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The ULC grants honorary religious titles to ministers across the faith spectrum. Printed on high-quality paper, they are perfect for display or framing.


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Starting your own church and eager to take on a professional title? Or perhaps you've become an expert in a specific faith interest area and would like a formal recognition of your knowledge?

Faith is unique to every individual, and not everyone fits neatly into existing belief boxes – or feels comfortable operating under conventional titles.

The ULC grants honorary religious titles upon request to ministers across the faith spectrum.

Some common honorary titles include:

  • Reverend
  • Minister
  • Pastor
  • Chaplain
  • Life Coach
  • High Priestess
  • Doctor of Space and Time

Once your request is processed, you will receive a certificate with your official honorary title awarded to you by the church. Each certificate is produced on thick, high-quality paper and features your name and title written in calligraphy.

Note: Granted titles are honorary, meaning they hold no formal accreditation. A given title does not in any way imply a leadership role within the operations of the larger organization.


  • Any titles entered in the name field will be removed (example: Reverend John Doe P.H.D.) to avoid confusion.
  • The date displayed on the degree/title will be the ordering date, not your date of ordination.

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