Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - April, 2016

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Let's greet this April (from the Latin "aberire" meaning "to open") with open arms!
As the flower buds begin to open, so too must we open ourselves to new knowledge and experiences. This Visionary reconsiders how humans should behave.

An Eye for an Eye

Does the death penalty still have a place in our society? Banned in many advanced nations, it's still used widely in the US, despite its challenges.
A Life for a Life?

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Condoms in Class

Condoms in Class

Should children be learning about sex in schools? The inclusion of sexual education in public schools is frequently challenged, often for religious reasons.
Should we Abstain?

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Religious Freedom Laws: “Don’t Let Them Eat Cake!”

Religious freedom laws continue to abound, most recently being vetoed in Georgia at the behest of large companies. Are the laws just?
Should Same-Sex Couples Be Denied?

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Animal Abuse Rampant

We’ve seen numerous reports of animal abuse at the hands of humans around the world. When did we decide that other creatures could be abused?
Aren’t Animals Our Brothers?

Linking Terror to DNA

Relatives of ISIS terrorists frequently receive death threats and hate mail, even if they aren't involved in the movement themselves. Is this a problem?
Are ISIS Relatives Evil?

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Classic Wedding Package

Ah, Spring! The flowers are blooming and birds are singing. Love abounds! Are you planning on getting a married or performing a wedding in the near future?
Make Sure You're Prepared!

Saying Goodbye to Life

Cancer takes more and more lives each year, and while treatments have improved the disease continues to wreak havoc. What should one do in the face of cancer?

How Should We Say Goodbye?
Many of our Facebook friends were outraged to learn that a Georgia school had banned "yoga", after parents complained it was an attack on Christianity
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