Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - March, 2020

Ever think about what it takes for something to spread worldwide?
This edition of the Visionary features wild stories, flashy stunts, and literal viruses. From Nazis on parade in Spain, to a female lawmaker who wants to force men to get vasectomies, to the disease which is dominating headlines around the globe, we explore the phenomenon known as "going viral."

Black Sunday

An Evangelical postal worker is suing USPS after he was fired for refusing to work on Sundays. He claims nobody should be forced to work on a holy day of rest.
Does He Have a Point?

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Nazis on Parade

Nazis on Parade

A parade in Spain received int'l condemnation after people dressed up as Nazi soldiers and death camp prisoners, complete with a "crematorium" float.
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Female Lawmaker Proposes Mandatory Vasectomies

Sick of men authoring one anti-abortion law after another, a female lawmaker in Alabama thinks it's time they felt what it's like to have the government controlling their bodies. Her new bill would hit men where it hurts, forcing every guy to get a vasectomy when they turn 50.
Is It Only Fair?

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Pray the Virus Away

As the deadly coronavirus continues to spread around the globe, government officials, in lieu of medical treatment, are relying on a rather unconventional prevention strategy: prayer.
Is It Misguided?

Is Magic Real?

With the rise of alternative medicine, celebrities and regular people alike are turning to the spiritual power of crystals to help heal various ailments. But critics say it's all a hoax.
Do You Believe?

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Ash Wednesday marked the start of Lent, and many Catholics recognized the event by marking their foreheads with ashes and committing to change their habits. But did you know these customs pre-date Christianity? Our friends on Facebook discussed how many of today's religious traditions have fascinating – and ancient – pagan origins.
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