Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - February, 2020

'In an era of supposed inclusivity, why why are so many being shown the door?
In an eye-opening edition of the Visionary, we explore idea of exclusion and what it's like to be told you don't belong. From a church casting out its older members in a desperate bid to attract millennials, to religious adoption agencies turning away same-sex couples, to new rules targeting transgender athletes – what's behind our instinct to exclude?

OK Boomer - Get Out!

A church in Minnesota is taking a rather unique approach to convincing young people to join: asking all their elderly congregants to go somewhere else.
Ageism in Action?

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Leveling the Playing Field

Leveling the Playing Field

A Tennessee law would force transgender student-athletes to compete as the gender they were assigned at birth. LGBTQ+ rights groups are furious.
Foul or Fair Play?

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Pastor Claims Coronavirus is God's Punishment For Sinners

Pastor Rick Wiles, host of a popular faith-focused online news show, told his viewers that the novel Coronavirus outbreak is a "genuine plague" sent by God as punishment for humanity's sins. Those who are "right with God" have nothing to worry about, he claims. But critics warn his sermons could have big consequences.
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The Church of England issued a pastoral guidance that claims only straight, married couples can have sex. Any deviation will lose you the church's divine blessing.
Is Sex a Sin?

God Plans Parenthood

Faith-based adoption agencies in Tennessee have just been granted legal permission to turn away same-sex parents who are trying to adopt a child.
What Do You Think?

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Our friends on Facebook reacted to an admission by Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers that he doesn't believe in God. "I don't know how you can believe in a God who wants to condemn most of the planet, you know, to a fiery hell," Rodgers said. "Religion can be a crutch. It can be something that people have to have to make themselves feel better.
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