The 5 Love Languages

The Secret to Love That Lasts
Gary Chapman

Relationships can be difficult, Chapman's iconic book is designed to help couples develop and build a loving relationship that can endure for decades.


Product Description

Every loving relationship has its foundation in effective communication. If it seems as though you and your significant other are speaking two different languages, this insightful guide can help address your communication issues – and even save struggling relationships. This book seeks to provide readers with the knowledge and insight necessary to strengthen their partnerships and build everlasting relationships. By providing practical steps to guide couples in loving one another and communicating effectively, The 5 Love Languages has transformed millions of relationships around the world.

Aside from being an invaluable resource for struggling couples, this book can also make a great gift for a new couple hoping to start things off on the right foot. The 5 Love Languages is a well-known bestseller, having sold over 8 million copies in total. The New York Times consistently ranks its author, Dr. Gary Chapman, as the bestselling author in the country. Chapman has published a number of books aimed at guiding couples in understanding, identifying, and speaking with their significant others, but this edition is by far his most popular and influential.