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The Universal Life Church Monastery VisionaryFebruary 2012

February 2012 Newsletter

In February, America celebrates our rich history with Abraham Lincoln's birthday, as well as Presidents' Day. The Monastery has taken this month to track the rise of our potential next President and his views, as well as chronicle the work of our current President in defense of women's health. These issues affect us all, and could shape the future of our nation in drastic ways.

But this month isn't all about politics and seriousness, it is also the month of love with St. Valentine's Day. As a ULC minister have you performed a wedding on February 14th? Share your story as our church begins to gear up for the upcoming wedding season of 2012. Give us your feedback by joining us on our blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

The newest celebrity to become an ordained minister is making her own preparations to officiate weddings, so without further ado, may we present this month's newsletter and Reverend Fran Drescher!

Featured Minister - Fran Drescher

� CBS, Fran Drescher, The Nanny

We welcome the Emmy-nominated actress Fran Drescher to the Universal Life Church Monastery as our latest celebrity minister. Drescher, best known for her acting roles in the Beautician and the Beast and the hit show, The Nanny, will be officiating three weddings for same-sex couples in New York City in connection with her TV Land show, Happily Divorced.

Universal Life Church, New York City Same Sex Wedding Officiant Package

Fran Drescher is using our own New York City Wedding Officiant Package to register and perform these ceremonies in New York City. We applaud her commitment to marriage equality and look forward to seeing her proudly perform these marriages in the month of March. In you are interested in performing a wedding ceremony, we offer a number of products to help streamline the process for our ministers, including package deals for specific states such as California and Nevada.

Santorum Against Secularism


The constitutional freedom of religion is very important to all churches, including the Universal Life Church Monastery. It allows people the ability to worship and live according to their beliefs without interference. Rick Santorum does not understand this concept in the slightest. He laments our nation's separation of church and state, and that's putting it far more eloquently than he does. To read about his vulgar views, see our full article.

Creationism for Indiana Schools?

Universal Life Church, The Monastery

We examine one state senate's attempt to oust science from public school curriculum and replace it with religious dogma, or more specifically, the teachings of just one particular religion. In a country founded on freedom from state-sponsored religions, we have built-in legal protections from this very thing. See how Indiana politicians seek to subvert our Constitution in the name of Christianity.

Bronze-Age Sexism in the Modern-Day Church

Become a Pastor, Become a Minister, The Monastery

No girls allowed! Many churches do not allow women to become ordained or hold positions of leadership while the ULC Monastery welcomes anyone called to become a minister, regardless of gender. Is tradition a valid excuse to exclude, and are there real differences between the sexes that determine which are more suited for certain roles and which should be barred? Read more and tell us what you think.

More Births, More Babies, More Choir Boys!

ULC,, Get Ordained

Our sister site has written an editorial addressing a divisive trend in politics and religion, the all-out attack on women. Catholic Bishops have taken a firm stand against women's health options that shows just how out of touch they are, not only with the nation, but with their own congregations. takes a satirical look at why the Catholic church could be so avidly fighting birth control all the while hoping we don't notice their widespread child abuse that has been happening in the church. Less birth control means more babies, and more babies means... find out and read the full article.

Alternatively, check out our own views on the subject by reading Bishops, Obama, and Birth Control, on our blog.