Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - August, 2016

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Writer CS Lewis once urged us to "Do the right thing, even if no one is watching."
But how do we know what "the right thing" is? This month's Visionary examines the often tough questions we face as our hard-coded morals intersect with the messy lives we lead.

Christian Lives Matter?

In this age of safe spaces, political correctness, and religious tolerance, many Christians feel as if they are being unfairly targeted. Are they right?
What Would Jesus Think?

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Building Better Babies

Building Better Babies

Our genes control everything about us – what if we could modify them to create perfect humans? Some people think "designer" babies are inevitable.
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America’s Oldest Demon: Race Conflict

Recent police violence proves that America remains heavily divided along racial lines. Black America is pushing back – should their resistance be supported?
Which Lives Matter?

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Bearing the Bad News

We'll all be asked to deliver unfortunate news at least once in our lives: illness, divorce, and death surround us. Is it ever right, though, to keep it to yourself?
What do you think?

Your Bible, Your Ballot, and You

Many religions call on their members to vote in-line with their faith. Consequently, groups like the Evangelical Church become dominant governing forces.
Should God Get a Vote?

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Gotta Catch 'Em All?'

In the popular new game Pokémon Go, church leaders see an answer to declining attendance. However, critics decry their outreach tactics as creepy and disingenuous. Are they?

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