Rethinking Religion Bundle

Looking for alternatives? This collection of books, with care, explores and analyzes traditional religion through a more critical lens to find the truth.


Product Description

The ULC is, for a short time, able to offer three bestselling books, all of which offer unique and compelling challenges to religions as we know them, together for a discounted price.

Jesus, Interrupted Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (And Why We Don't Know About Them) by Bart D. Ehrman Picking up where Bible expert Bart Ehrman's New York Times bestseller Misquoting Jesus left off, Jesus, Interrupted addresses the larger issue of what the New Testament actually teaches--and it's not what most people think.

Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon For many people around the world perhaps most people there is nothing more important than religion. It has comforted them in their suffering, become an integral part of their marriages and child rearing, and encouraged group cooperation to achieve ends both magnificent and terrible. Religion plays such a powerful role in the world that we should try to understand it in all its complexities, but most adherents bristle at anyone who wants to investigate their practices and beliefs in a scientific manner.

Misquoting Jesus When world-class biblical scholar Bart Ehrman first began to study the texts of the Bible in their original languages he was startled to discover the multitude of mistakes and intentional alterations that had been made by earlier translators. In Misquoting Jesus, Ehrman tells the story behind the mistakes and changes that ancient scribes made to the New Testament and shows the great impact they had upon the Bible we use today. He frames his account with personal reflections on how his study of the Greek manuscripts made him abandon his once ultraconservative views of the Bible.