Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - September, 2020

It may only be September, but we're already looking ahead to Autumn. That's because we've created a new holiday, Universal Day, which we'll be celebrating on November 3rd! But we aren't the only big story this week! Read on to see what else you need to know as we enter the final stretch of summer.

Sharing is Caring?

With much of the world still under tight Covid-19 safety measures, one group is actively flouting those rules: missionaries. Critics say they should leave native tribes alone, but to no avail.
Why Is This Allowed?

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Cake Wars II

Cake Wars II

You may recall the infamous legal case with the Christian baker. Now the cake wars continue, but this time the shoe's on the other foot, as an LGBT-owned bakery was targeted.
See the Shocking Twist!

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Join us in celebrating Universal Day!

So get this, we made a holiday! This November 3rd, please join us in celebrating the first annual Universal Day, a brand new religious holiday dedicated to introspecting, speaking your truth, and doing that-which-is-right. Check out the website for more information on how to take part in Universal Day in your area!
Learn How to Celebrate!

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Standing in the Corner

The Falwell family has had a massive impact on America, influencing all of our lives from their background perch of power. Does the latest scandal jeopardize their movement?
Why Some Are Scared

Mask Up For Jesus

An evangelical group is begging Christians not to ignore the science on COVID. Their request? Keep churches closed, wear masks, and follow CDC guidelines. But many aren't listening.
Why Science Is Losing

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You've probably heard a million "2020 is out to get us" jokes at this point, but have any of them involved lightning? Our friends on Facebook reacted to a video of lightning striking during a wedding ceremony – right after the groom cursed 2020 in his vows.
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