Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - February, 2017

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Facing a world full of discord, we are all coming face to face with anger
This month, The Visionary examines the heated debates dominating hearts and headlines. From fiery protests to existential concerns, can we solve our problems and recreate unity?

Is "Religious Freedom" Just a Cover?

Although this country supports freedom of religion, certain groups in the U.S. continue to face hardship due to their faith. Around the world, things are even worse.
Who Is Most Persecuted?

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A Bible in One Hand, a Gun in the Other

A Bible in One Hand, a Gun in the Other

There are more guns than people in the U.S. With shootings on the rise, gun control advocates demand action. Meanwhile, gun owners continue to stockpile.
Would Jesus Carry a Gun?

The 5 Love Languages

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The Power of Protests

Protest movements have shaped the world we know today. The success of recent marches again reminds us that there really is power in numbers.
Did You March?

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The World Turns Inward

After years of expanded cooperation between nations of the world, we appear to be headed on a course toward strict isolationism. What comes next?
A Nationalist Revival?


Nearly all belief systems stress the important relationship between humanity and the environment. As fossil fuels retake the front seat the planet is imperiled.
Is Earth Still Sacred?

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Was That A Real Apology?

If an individual does something to upset you, you’ll likely want an apology from them. But what if they refuse? Can you demand an apology?

How Would You Respond?

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A father and son accused of kidnapping and raping a teenaged girl are planning a legal defense based solely on the Bible. They claim it is the only law book that truly matters.
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