, does that mean you only screw goddesses? I mean like perfect 10s.

          1. Joe Stutler's Avatar Joe Stutler

            Let's just say I have rather high standards. 😏

      2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

        Lionheart, we aren't even children anymore, and haven't been in a very long time. And there is much demonstrable evidence of that. Only children can be children of God., I suppose, if he adopted them. Otherwise, they belong to their parents.

      3. Tammy Sue Peck's Avatar Tammy Sue Peck

        Well I am a child of the Living God and very happy to be a child in his omnipotent eyes.

        I have had peace and happiness since I took Jesus Christ as my Savior.

        I’m sorry that you haven’t experienced the whole uplifting of your spirit and the knowledge of everlasting life that comes with being saved.

        I will pray for you and all that haven’t experienced the complete feeling of Love that comes with being saved.

        Every thing around us demonstrates God and the beautiful miraculous life all around us. I for one do not believe for a second that you or I evolved from a monkey. Your were fabulously made just as I was.

        I pray that everyone would stop worrying about anything man can do and start understanding what God has done with total Love.

        1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

          I do understand where you are coming from Tammy, because I've been where you currently are, and additionally, have preached from the pulpit, and baptized families. I now realize there is absolutely no demonstrable evidence whatsoever that your god, or anyone's god actually exists. Your comment and thoughts are coming from indoctrination. It's the same indoctrination that those have had from other faiths such as Mormonism, Islam, etc., All claiming to have the truth because they have been touched by the "spirit of truth". In reality, their truth is no different to yours.

          Everything around us actually demonstrates the beauty of nature, but not just in its beauty, also in its destruction that nature can wreak upon us. The reason you don't believe we have evolved from other primates is due to your lack of education in that field of science. Without knowledge, ignorance prevails, but don't be too concerned, we all suffer from ignorance from fields of science we haven't studied. We go to medical doctors when we have an issue we don't understand, and we rely upon their specific knowledge in their scientific field. We have to do the same thing in other scientific fields to prevent us from slipping into ignorance and prejudice.

          It's not my intent to take you away from something that is giving you pleasure and comfort. Some turn to drugs and alcohol do deal with their own difficult times. Others turn to religions, other than yours, and that's okay.

          I can also assure you that complete and utter love can come from not being involved from religion and its associated dogma. I've experienced both sides of the spectrum you are on, that's how I know.

          Thank you for your comments, Tammy. 🤗


    2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      Believe me, Tammy. We lost our minds long ago, and wouldn't be here, if we were sane. So, instead of working we've got too much time on our hands, and nothing better to do.

  1. Rev Frankie PG's Avatar Rev Frankie PG

    Reversing the decision of Roe v Wade is not outlawing abortions, rather it is placing the onus back on the states and the legislative branch to create an actual law, rather than case law. I personally believe that if a woman wants to get an abortion and the father supports the move, then she should be able to get it, on their own money or private insurance. If the mother decides to get an abortion due to a severe illness that would be caused to her or the baby OR was conceived during a sex crime then the abortion should be permitted with the assistance of government funds. The only exception of the 16 weeks rule is the severe illness.

    As for LGBT+ Rights, it is codified in the U.S. Constitution that all men are created equal.

    1. James Riggle-Johnson's Avatar James Riggle-Johnson

      If only it were that easy. LGBTQ rights should be covered by the constitution as it is written, but people believe we (LGBTQ) people are less than other men and should not be treated equally. Also, The States that are passing the abortion bans are saying anyone who assists someone in getting an abortion can be sued. That means whoever drives the person to the airport, to fly to another State for the abortion, can legally be sued. It's convoluted, but that was their intent.

      1. Rev Frankie PG's Avatar Rev Frankie PG

        I'd agree to a point, regarding LGBT rights. For instance, why is it I can change my gender to asexual but I can't change my ethnicity? In all literal stance I am Filipino by 35% but I look completely white. So why can't I be Honduran? If the LGBT+ community of today were to stop trying to uniquely identify themselves (58 genders) and rather accept the fact that they are human, with dangling anatomy or not between their legs, then the Constitutional rights could stand on the U.S. Constitution. Progress is being made but I am one of those old queens that are ready to fight a good fight rather than wasting all of my energy on the bull trash.

        Going back to the case of abortions, once again the Supreme Court is not there to make laws, despite the atrocities that RBG did. Rather they are there to interpret the Constitution and ensure that the other two branches are staying within their Constitutional authorities.

        For almost 50 years the legislative branch has failed to make an abortion law. Yet, Warren and Kamala are both out there chastising the high court, which proves their lack of knowledge about the constitution.

        1. Jereamy Gray's Avatar Jereamy Gray

          You don't understand how any of this works, do ya, hon?

    2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      Frank, don't you think it's about time they amended the Constitution to state that "All people are created equal", if that's what it's supposed to be referring to, considering how we no longer think of the word "Men" as being all encompassing?

    3. Maria's Avatar Maria

      Abortion is murder! No one has the right to murder another human being. And if you don't think that a baby in the womb is human being than you are a very disturbed person! I'm not a religious person but I do know murder when I see it and I know it's wrong. Whether inside or outside the womb, what difference does it make? It's like saying Black Lives Matter but only in the bad neighborhoods! Where a human lives doesn't justify it's existence!

      1. Rev Frankie PG's Avatar Rev Frankie PG

        Maria, I agree if you're not referring to the Black Lives Matter Movement. The movement won't give a second look at a black cop nor a republican.

  1. Kathleen Jacobs's Avatar Kathleen Jacobs

    As soon as the words 'God' and 'soul' are mentioned in a discussion about abortion, the discussion immediately becomes an issue of religious freedom.

    Most of us live in countries where we have the right to believe as we choose. This is why we have thousands of variations of every religious belief in the world - more than 800 registered Christian variations in the US as far back as the 1960s - and more today.

    An old adage: "your right to make and swing your fist ends where my nose begins."

    Believe as you will, express yourself freely (i.e. free speech). This is your fist.

    When you attempt to make LAWS based on YOUR beliefs, you have come to the end of my nose.

    A pregnant woman has the right to HER beliefs and to do what is consistent with HER beliefs. She may even choose to defy her own beliefs one way or another, but it is still HER choice.


    • Based on some Christian religious beliefs, contraception is considered sinful; and
    • some hold that when the Bible said a man's sperm is sacred because it is the seed of life and should not even be 'spilt upon the ground' (i.e. masterbation); and
    • Vasectomies are sinful because they defy one of the first laws to man since his creation: 'go forth and multiply'.

    • Let's draft a law that forbids vasectomies.

    • Additionally, any man who attempts to get a vasectomy, or a doctor who performs one should be criminally charged.

    How far do you think that proposal will get in a congress, parliament, or church leaderships composed primarily of men?

  1. Timothy Albaugh's Avatar Timothy Albaugh

    The choice in LIFE is GOD or MAMMON. Mammon being money. If that is your pursuit of happiness then that Al's is your end. No everlasting life.

    1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      Dream on, Timothy!

  1. Walter Riggs's Avatar Walter Riggs

    What a time to be alive! It’s like the fall of Rome with Wifi!

    1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      Walter, we can even now have virtual Roman coleseums and gladiators fighting to the death against giant virtual cyclops, while we sit back and smoke an almost legal joint, while pigging out on microwave popcorn.

  1. Cordelia Lewis's Avatar Cordelia Lewis

    I am sorry for all of this ,I look only one way ,you don't want to have abortion don't have sex,absorbance is better ,what would you think if your mother got rid of you,you will not be here doing what you are doing ,I know this is my opinion,a baby is innocent it did not ask to be conceive then to be aborted,you don't know what that baby will be.

    1. Amber Fry's Avatar Amber Fry

      Actually the saying is if you don't want to have one then don't have one. The laws should not force a person to have a child they don't want and cannot support, especially when the government and society on the whole refuses to help once a child is born. The thing is, it isn't a baby until it's viable, until it can live and breath on it's own. Until then it is attached to the woman through an umbilical cord and it should be her choice to go through with it or not. Nobody else knows her life and her needs better than her and her doctor. Taking that away is just cruel and makes her life, the fact that she is already here, living and breathing, less important than the potential for life should she decide to go through a full pregnancy.

    2. Ilmenheru Terikson's Avatar Ilmenheru Terikson

      You have no place telling others not to have sex. Not to say one needs to suffer the punishment of pregnancy. It's as simple as first come first serve. The woman has first dibs on her body, anything else is supporting slavery. If you think people should have to be celibate for any reason you are evil and in need of removal from society.

    3. Robert Gagnon's Avatar Robert Gagnon

      Yeah, like Charley Manson was born to a prostitute. You never know what good can come from an unwanted child. How many starved and abused kids are at this moment from cowering beatings and neglect? Lets force all these less than premium parents to serve 9 months and 20 years of suffering something they may not be able to handle. Most are responsible women that know it's not in anyone's best interest to bring a baby to term. It's only been a hundred years or so that the question of viability has become an issue. Before then you were born alive or stillbirth.

  1. Tabitha's Avatar Tabitha

    The future is Gilead

  1. P. Keith Benefiel's Avatar P. Keith Benefiel

    Watching an unelected panel of five"Black Robes" taking the right to self determination away from 52% of the country, I realize that Monty Python was right. "Nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition!"

  1. Amber M. Castleman's Avatar Amber M. Castleman

    Women have the right to abortions it is their bodies and their pregnancies not anyone else's who are we to judge isn't that up to God to judge us women for abortions no the people around us?

  1. Richard Lee Cornell's Avatar Richard Lee Cornell

    I waiting for a 18 year old pregnant girl who wants a abortion to walk into a gun store and buy a AK-47 with clips. Then pay a visit to the political hack who sponsor this bill and fill that guy full of holes. If she had copycats do the same thing soon the Texas house would be void of Republicans. Then again a woman would have control of her body. Shows where God is on this side of the question, on the side of a free American woman.

  1. Douglas Robert Spindler's Avatar Douglas Robert Spindler

    No need to fear, American business are fighting back offering paid time off and compensation for travel for any employee who needs an abortion as an employment perk. It's working, women, men and they are wanting to work for businesses who are supporting women's right to choose.

    1. Amber Fry's Avatar Amber Fry

      Until they get tired of the expense of the government retaliating. If they overturn Roe it will only be a matter of time. People have no foresight when it comes to things like this. It is dire to pay attention to history on these issues to see where this line of thinking leads. The more rights a person has to decide their lives for themselves, the better off this country will be. The laws need to stay out of the bedrooms and the doctor's offices.

  1. Rev Mark D's Avatar Rev Mark D

    Well if the supreme Court follows through with the draft as written now, there will no doubt be a test case created to get these marriage issues before the supreme Court. That's a virtual certainty I think.

    Isn't it ironic that ruth bader ginsburg's unwillingness to step down in time to appoint someone of similar outlook despite repeat pleas to do so led to the courts being shifted over to the conservative 6-3 majority... And the affirmative reversal of all the major issues which were the focus of her entire career.

    1. Amber Fry's Avatar Amber Fry

      She is not to blame for these judges deciding to lie in their confirmation hearings and to try to rewrite the laws to suite their own beliefs. She is not to blame for them being fanatical and going against nearly 80% of the people across the country. She is not to blame for the GOP forcing through such fanatical picks when recommendations of three of them considered them underqualified. This is entirely and squarely on the judges involved.

  1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

    It sounds like they've been smoking too much weed. Doing that makes some people paranoid. Ease up, and take a little break. It won't take long for you to realize that this one thing 8snt related to anything else. When you've come to that conclusion it's safe to toke it up! I just got through listening to that 1960s rock song that said to "Have another hit, of sweet love".

  1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

    Laws only stop law abiding citizens from breaking them. Everyone else does whatever they want to do, as long as they don't get caught. There will always be bloody wire clothes hangers left in alleys.

  1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

    I wonder if Danielle Gray has ever had an abortion?

  1. Lyle's Avatar Lyle

    All this debate is government radical control. If you put out there what you think people want to hear or believe or practice their going to start a radical War amongst each other. I'll form of prejudice controll of racial and judicial crimes against mankind. When you start to Vale what is written in the Bible God gave man free will free choice to do with what they want with their body with whom they want when they want how they want. When is America going to recognize that man cannot push another man into what was given to us rightfully by God. And when you violate the First Amendment rights of freedom of speech religion etc etc etc. You violated the 14th Amendment of rights under that article. When you violate what this country was supposedly created on which is violating what the Bible says that God gave man then you violate the racial barriers you violate prejudice you violate judicial justice for all

  1. Kevin Joseph Kervick's Avatar Kevin Joseph Kervick

    Marriage equality is an Orwellian term.

    Thankfully, sanity is starting to prevail regarding the trans contagion but the antisocial warriors have already done incredible damage to kids and society. Many religious people abandoned truth in order to advance an "inclusive" ideology that harmed thousands of confused kids. Trans regret is soaring. This is very sad that we allowed so many people to be harmed by these mentally ill tyrants. We stopped speaking truth to power and power destroyed lives. Now there is a major mess to clean up.

    That pretty much sums up everything. Holy men, healing men, teachers, and other agents of social control abdicated their moral responsibilities and here we are, in sexual anarchy. We blew it.

    1. Jereamy Gray's Avatar Jereamy Gray

      Your ego is incredibly fragile.🥚

  1. Nicolas Zart's Avatar Nicolas Zart

    Amendment 14 also says we choose how to raise our family with whom and how.

  1. Minister Ronda's Avatar Minister Ronda

    Pray without ceasing. God is in control no matter what man chooses to do or say. We are called on to share the gospel not to interpret it in ways that seem fitting to man.

  1. John Daly's Avatar John Daly

    Gays are tools. How can any sane person (straight or gay) support gay marriage???? Many years ago I thought gay marriage was no big deal. Who cares? Then "they" started to come for our children. When I say they I dont mean hapless gays or liberals. I mean the evil ones responsible for destroying our western culture through the media, corporate employers, and corrupt politicians. The evil ones are now stealing our kids and our futures right under our noses with this gender confusion, trans nonsense. Again, gays and their idiotic issues (AIDS, Gay Marriage, STDs) are just a distraction.

  1. John Baptista's Avatar John Baptista

    The idea that they are going to end abortion is a Lie. The justices sent a matter back to the states to regulate. There is nothing to end abortion, and there is nothing in the constitution to say that abortion is a Right. The individual states will now have to decide by state whether they allow abortion or whether they terminate the abortion clinics or the right to have an abortion. People are upset because now the state is in control of this issue. We complain about an inmate who has murdered multiple people. The abortion clinics Should perform a postpartum abortion on them. Still, in some states, they prevent the execution of inmates. But if we called it postpartum abortion, would it be OK then. I think these very same people that advocate for the murder of a young child would not want to see that. So if they have an abortion, they should have postpartum abortion on criminals. I see no difference.

  1. John Baptista's Avatar John Baptista

    Just not true that all this did was turn abortion back to the states for them to control. They follow the constitution. There is nothing in the body that says abortion is a right. So we should consider looking at the situation and the bill. What they are saying is that the control governance, and enforcement of abortion is the State's duty to do that

  1. Maria's Avatar Maria

    First of all....Abortion is murder! Marriage is NOT! You cannot and should not compare the two! It's absolutely disgusting that anyone would! Abortion is the slaughter of innocent babies at any stage for any reason! And I say this with no conviction and it's not a religious thing with me. IT'S JUST WRONG TO KILL ANYONE! Especially a life that cannot defend itself! The same people who are pro-choice say Black Lives Matter. Well why is one life more important than the other?! Babies lives should matter even more because they are helpless and if they could speak they would have rights and say DON'T KILL ME! I have absolutely NOTHING against the LGBTQ community! But just because you want the right to get married you have created in your mind and trying to create in the minds of others that the sick barbaric murdering of innocent babies is ok! What you are actually doing is creating a greater divide against the people who accept the LGBTQ community by saying that the two are on the same comparison chart! One is murder the other is not! If you find a partner you love and want to be with them, be with them! Marriage IF it gets abolished (which I doubt), isn't necessary. And that goes for straight couples too. A piece of paper doesn't make a better relationship. Have a spiritual wedding, wear a wedding ring, draw up a Will/Palimony. Why must you murder innocent babies to get what you want? If YOU want to be accepted by the straight community....LEAVE OUR BABIES WHERE THEY BELONG...IN THE WOMB. As as for women who murder their innocent babies...I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL!

  1. Rev.J.Buchanan's Avatar Rev.J.Buchanan

    We are seeing a fear from white, so-called Christian, government leaders of North America and the 1%. For the first time they are actually showing this fear. The white christian population, with their 2.1 children, are being bred out of existance. The rich can fly anywhere in the world to obtain an abortion, so they don't count.

    What to do...prevent birth control for the lower masses who cannot afford pills, IUDs, shots or even condoms. This will grow the white populations a bit, poor populations will thrive and politicans may be able to munipulate them up to a point. We already know that in 2050 the Muslim population will be the largest world wide population and this fact must make them quiver in their shoes. Orthodox Jews do not use birth control so I am confused about the stance the non-orthodox community seems to take on abortion. Seed is not to be wasted, so to get rid of a potential member of their race, by that very seed seems odd. I can't see many Jewish women having abortions, but then I don't know their communities. I kind of thought they may have wanted a legal way in place to get rid of as many gentiles as possible, but I'm probably wrong and that is ok, as it's just an opinion and nothing more.

  1. Cindy L Edgar's Avatar Cindy L Edgar

    I need to stop everyone needs to stop blaming Joe Biden is off the cause for this start blaming Congress and the dumbass is in there that want to control everybody those are the people that you need to start blaming instead of keeping the old bulls in Congress get him the hell out wrote them out I don't believe in abortions unless you're raped or it's a life or death situation if you're going to have an abortion just because you oops out of one night stand then no you don't have that right do I think they're going to come after the same sex marriages it's possible but I don't think so

    1. Ilmenheru Terikson's Avatar Ilmenheru Terikson

      You do understand you are openly showing all you are no less evil than a rapist right? Sex is sex, and trying to act like breeding is some punishment women have to accept rather than a choice they must have all control over is no different than acting like a father has a right to rape his daughters. Both are denying personal autonomy.

      There is never a need for more humans with our current over population issues, thus you never can make a logical argument against abortion. In fact we need to ban all childbirth globally for a decade to really help with the issues with natural resources. Anyone arguing against this is a threat to the world and only showing themselves an enemy in need of the fate all enemies deserve.

  1. Douglas Robert Spindler's Avatar Douglas Robert Spindler

    I have yet to have meet a pro-lifer who is protesting and objects to the taking of a life from capital punishment.

    1. Lady Celynia's Avatar Lady Celynia

      Me. I do not think abortion should be a form of birth control. We don’t live in the dark ages anymore. We have safe, effective, inexpensive forms of ABC for both men and women. I don’t think we need abortion as birth control. So I am pro-life in that respect. I’m a political and financial conservative. But I tend toward left thinking in respect to social issues - pretty much do and be who you want, just don’t hurt others. Live mostly by Christians would call the 10 commandments, and that includes capital punishment. I think it is wrong to murder someone guilty of a crime. I wholeheartedly believe if we as a nation stop trying to save the rest of the world and put our tax dollars toward science, R&D, building the best of the best education system on the planet, supporting families of any size and make up we as a nation would be unstoppable. So, there you have it a pro- life person that means pro-life for everyone.

  1. Rev. Robert's Avatar Rev. Robert

    Again, “they” can believe whatever they want to believe. After all this is a free country( well almost). However, this is a Religious belief and has no business, in any form, in our civic laws. Laws apply to all citizens regardless of any religious belief.

  1. Kern Stafford's Avatar Kern Stafford

    Has anyone read Margaret Sangers book? She advocated removing blacks, and started eugenics way back including North Carollina's eugenics program...read about that here... https://www.the74million.org/article/something-was-missing-97-of-north-carolina-survey-respondents-never-taught-about-states-grim-eugenics-history/ Some 30% of abortions are blacks (African-Americans) and many Planned Parenthood clinics are near black (African-American) neighborhoods. There really such as thing as eugenics. Yes, Bill Gates father was a eugenicist. Lets do a little research here before we get antsy about rights. Some of the planned parenthood clinics are rather dirty. Very few if any of those planned parenthood doctors have affiliations with hospital admission if something goes terribly wrong. see https://www.sba-list.org/negligence That reads state by state if you want to take the time to read it. Most of the posts here are attacking the messenger. Go ahead, attack me. Do your due diligence first. Follow the money. Religious / faith / Biblical arguments I'm not considering right now. Simply this: pick out what you can attack me with, and do so. I welcome it.

  1. John P Maher's Avatar John P Maher


  1. Richard Darwin Richards's Avatar Richard Darwin Richards

    Should polygamy be allowed?

    1. Charles Wesley Fuller's Avatar Charles Wesley Fuller

      it shouldn't be regulated by any government.

  1. Charles Wesley Fuller's Avatar Charles Wesley Fuller

    there may be a deeper reason behind them overturning Roe v Wade(if they actually are),but,they are right in doing so.it should have never been ruled on by the SC in the first place,neither should marriage have.their only job is to decide if something is constitutional or not constitutional(not unconstitutional).those complaining about the government caring for the children,poor and needy are wrong as well,the government are the biggest reason that most of that exist.if they would get out of our business and stop stealing our money(labor),most of those wouldn't be in that position.and the ones that are,would mostly be cared for by the generous amongst us.those that aren't should be taken care of by the churches,but most of those have forgotten that.the tythe was never meant to build large extravagant churches,but was originally to support the Levites(christian/hebrew bibles,anyway),their only job was to take care of the tent of meeting and had no other way to support themselves.another form of tythe was for the farmers to leave the outer rows of their crops for the poor/needy,does that happen?not anywhere that I've seen.I'm sure that other "religions" would do the same,but I haven't read their books,so I don't know.no,I'm not a "christian,so don't accuse me of being one.

  1. Colleen McAllister's Avatar Colleen McAllister

    I am very concerned about what rights might be overturned, or ow far new demands could go manditory childbearing? Perhaps restricting marriage only to those who plan on having families? Could hysterectomies be banned? Or birth control? Slippery slope here.

  1. Jimmy Moon's Avatar Jimmy Moon

    I agree. Stop baby murder and stop the perversion of marriage between sodomites. Read the bible. It's all in there.

  1. Thomas A. Follis's Avatar Thomas A. Follis

    It’s all about Government control. Hitler tried it. Russia is trying it. Biden will try it. I wasn’t aware the gay community was that concerned over Roe v Wade. For them, it would mean sex with the opposite sex. WOW. What a concept.

    1. Jereamy Gray's Avatar Jereamy Gray

      You are simply gross and ignorant.

  1. Lyle's Avatar Lyle

    Another thing y'all got to remember you're the one that elected body. You're all the one that elected the Slick tongue Willy trump. And you're the one accept that these people are your representatives. They're radical they're racial they're prejudice. Mankind can't get along with each other because of people like this and people like you all that post stupid stuff. When y'all look in the mirror and say am I Prejudice am I racial well maybe you are cuz y'all can't accept the fact that you all put these idiots in office. They're supposed to be working for us not for their self not a money scam that they use the government for so anytime they try to do something you all b**** about it. Why don't y'all face reality if you can't look at yourself how can you judge another person. And call him Hitler Prejudice racial bias whatever face reality it takes a person that's Prejudice bias and racial to create a race war among the media and among each other just accept that bite from people rather than color skin religion or whatever grow up

  1. Robert Gagnon's Avatar Robert Gagnon

    I think it should be put on the ballot, either Federal or at state level. In a true democracy the majority decide the laws for everybody. A large amount of our lawmakers on both side are and have been ignoring the true majority of this country. We can vote for pot legalization, but not abortion? If the majority are ignored, than we are ruled by tyrants not representatives. We strongly resemble South Africa's Apartheid!

  1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

    If y'all would keep loud and vexatious fools off this blog I wouldn't feel called (possibly by a god) to put them in their place. Besides that, I only write these glorious sermons. Guess whose fault it is that they get posted?

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