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January 2015 Newsletter

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A majority of people on the planet are of a monotheistic faith. While many religions believe in one personal and transcendent god, Islam has its unique take on the idea. Learn about Muslim theology, philosophy, and religious life.


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Happy New Year! 2015 is here. Join us as we take a look back at the work we've done this past decade and map out our plans for the future.


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A transgendered teen recently committed suicide. Her parents had attempted to "cure" her with faith healing therapy. We examine how the faithful can better respond to their children in need of help.


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Pope Francis declared that non-human animals get a free pass to heaven. This challenges the notion that belief and acceptance of Jesus Christ is required to reach paradise. Will you be reunited with your pets in the afterlife?


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Marriage equality is spreading across the United States. Some conservative ministers are responding by quitting the wedding business altogether. We discuss a New York Times article penned by a ULC minister and stand up for our right to perform nuptials.


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2015 has not gotten off to the promising start we'd hoped it would have. Just weeks after we celebrated the end of 2014 the geopolitical world was again thrown into turmoil as a result of brutal killings in Paris.

The events place our crucial freedoms in peril, forcing us to face a dark, frightening world. While it can be difficult to overlook the fear that greets us each morning, it is important to recall that every new day also brings the promise of a better world. 

While the storms ahead look daunting, we would invite all of you to join us as we forge forward and speak our truths to power as loudly and as proudly as we can. 

Peace and Love,

Your Brothers and Sisters at the Universal Life Church

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