Nevada Single Wedding Package

Thousands of people have Nevada weddings each year. This package contains the essential supplies needed for performing a wedding.


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Product Description

Nevada recognizes weddings performed by ULC ministers who apply using our Nevada - Wedding Officiant Package.

This package is for ministers who will perform 5 or fewer weddings within a calendar year. Only residents of NV may perform more than 5 weddings a year within the state. Resident ministers who will perform 5 or more can register using the Nevada Permanent Wedding Package.

Attn: Clark County residents - Please note, this package includes documents and supplies produced by the ULC only for your use and edification as an ordained minister. You will need to complete a separate Marriage Officiant application process with the county clerk's office before you will be permitted to solemnize a legal wedding ceremony. A copy of the Marriage Officiant application paperwork is included with this package, but no affidavit of authority is required for you. Please also be aware that you may incur an additional application fee from the clerk's office.

This package contains:

  • Your Ordination Credential
  • Notarized Letter of Good Standing
  • Affidavit of Authority signed by a Church Administrator and notarized
  • By The Power Vested In You
  • Gold Foil Marriage Certificate
  • 2 Marriage Certificate
  • Gold and White Clergy Badge
  • Human Timeline of Mythology and Religion


  • Your documents must have your legal name.
  • Nevada requires a minimum of 30 days to process your wedding officiant application.
  • Nevada requires a maximum of 90 days to order your documents due to the expiration of the Letter of Good Standing.

Available Options

Optional Package Add Ons
  • Wallet-Sized Credential
    Wallet-Sized Credential
  • Black Certificate Holder
    Black Certificate Holder
  • Premium Degree Holder
    Premium Degree Holder
  • Wedding Certificate Printing
    Wedding Certificate Printing

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