Every Nonprofit's Tax Guide

8th Edition
Stephen Fishman

A comprehensive guide to maintaining the tax-exempt status of your nonprofit organization or church that features pointers across a variety of key tax topics.


Product Description

This useful, detailed, and easy to comprehend resource provides an in depth explanation of the annual requirements and compliance processes for your non-profit church.

Topics covered include:

  • Laws and regulations for charitable donations
  • Yearly IRS disclosures, with the F990 form from the IRS
  • Details about conflict of interest, tax rules, and UBTI
  • Book-keeping for a nonprofit business
  • Detailed instructions for F990-EZ
  • Restrictions on political activity

Whether you are new to starting a nonprofit, or are already a seasoned professional, this comprehensive guide is sure to prove helpful in preparing your annual filing and properly following all IRS rules.

Note: this book is not meant to be a substitute for professional legal or accounting assistance.