In the public school system, it is pretty common for districts to teach a sex education class. These typically take place between 5th and 8th grades, though sometimes earlier and sometimes later. Some districts take a different approach, teaching a form of sex-ed to every grade, with corresponding age appropriate material. For example, a second grade class might learn about what to do if an adult is touching them inappropriately, while a high school class may learn how to put on a condom and the variety of birth control options that are available. While teaching sex education is seen as a good idea by most, there are some who do not approve of it being taught in schools. However, those who do not approve are failing to recognize the numerous benefits of teaching sex-ed to kids.

Sex-Ed is a controversial topic, but reason dictates that it is a good idea to teach kids about sex.
Sex-Ed is widely taught in U.S. schools - though some people don't think it should be.

Informed Choices

The fact is that a classroom is the only place that some kids will be offered accurate information about sex. Many parents make the mistake of not talking to their kids about sex, thinking it makes them less likely that they will choose to engage in it. Unfortunately, this type of thinking couldn't be further from the truth. Teenagers who don't talk about sex with their parents will inevitably learn about it some other way and perhaps from an unreliable source. Think about it; children are exposed to information about sex from many sources, including:

  • Television

  • Magazines

  • The internet

  • Their friends

Any of these sources may communicate misinformation, or only provide one side of the story. There are many inaccurate claims floating around out there, and it can be difficult for teenagers to decipher the truth from fiction. This is why it's important for parents to talk to their children about sex. But for those who don't feel comfortable, the school system plays an important role in providing an accurate and helpful substitute.

Unintended Pregnancy

Thankfully, teenage pregnancy rates have declined in recent years in large part due to better education. However, it's still a fairly common occurrence. Usually, it's the result of poor sexual education which leads to carefree attitudes about sex. Teenagers are hormonal and love to take risks, so despite all the warnings, they still engage in unprotected sex. Furthermore, since most teens are uninformed about when they are fertile and when they are not, they do not pay attention to when they're likely to get pregnant. Having a baby as a teenager can be incredibly difficult. It can make it tough to graduate high school, and creates a huge barrier to higher education. In fact, only 40% of teen mothers graduate high school, and fewer than 2% graduate from college before age 30. These statistics underscore the incredible emotional and mental stress teen pregnancy can cause, as well as the resulting financial burden for both teenagers and their families. However, pregnancy is not the only risk that comes from having unprotected sex.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

When someone has multiple partners (or with they are with a person who has had multiple partners), they risk the chance of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. STDs can vary widely in severity, with some being easy to cure, while others can affect a person for the rest of his or her life. Because these can be so serious, it's important that young people are properly educated on the risk of transmission, the details of each disease, and how they can be prevented. When properly educated, it is far more likely that teenagers will be careful and make the right choices when it comes to practicing safe sex.


Using contraception is the best way to prevent unintended pregnancy. Condoms are quite effective, as are female birth control options, which have expanded significantly in recent years. However, the fact is that using these methods does not prevent pregnancy every time. While they have up to a 99% chance of success, they are not foolproof. If the condom breaks, or the birth control fails, suddenly you are at risk of pregnancy. Not to mention that teenagers are forgetful, and that when in the moment, it can be easy for them to forget to use a condom. Furthermore, the birth control pill must be taken at the same time every day without fail in order for it to reach its maximum effectiveness.

Of course, the only way to entirely prevent pregnancy and the spread of STDs is to abstain from sex entirely. Some people argue in favor of abstinence-only education, since this method is so effective. However, this has been proven not to work. Teenagers are excessively hormonal, and perpetually curious. Trying to scare them away from sex, while simultaneously refusing to provide them with information to practice it safely is a recipe for disaster. They are going to have sex no matter what; it's just a fact of life. Thus, the best way to prevent teen pregnancy and stem the spread of STDs is to properly educate kids on safe-sex practices, and to provide them with working contraceptives. It stands to reason that the more educated teens are, and the easier their access to contraceptives is, the better chance they have of making informed and smart decisions. Do you agree?


  1. Joe Stutler's Avatar Joe Stutler

    Yes, children should be taught age/developmentally-appropriate, fact-based sexual education. We don't deny them the opportunity to receive age/developmentally-appropriate, fact based math, language, science, and other topics. Why should this topic be any different?

    1. Tom's Avatar Tom

      Perfectly said. The real sad fact is that sex education is not being taught in the home and for a number of reasons. Oddly, more people know far more about how to use a smart phone than what is going on seven inches below their own navels. The more education delivered at age appropriate levels earns high marks in my book.

    2. Steve W.'s Avatar Steve W.

      I certainly agree with the premises in the original post. Joe, of course children " ,,, should be taught age/developmentally-appropriate, fact-based sexual education." Sadly, your last sentence gives it all away ... there are many home schooled children who ARE NOT being taught "... age/developmentally-appropriate, fact based math, language, science, and other topics." They seem to be majoring in mythology and magic.

      1. Rev paul's Avatar Rev paul

        So very true kids need to be taught sex Ed based on their age

        1. Amy Rauser's Avatar Amy Rauser

          As a child care provider I see more and more children talk about sex at very young age and what they have learned was all through social media.

    3. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

      This seems like common sense, but the reality is most likely very different. Home schooled "Christian" children will most likely be taught abstinence by their evangelical parents/church, but there will be both parents and school boards that have issues with any sex education who have substantial control over the curriculum in their schools . The article's suggestion that sex education should start in the early grades with a focus on inappropriate touching is a good one. Any taboos about masturbation should also be discussed as a logical alternative to abstinence and experimenting with partners prematurely. Although some would believe sex education is up to the parents, it can be an awkward experience for both the parents, and particularly for the children. Teaching the basics in school makes sense, particularly when the alternative is information from ill-informed friends.

      Were you on a hiatus Joe? I'm back after a year off and have so far found the discussions more civilized and intelligent than in the past, although there are a few that are familiar

      1. Thomas Harkness's Avatar Thomas Harkness

        It seems like common sense until you realize that the educational systems that teach sex education are required by law to exclude "religion". This means that sex education must be devoid of all references to morals, responsibility, family, husband, wife, monogamy, heterosexual, etc.

        When you remove God from the teaching then it goes "south" quickly.

        1. Stephen Wehrenberg's Avatar Stephen Wehrenberg

          Does this imply that one cannot discuss morals, responsibility, etc. except in the context of religion? Are there no morals without religion? I would argue to the contrary: one does not need religion to be moral.

          1. Chris Staddon's Avatar Chris Staddon

            agree, the bible does not have a license on morality, in fact quite the opposite in many cases.

        2. Rev paul's Avatar Rev paul

          Your so right thomas

    4. Galen M. Ross's Avatar Galen M. Ross

      I agree with this, however, I do believe it should be taught in an age appropriate manner, when I was in college I took a health class were we learned that from ages 14 to 25 the children in this age group were most likely to get an STD, think about that, AGE 14 is when it starts for STD's, sex education is about far more than when to have sex, it's about how to be safe doing it.

    5. Donna Maben.'s Avatar Donna Maben.

      Let the parent/s decide.

      1. Daniel's Avatar Daniel

        that should be a parents decision, you have no clue what they call sexeducation, just like Darwin's theroy We never did come from monkeys but yet the children are taught that if we come from monkeys then why in the world are Monkeys still doing here, I have made the decision that I should have the say so in what my childs educational needs that is why I am going to homeschool her

        1. Steve Schafir's Avatar Steve Schafir

          That is your choice to homeschool your children. But if they are in a public school then we should educate them. You may not know what they call sex education but that is better than none at all. I am not saying that all religious people will not teach their children about sex education but mostly they will not talk about it or only teach abstinence. This is ludicrous at best.

          Your stating that we come from monkeys why are monkeys still here. Evolution does not say that when an animal evolves from another species that the previous species disappears. This is true of fish turning evolving into amphibians and amphibians evolving into reptiles. If you are going to talk about a subject at least be educated about it and don't assume you know. This is also the mistake that most people that are religious make.

          1. Daniel's Avatar Daniel

            Steve you are making assumptions and you cannot do that I have a family night where we can play games or just talk and the biggest part of the time we talk and yes we do answer any questions that have and nothing is barred at all, Steve you dont know what goes on at peoples house I have been a preacher for 15 years and I have had what does the bible say about premarital sex, I let them know I dont like for my intelligence to be questioned here I am very well educated, I taught sex education to middle and high school and each year it gets more and more graphic so I submitted retirement and left it for the county board of education, there are other reasons I have my children in a private school and Drugs and then the rape drug, I teach abstinence to my children and my wife comes in and speaks to the girls about it we tell them to keep their virginity for their husbands and not to throw it away just because a guy wants another notch on his belt, I am a Dad of 2 girls one is 19 and the other is 11, My girls have made it loud and clear only when they are married will the have relations with their husband but until then they will keep their virginities, and I am proud of that they want to wait so I do know that they are listening to me when I preach

      2. Rev paul's Avatar Rev paul

        Archaic attitude Donna parents do not teach their kids about sex or how to be safe when having sex that's why it is being taught in schools

    6. Rev paul's Avatar Rev paul

      I agree Joe because some parents will not teach their children about sex

  1. Moore's Avatar Moore


    1. Pastor Deb's Avatar Pastor Deb

      So basically, you are one of the ignorant people who probably didn't teach your children proper sex education, right? I believe we should teach abstinence as the best option, but that isn't all sex education is about. It's about how things work, how to deal with peer pressure when it makes you uncomfortable, and having the sense to make your own decisions. None of this is taught in the home, and most parents are far too embarrassed to have these discussions, and I know from having them with my son (and most of my son's friends who came to me for information they were afraid/embarrassed to discuss with parents) that the kids have a high level of discomfort facing the reality that their parents have at least once participated in these acts.

      I have spent nearly 52 years on this earth, and I have yet to meet anyone who says that sex education should only be taught at home actually had a clue about sex education in its totality. Instead, their children learned from their friends and usually ended up with unplanned pregnancies because their fire and brimstone red neck Christian parents never taught them the facts.

      1. Ron Forzani's Avatar Ron Forzani

        I agree after 80 years on this planet. My folks were perhaps average Christian people but sex was a secret kept from kids. My introduction as well as my friends were first through friends and older kids in the street. My wife and I delivered better sex information to our children, but not as well structured as a school might provide.

      2. Daniel's Avatar Daniel

        Deb I am not one of the ignorant people Ignorance is Bliss, yes I do teach my children about sex they are well versed I dont have a son but I do have two daughters and when they ask a question I or my wife will try and answer their question.Deb I have spent 31 years as a Ob/Gyn nurse, I can tell you this I do teach my children at home if they have a question then come to me or my wife. I have covered all the bases with my daughters about Sex and my youngest one is always asking about sex, we teach them and that is how It should be, but being called ignorant dont you think that is quite bold, you have no clue what goes on in someones house behind closed doors,

        1. Rachel's Avatar Rachel

          Two things:

          A. Please use proper grammar. B. That may be YOUR house, and I congratulate you for correctly informing your children, but you are statistically proven to be in the MINORITY. Most parents, especially conservative ones, don't want to talk about sex at all for the purpose of protecting their children's innocence. In the process, they forget that times have changed whether they like it or not, and their kids are GOING to find out about it, be it TV or other sources. Innocence will be lost at all costs, but at least school Sex-Ed attempts to guide the teenagers during their sexual awakening to help them make informed decisions.

  1. John's Avatar John

    I think we've tried that, and it seems having this at home would be much better.

  1. Vanessa's Avatar Vanessa

    Personally I think both should be taught.

  1. Denise Schultz's Avatar Denise Schultz

    Yes so they know about it but not until about 7 th grade .

    1. Rev paul's Avatar Rev paul

      True Denise by but before then they are having sex

  1. Tammy's Avatar Tammy

    Yes they should be taught sex ed. What was wrong with the curriculum from 20-30 years ago? Granted, modern subjects should be added. Kids don't know how to cook (home ec). Teach the children life skills, not just business skills.

  1. Marjorie Blegen's Avatar Marjorie Blegen

    Children being taught sex ed. would help to prevent teen pregnancy and STD's. Page 60 of the CDC report: 15–24 years acquire half of all new STDs1 and that 1 in 4 sexually active adolescent females have an STD, such as chlamydia or human papillomavirus (HPV). In 2014, there were 24.2 births for every 1,000 adolescent females ages 15-19, or 249,078 babies born to females in this age group.[1] Nearly eighty-nine percent of these births occurred outside of marriage. These are government reports not made up statistics by some religious group. The fact is that my great-grandmother had to get married as a teen due to pregnancy, my grandmother had to get married as a teen due to pregnancy, my mother and aunts also. My point is that teen sex has been going on for generations and preventing modern sex education for teens causes more STD's and teen pregnancies. Education is the key.

  1. Reverend Robert's Avatar Reverend Robert

    Educating our young (to navigate the adult world successfully) must be a joint effort between school and family. We have all failed when they arrive in High School not knowing how to take care of themselves(cooking, cleaning, managing money, accepted social behavior, sexual appropriateness, common sense problem solving). Skills we all need to manage life's situations.

  1. Lisa McGill's Avatar Lisa McGill

    I believe children should be taught body parts before the age of four. And about actual sex by 6. There are preditors out there looking for children that are too embarrassed to use the appropriate words, meaning they are too timid to tell. This generation which as been referred to as the XXX generation is growing up with porn at their fingertips, or at least the fingertips of their friends. The Internet is a dangerous tool. How many kids have "met" people on line that the parent hasn't . I'd hedge a bet and say too many of them. So yes I think sex Ed should start in the home and a younger age than was expected in the past, and parents need to be vigilant as to what kind of content kids are seeing on the Internet.

    1. Rev paul's Avatar Rev paul

      Agreed lisa

  1. Daniel Phifer's Avatar Daniel Phifer

    The schools should teach sex ed as there are parents who don't teach this. But no condems. Schools and parents both should teach no sex before marriage and the word of God should be back in schools

  1. Stella's Avatar Stella

    Of course sex ed should be taught in the schools and I would go as far as to say free condoms should be available to students in high school. Many of our grandparents were pregnant when they married. Kids are curious and fool around. It's fact of life. What is sad that is in 2016 we are still having this discussion. This country has regressed so much under the conservative Christian agenda, in my opinion. The flip side is when 15 year old girls (or younger) do get pregnant, motherhood is glorified and the whole cycle of children having children begins. This has resulted in so many children being born to inadequate mothers, no fathers, and a hellish childhood. These kids end up on welfare and their mothers don't continue their education. How is this better than teaching them how to not get pregnant and to use birth control? Sex education should be mandatory in all public schools - no exceptions.

    1. rizque's Avatar rizque

      My first career is Registered Nurse, Credentialed School Nurse. California pass/signed in to law AB 329 that requires Comprehensive Sex Education to be taught in school once in a school year from 7th through 12th grade, effective Jan. 2016. The new law has now included Gender Identity, Gender preference, Gender expression, and Transgender. As member of both health and education team, I am grappling with the idea on how to teach age appropriate/developmentally appropriate, fact base information on sex between same gender, sex between opposite gender, and sex between opposite gender with one dressed/appear to be of same sex. The bible, in my reading, is the simplest, most truthful source of information on sex/intimacy. When man added the gender issues of today, it dawn on me that there is now more than one type of sex/intimacy compared to what our parents learned from school and from their religion. What are the types, you asked....? Sex to procreate and sex that don't procreate. As a nurse, I know how to explain this, but as a minister, I am on my knees to ask the author of sex for direction.

  1. Stephen Wehrenberg's Avatar Stephen Wehrenberg

    And in private schools as well.

  1. Sheri Neeley's Avatar Sheri Neeley

    Yes they should be educated the realities. They should also know the impact of making good or poor choices.

    1. Daniel's Avatar Daniel

      we are to teach them from what is right and what is wrong, I am a R.N I have seen tweens come in and are pregnant, I dont believe in abortion in any way shape or form unless the mother or infant is in danger, my youngest daughter came home and said she learned about how to put a condom and what the condom was for, I was furious, We as parents are to teach them right from wrong, not to let the school board demanding that sex education. My mom and dad talked to me and my other 4 brothers, I never lost my virginity until I got Married, that was the greatest Gift a wife can give her husband and vice versa, teen pregnancy you talk about if you can lay down with a boy and get pregnant keep their legs shut and learn what the word NO is I will not let my daughter learn about that my oldest daughter will be turning 20 years old and she has a steady boyfriend and she still has her virginity, and yes she comes to me with questions and I answer the best of my ability. Io teach my daughters by what God tells us in the bible

  1. Minister Edgar Damron's Avatar Minister Edgar Damron

    The morals of the world are null & void. Hold close to Christ Jesus and listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Prayer is everything when applied with faith w/h works.

    1. Rev paul's Avatar Rev paul

      Amen edgar

  1. RevJoe's Avatar RevJoe

    I recently watch a documentary on the AIDS quilt, and in the last few minutes of the movie it showed a map of the US. Pointing out the areas/states of the highest areas of newly diagnosed AIDS patients. Those areas/states are ones that don't allow sex education or have limited laws of sex education.

    I'm sorry, children are going to be children and say and mimic the things they see-in real life, on the Internet, on tv. Face it, kids are going to have sex no matter what is taught in the home or school, but if they are NOT told the enitre truths before they experiment. They will sadly be a number added to teen pregnancy/std/AIDS. For some reason this generation coming up now, the more "No" they are told, the more they will do it. The numbers on the chart/map/diagram surely don't lie. It was truly an eye opener for me, I remember what sex education was taught in my Virgina high school=the anatomy of males/females and the different stages of fetus to birth. Heck that was over 20yrs ago and we had a daycare center in my high school for students who gave birth and worked hard to keep their grades up and continue on the graduate.

  1. joyce hires's Avatar joyce hires

    abstinence is God's word and they should be taugh that , but if they should choose to go against it. they need to understand the consequences . also they need to be told about birth control and understand how easy it is to get pregnant

  1. Alvin Jones's Avatar Alvin Jones

    Sex should be taught to children straight forward and to the point in a pure environment. it should be at home, but if the schools offer this, it is well qualified do to preparation of the lesson plans. If children continue to discover sex on their own, they can become a bane to their existence and society (disease, rape, unplanned pregnancies, etc.)

  1. Chris Staddon's Avatar Chris Staddon

    absolutely should be taught and asap. Porn is rampant and available for all to see, education providing context to what is viewed is absolutely necessary. Abstinence is all very well but is not followed by the majority of people, regardless and in spite of self righteous claims.

  1. Jonathan DHQ's Avatar Jonathan DHQ

    yes! pour Childrens should be taught in schoool about sex, because ist very important to have a enlightened Society.

  1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

    Geez. Schools REALLY need to stick to the three Rs. The rest is social engineering. They didn't teach sex-ed in the 1940s and 1950s, and there were a lot fewer single-parent families and unwanted, under-age pregnancies then than there are now. Teaching sex-ed is an excuse for teaching new-age VALUES to the students, which is not school's mission. School's mission is to teach how to read and write and do arithmetic (basically), which allow the students to learn history, literature, arts, and science. School is not supposed to be a Nanny but a Governess, who teaches manners, academics, and enforces the will of the parents. The sexual revolution was named incorrectly. It should have been called the sexual DEVOLUTION, because it is a reversal of the forward evolution of society. I hit puberty right at the tail end of the big sexual revolution, and I am so glad! Almost every child thinks their parents are somewhat backward, which is a totally ignorant thought for a child to have, I had them, my brothers had them, and most people I know had them. Where does an adolescent come off thinking they know more about life, truth, and the world than their parents? Since up to that age, most of my time was spent WITH my parents, there was only one place from which it could have come--school. I didn't get it at church. I didn't get it from the neighbors. It is subtle, sneaky, surreptitious, but it is real and if you think about it with reason, you will agree. It is in the teaching. Satan is alive and well in our schools, and this is where he gets his converts. We cannot TRUST schools to teach our children these things, because A) they do not LOVE our children, and B) they do not CAN not share our values. If we can live with smaller houses, fewer cars, fewer cell-phones, fewer movies, less spending on frivolities, we MIGHT be able to home-school more. It is too late for my own children, but maybe my grandchildren. I don't WANT my progeny learning about sex from people I barely know. Of course they should know the BIOLOGY of sex and sexual desire, and ways to prevent disease and pregnancy, just like they should know how to wash their hands, brush their teeth, bathe, eat clean food with clean utensils and avoid contagion. Anything beyond that, is beyond the scope schools' proper involvement when it comes to sex.

    1. Steve Schafir's Avatar Steve Schafir

      Let's take one GIANT step backwards. Don't fool yourself. There were not fewer single-parent families and under-age pregnancies back in the 1940s and 50s. There wasn't as much much media to expose it. Girls were sent away to have abortions which no one talked about even if they had to send them to a foreign country to get it. It was kept hushed. That is why we have priests molesting children today because the church keeps it quiet. When you are informed you are armed with information to help make intelligent and mature decisions. The problem with the religiously repressed is that they WON'T teach their children about sex. Telling them to abstain is NOT and has NOT every worked. Let the people that know how to teach it properly teach it. Maybe the parent aren't informed and are not capable of teaching their children.

      I am not saying that children know more about life, truth or the world but I can bet you the average 7th grade child knows more about sex than their parents. Sure you spent most of your time with your parents but now we have a lot of technology and activities that children are involved in and don't spend as much time with their parents. Both parents work and the kids get home before they do. Instead of spouting religious rhetoric how about putting some intelligence behind your thoughts. Things change with each generation. It will NEVER go back. Your grandkids will know more about sex and other things in life than your kids do. This is inevitable.

      We must trust the people that know how to educate do what they are trained to do. Parents are not. I have seen how unprepared they are to talk to their kids about sex. Teaching them about sex has nothing to do with your values it has to do with teaching them about sex, how to be safe and what the consequences are. Schools are way more prepared to do this than parents are.

      Really, live in smaller house, fewer cars, fewer cell phones, etc. Do you have a time machine? Because this is never going to happen. There will be more of all of it. Forget home schooling as both parents are working and don't have time to home school.

  1. John Carnaghie's Avatar John Carnaghie

    Sex education should be in every school program - home and state ad parochial. Children deserve the "facts" in a realistic form, and it should be "age appropriate." That means they need the "entire story" by age 10 at the latest. Society is continually bombarding with Sex explicit ads and kids are not living in bubbles. Kids should especially know the "real" names for all the human body parts, both male and female. God gave us these bodies - they are not shameful.

  1. Aiyana Jenkins's Avatar Aiyana Jenkins

    Students should learn sex ed in school. I would prefer They start to learn in 7th or 8th. We want our children to be abstinent, but we all know that's not going to happen with everyone. So it would be beneficial if students do learn about STDS and how to use condoms if they do have sex. Students are having sex younger and younger, better if they know sooner so they know what they're in for.

    1. Daniel's Avatar Daniel

      my oldest daughter was in the 6th grade and learned how to put a condom on a male, now that is way to young to be teaching a child that, that is being a lazy parent to let someone to come in and teaching your 10 year old how to put a condom on a male and then some

      1. Rev paul's Avatar Rev paul

        I agree with you on this one

  1. Jji's Avatar Jji

    I think it's quite interesting how most of the people that are against sex education and abortion are also the same people that are against programs like food assistance. Isn't it interesting that these same people don't want to prevent these unwanted children then they don't care if those same children starve or are homeless or are in abusive family. if you don't want to have social programs necessary to prevent for unplanned children then you should be willing to fund all social programs needed to provide for their children. And if you're not willing to have abortion and sex education and you're not willing to fund such programs. if a child dies or is being abused these people that want to create a situation in society that does away with all the tools necessary to prevent unwanted children the blood of that child or the abuse of that child is on the hands of those that decided they wanted to tell someone else what they can and cannot do. And since when is another human being the God Almighty to govern over another person's life. The really interesting thing is that the same people that are against abortion and sex education claim to be religious or Christian.

    1. Rev. Valerie P. Lucas's Avatar Rev. Valerie P. Lucas

      When I was 12 years old, my mother told me one morning before Sunday School, that our pediatrician was going to be teaching a class on the "birds and the bees" at Sunday School that day. This was about 1962. I had no idea what she meant. So on the chalk board that day, the Dr. drew a few diagrams, explained what sex was, and that was that. No big deal. I really didn't give it another thought for a long time. I was too busy being a kid.

      I know there are many ways this can be done, but I think even now it was a great way to learn - at least for me. I really liked my pediatrician, trusted him, and did not find it odd that he was talking about the human body, which is part of what doctors do anyway. The setting was nice, I felt safe and informed. I think it took my parents off the hook of explaining something that might have been uncomfortable for them to talk about. I am all for educating children at the level they can understand. If you are old enough to have sex (I don't mean morally; I mean PHYSICALLY) you should definitely know about it and how to protect yourself. That's just common sense.

    2. Jji's Avatar Jji

      One other thought that has been scientifically proven has been left out of this conversation and that is a child's sexuality is fully in place by age 8 so the idea that you must wait until a age appropriate time to begin the basic is pretty flawed I have two children myself and I'm not saying they need to know it all up front I'm just saying that if you don't begin before age 8 comes along you have missed a critical Benchmark in the development of a child

    3. Daniel's Avatar Daniel

      that is a unfair assumption I am a retired Ob/Gyn Pediatric Emergency Trauma Nurse, and I am also a minister to, It is our responsibility to teach your children, I am not against Food Assistance at all, Having Sex is like a chemistry expeirment for EVERY ACTION THERE IS A REACTION, I help fund the local food pantry, there is a lot of peer pressure we have to teach them, we are not a judge juror or executioner if you dont want to get pregnant I live my life according to what God teaches me, and yes I am a christian, I just dont believe that children has sex and decide the dont want a baby so they want to abort it, these are Gods little angels, who are we to say this person deserves to live and die that is not our Choice, I help the homeless all that I can I also help those teenagers that are pregnant, I let them meet some parents that cannot have a child, she could adopt the child but Killing a child because you like sex, Grab a chasity belt those who are for abortion what gives you the right to say who lives and who dies,

      1. Jji's Avatar Jji

        I see what you're saying but you are forgetting a fundamental fact humans are mammals. animal are an animal and as much as people hate this fact it is still scientific fact and all forms of mammals practice some form of abortion. whether it is abandoning the child for infants animal. and other animals eat their young so if you think about it practices some form of abortion is Perfectly Natural within everything God has created. and to say that the child simply could be adopted is an unrealistic fantasy my partner happens to work for adult and child protective services so I understand what happens in the adoption system for those children and the sad fact is the vast majority of children stay unadopted and end up aging out of the system. And then they are thrown into the world with absolutely no one to guide them help them or show them what it takes to make it in society. Some people call this Humane and just.

  1. Dennis E. Loucks's Avatar Dennis E. Loucks

    I like the article. It brings out good points. Age appropriate should be taught from earliest point. From inappropriate touching at early age to safe choices at the oldest. I see comments about abstinence and it makes me cringe. I recommend waiting, but trying to teach that is like teaching fish to fly. It just isn't in human nature. The premise starts from the idea that sex is somehow sinful. I always get confused by that idea. The only sin in sex is to pressure or force an unwilling partner or cheating on a current one. There is no shame in sex but rushing into it is a bad idea. Well educated children will have the best chance at smart choices. They are young though so mistakes will be made. Is less education helping them make smart choices? Religion should be wiser in its teachings as well. Why is it a sin? Or when is it a sin. I don't feel God really cares about who you love but who you hurt and lack of knowledge can only hurt.

  1. Rev.Manfred Holm's Avatar Rev.Manfred Holm

    I think yes as it would help special in the UK. As in the UK is the highest underage pregnancy in the World and that in the 21th Century. I the right education at the right age be given than should that problem going down but the Parent's need to be educated aswell than not many parents answer the question from their Children maybe of embarrassment or not knowing how. Country's with sexual education the pregnancy from girls under age is much lower so it means it helps.

  1. Rev. Wayne Gibbons's Avatar Rev. Wayne Gibbons

    My children grew up just as most do. I attempted to teach my children to wait until to be wed before sex. Al tho I was mostly successful, there were mishaps. My children were never punished for being children and doing the things most children do. I do believe sex education should come from the parents and begin at home. Unfortunately, many parents are uncomfortable with the subject and attempt to force morals and ideas upon young people that the parent has been trained or compelled to agree with either by the religious counsel they have received, or the dogma they have been taught. A most difficult subject in today's world. I do believe if parents take the time to talk with their children and explain correct and factual information, many times, the children will understand. In the event something goes awry, telling your children that they are loved and cherished by the parents and family, with Gods help and love, most objects can be overcome Rev. Wayne Gibbons

    1. Rev paul's Avatar Rev paul

      I agree with you

  1. Rev.Manfred Holm's Avatar Rev.Manfred Holm

    I think it's up to every individual to say no sex before marriage but it don't work everytime, yes perants should speak to their children and explain also telling them the Danger which can be come out of unprotected Sex that's what parents tell their children how important that is not only to avoid unwanted pregnancy but also about the different STD and STI they could get infected with. Some of the infections are still nowerdays killer when not fast medical help is used. In many European countries they start the Education early as 7 years of age but it must be done age orientated.

  1. Patricia Ransom's Avatar Patricia Ransom

    I think that sex Ed is for high school kids. I don't appreciate my grade four and five kids learning about sex. Children are still in the latent stage, and don't need to know who t stuff like that. To much exposure at such early ages can only cause an unhealthy curiosity.

    1. Steve Schafir's Avatar Steve Schafir

      You are really fooling yourself. Your kids in 4th and 5th grade already know about sex. This is not like before the internet. They kids can look this up and have access to the internet you don't have control over. If you would bother to read you will see kids are having sex even before puberty these days. They already have the curiosity and there is nothing unhealthy about it. Sex is natural. I am not saying promote them having sex at that age but it happens. If your kids were doing it you would not know about it because they wouldn't tell you. I can bet they know someone their age is having sex even if they are not. This is the world we live in.

      1. Daniel's Avatar Daniel

        having sex b4 puberty, there is no damage by that, and there is no danger of getting pregnant so that is just a simple case of your show me yours and I will show you mind children in the 4th and 5 th grade dont have anything to do with why put it off on the school to do it, well in fact its the parents place dont put off what others do just worry and contend with your children

        1. Steve Schafir's Avatar Steve Schafir

          To burst your bubble there are boys and girls going through puberty at age 10. There are girls getting pregnant at that age. They are having sex at that age. They are having to deal with either having the baby or getting an abortion.

          A lot of parents don't deal with it. I know this from first hand experience. Especially in religious households. It is not handing over to others it is allowing those that are educated and trained in how to tell it to children to do so. For those parents that will do then let them but if you are part of the public school system then it should be a requirement unless the parents opt out.

  1. Rev.Manfred Holm's Avatar Rev.Manfred Holm

    That's to late highschool years, as last year 2015 between April and October where 79 Girls pregnant in a age-group 14 - 17 years an two girls of 12 years and the parents of this children said be for they to young for sex education now do you think they where? Also non of the Girls came from a poor background they where all from good families that shows right education help preventing unwanted pregnancies that's why Country's with sex education have les or non underage pregnancy 's

  1. Kimjane's Avatar Kimjane

    i think it's better to be informed properly ( in school) rather than in other medium (magazines, tv). In this way, it can be explained better to the children and they can ask questions.

  1. Daniel's Avatar Daniel

    For those that go out and have sex then are pregnant abort the baby but then they go right back out doing the same thing, I dont believe in it at all, at family night that is a subject that I speak to my daughters about, they ask the questions they a comfortable with me and my wife will answer to the best of our ability, Sex is used to sell just about everything there is, I have never participated in an abortion and I really dont care to if they are repeat offenders then they should have it fixed to where they cant have children, why kill a child for something that the one getting the abortion, It is down right morally wrong, God to us to be frutiful and multiply now to play around with sex get pregnant then abort and half the time the childs dad didnt have a clue both parties should be notified

    1. Steve Schafir's Avatar Steve Schafir

      You are making assumptions that those that have made a mistake in the past and got pregnant keep doing the same behavior. It is shown that once they do that they are much more careful about birth control. The problem also is shown that when they ask why they didn't use protection it was that no one taught them (including the parents) or the parents did not want them to have birth control. This is has been happening for a long time across multiple generations. You are not going to stop them from having sex (they will find a way). So at least keep unwanted babies from being born.

      I can't believe that you would advocate "fixing" them so they can't have children (repeat offenders or not). Who are you to have control over other people's bodies. That is draconian at best. Morals are subjective so you cannot state it is morally wrong. You can state it is morally wrong for you. There is nowhere in the bible (I have had this discussion with many people) that show that abortion is murder or that it is a "person" from the time of conception. We live in a country of laws and those laws state it is not a "person" until it is born.

      Why should the father have any say in whether she gets an abortion. It is her body not his. Unless you believe he has ownership of her in some way. You can notify him but she makes the decision to have the abortion or not. This has been upheld in courts in many states. Unless he is going to sign a document that he will pick up all medical bills for the pregnancy and become the sole caretaker and provider for the baby once it is born then he has no say in whether she gets an abortion or not.

  1. Rev paul's Avatar Rev paul

    Your so right about that dainel

  1. Tyler John Malone's Avatar Tyler John Malone

    Absolutly kids need to be educated in this subject. It's a biological need. To not teach them will lead to more STD transmissions, unplanned pregnancy, psychological problems, and definitely more others issues I can't think of right now.

  1. James Johnson's Avatar James Johnson

    Meaning of you have the right idea sex is not being taught in the home and it should be but to deny the contraceptives that are needed to prevent these pregnancies it should be given to the children who are maybe not practicing safe sex you can say abstinence is the perfect and right way to go but if they don't practice it they'll go and try anything on their own in this world where children are overwhelmed with information to the drugs and sex in other things they don't understand or maybe they do understand but maybe have questions that's where parents come in and govern their own house

  1. Dana L Terriah's Avatar Dana L Terriah

    I'm not a fan of children leaning about sex ed in schools i feel that its the parents that should sit them down and discuss this with them not a school i was told by my parents when i could truly understand i was okay with that

  1. OnlineLearning's Avatar OnlineLearning

    Upon reading this article I am remined of this quote - Education: the path from cocky ignorance to miserable uncertainty. Mark Twain

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