Cancer is one of the worst things in this world. It can hit anyone of any age, and almost everyone knows at least one person affected by it. While advancements in cancer treatments have grown by leaps and bounds, it still takes far too many lives each year. Such is the case for Joey Feek. At just 40-years-old, she entered into hospice care for cervical cancer. Perhaps you are familiar with Joey and Rory, a married couple who sang country and bluegrass. They had many fans, and their fan base has grown even more while they have courageously fought this battle. Unfortunately, Feek was finally forced to give up her battle and say her goodbyes.

Joey Feek said goodbye to her family after cancer battle
After an extended battle with cancer, Joey Feek was finally forced to give up her fight and say her goodbye to her loved ones.


In early 2014, the couple welcomed their first daughter, named Indiana (Rory has adult children from a previous relationship). Indiana was born with down's syndrome, which the couple was not aware of until she was several days old. Regardless, they have loved and cherished every moment with her. In June of 2014, Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer. The cancer was caught early, and it was believed that she would only need surgery, and could forego more extreme measures such as radiation or chemotherapy. Unfortunately, this prediction proved to be false. After her hysterectomy, the cancer continued to spread rapidly, and she began an intense battle with rounds of radiation, chemotherapy, and more surgery. In October of last year, the couple made the sad announcement that the cancer had spread to her colon. Tragically, there was nothing to be done at that point. In November, Joey was sent home on hospice care, where she has spent the last few months of her life.

Setting Her Goals

After finding out that she had several months to live at best, Joey and Rory set up some goals. Her first goal was to make it to Christmas, then to 2016. Her final goal was to make it to her daughter's second birthday, which they celebrated earlier this month. These goals gave her something to strive for and something to look forward to. Considering her condition in November, it was a miracle that she lived long enough to see her daughter turn two.

Joey Decides to Say Goodbye

Several days ago, Joey announced that she was ready to give up her fight. She could feel her body giving up, and she knew it was time to say goodbye. It was a very emotional time as her family and friends went in to tell her goodbye. Finally, Joey asked for Indiana to be brought in. She gave her daughter her last snuggles, and told her to be good for her papa. After that, she drifted into a deep sleep. This is similar to a coma, and something many people on hospice experience in their final days. Joey passed away on March 4th.

Cherish Your Life

This story is heartbreaking and will tug on anyone's heartstrings. It's unfair that this has to happen, that cancer can tear people from their families far before their time. Joey and Rory handled this incredible challenge with beauty and grace, cherishing every moment they had and focusing on Joey's impactful life, instead of her imminent death. While most of us aren't staring death in the face as Joey was, she can teach us a very important lesson. We should cherish our lives and be thankful for what we have. No one is guaranteed a tomorrow. In honor of people like Joey, we should take advantage of the time we have and never it for granted.

  • Spend time with your family and friends. Put your phones away, and have a nice conversation, go on a walk, or have a family game night.

  • Remember to tell the people you love how you feel you never know when that opportunity could be snatched away from you.

  • Remember not to sweat the small stuff in life. It's just not worth it.

  • Take care of yourself and stay healthy as long as you can. While anyone can get a terminal illness, eating right and exercising can help keep us healthy.

  • Treat everyone you meet with respect, you never know who has been affected by tragedy.

Hopefully, Joey passed from this world to the next peacefully and without any pain. This is an incredibly difficult for Joey's family, particularly her daughter, who will likely struggle to understand where her mommy went. Let's keep the family in our thoughts and prayers at this time.


  1. Jessica Martini's Avatar Jessica Martini

    My mother died of MS a horrible long drawn out affair and now my partner has lymphoma. God have mercy.

    1. HeidiAnne Leon's Avatar HeidiAnne Leon

      I'm so sorry for your loss and also I'm so sorry, Jessica for the poor health of your partner. God bless you and your partner. May the Lord give you and your partner peace. Hug hug

  1. Lauren Sherwood's Avatar Lauren Sherwood

    Amen! <3

  1. Rich's Avatar Rich


    Re the original post - •Spend time with your family and friends. Put your phones away, and have a nice conversation, go on a walk, or have a family game night. •Remember to tell the people you love how you feel – you never know when that opportunity could be snatched away from you. •Remember not to sweat the small stuff in life. It’s just not worth it. •Take care of yourself and stay healthy as long as you can. While anyone can get a terminal illness, eating right and exercising can help keep us healthy. •Treat everyone you meet with respect, you never know who has been affected by tragedy.

    A friend with 4 kids and another on the way was driving home after an out of town meeting a few months ago. A deer ran in front of him and he dies almost instantly.

    The point being is that you can be young and healthy and the Lord can reassign you to another mission in a heart beat. So the copied part of the original post applies to all of us all of the time.

    1. Tabetha Hillman's Avatar Tabetha Hillman

      Prayers going up may the blessings fall . May you find a since of peace at this time .

  1. rfox44's Avatar rfox44

    A brave women much to be admired.

  1. Dean C. Arrouo's Avatar Dean C. Arrouo

    Amen !!! Lost my father to this awful cancer thing... I'm struggling 4 yrs later STILL... I ask the Lord daily to help me cope. I pray for Joey's family I know the emptiness losing a parent brings to a person. Blessings to the family, May God bring them through this very difficult time and keep that at Peace.

    1. HeidiAnne Leon's Avatar HeidiAnne Leon

      I'm so sorry , Dean. I understand how you feel. My Dad passed away 25 years ago, and the pain of missing him is still great. God bless. hug hug

  1. tyford's Avatar tyford

    My wife, Bette, passed on St. Patrick's Day. We had multiple visits from two different clergy to help her reckon with what the Liver Cancer had done. I was there with her in hospice the afternoon she passed, along with her two sisters and other family members. Her moment of passing was very powerful. Do not shrink form this moment if you can help it. It's awe inspiring. Afterwards, I was surrounded by angels, God's gift or hers, to support me in my own time of need.

    1. Rich's Avatar Rich

      Sorry for your loss.... angels do surround us! At times such as you describe the vail between worlds is very thin and sometimes parts.

    2. HeidiAnne Leon's Avatar HeidiAnne Leon

      I'm so so sorry for your loss. I believe it was God's and your wife's angels supporting you in the time of your need. God bless. Hug hug

  1. Reverend Robert's Avatar Reverend Robert

    We go through life working hard to be strong, independent and self-reliant, but then life throws us a curve and we suddenly realize That our relationships with family and friends are so very important. Now, we need support and understanding to help us get through the dark days.

    1. Mister E (@EdMurnaghan)'s Avatar Mister E (@EdMurnaghan)

      I'm a humanist, so I understand the finality of death. This article gives me hope. Thank you Joey for leaving footprints on my life. You'll live forever you know...

  1. Cathy Miniex's Avatar Cathy Miniex

    My 14 year old nephew went on to be with the Lord about 12 years ago after 6 months of fighting cancer. I will always remember my older brother telling me that my nephew just got his ticket to heaven early.

    1. HeidiAnne Leon's Avatar HeidiAnne Leon

      I'm so sorry about your nephew. I like the comment that your older brother made, it is sweet. God bless. Hug hug

  1. Mary Murphy's Avatar Mary Murphy

    These posts are so touching and they are encouraging. I have a daughter in her mid-40's (Celeste) and she has been fighting her third bout with cancer for the past two years, she was originally diagnosed at age 28 and came out the first two times. So I can emphasize with you on the toll it takes on a family. As stated previous we should focus on what is important in life, and not take a second for granted. May the God of comfort be with all of us and especially our loved ones who are going through.

    1. HeidiAnne Leon's Avatar HeidiAnne Leon

      I'm so sorry mary. God bless. Hug hug

  1. Richard Filaski's Avatar Richard Filaski

    I can appreciate what this family is going through. I lost my dear wife, Mary Ann, to cancer at a relatively young age. Three of my four children were still living at home. My wife also set goals for herself, which helped. Her last goal was to see our only daughter graduate from high school, but it was not Gods will. One of my sons lost it and was hospitized in mental hospital. I was angry at God for a long time and i still hurt over her loss. Thank the Lord for time, it does get better. I now have six beautiful grandchildren that I truly adore. I spoil them for my late wife and myself. The children understand and give me great latitude. My prayers are with this family!! Please hang in there. Time helps heal. And don't feel guilty about good things that will come your way (as I did). I pray that He gives you the strength and courage to move on. God bless you.

    1. HeidiAnne Leon's Avatar HeidiAnne Leon

      I'm so sorry about your wife and that your son ended up in a mental hospital . I understand very much about being angry with God over everything you have gone through. i also understand that you still hurt over her loss. i am glad that you now have 6 grandchildren whom you adore. God bless. hug hug

  1. kdebott66's Avatar kdebott66

    As a 15 year Survivor of Pancreatic Cancer, I understand all to well what Joey,Rory and their Beautiful Family has gone through. " You have Cancer" has to be the one of the hardest things to hear at ANY AGE. I was 34 years old trying to raise my 2 Pre-Teen Children on my own when I was told those 3 Frightning Words. My heartbreaks for all the Families out there that have to go through this. I send out Warmest thoughts, hugs and PRAYERS to all who are fighting some Terminal Illness. May God Bless and Keep you safe and know that you are in Our Hearts with LOVE !!

    1. HeidiAnne Leon's Avatar HeidiAnne Leon

      Wow, that's wonderful that you are a survivor, but i could only imagine the fear you must have felt. God bless. Hug hug

  1. Rose Paige's Avatar Rose Paige

    Amen to all the comments. May your God continue to comfort all of you??

  1. Brent Fleming's Avatar Brent Fleming

    I lost my wife to cancer, it was a peaceful passing, I pray all who go through these difficult times are blessed with a peaceful passing. It doesn't make it easier immediaately, but it helps long term.

    1. HeidiAnne Leon's Avatar HeidiAnne Leon

      I'm so sorry that you los your wife, but I'm glad that it was peaceful. God bless. hug hug

  1. gregory clemmerson's Avatar gregory clemmerson

    I myself am a pagan. In late 2013 I found out my father had cancer. I took him on a road trip with my sons to buy a project truck that my father had searched for several years . After our trip my father recovered and is still cancer free.I am blessed to have him and so is his new great granddaughter

  1. Terrie LaMay's Avatar Terrie LaMay

    I lost my sister on February 11th this year she was diagnosed on January 12th 2016. It was too quick very little time to say good bye so you make the best of that time. She had just turned 60 in December 2015. I miss her I know she is in the arms of our Lord. That gives me comfort and to know I will see her again. With this message I say to you all love one another live as if your last day. Let by gones be by gones forgive one another. Love and respect each other.

  1. William H Schaffer's Avatar William H Schaffer

    Sarah died today. She had a hard life. Given the cards she was dealt she could have been angry or even hateful. Instead she gave more than she took, she was kind and thoughtful. No one knows where her family is located, or who to call. The last thing she told my fiance is that she loved her and she was her best friend. Keep her in your thoughts. The world was terrible to her but she loved her god and always smiled.

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