Stephen Colbert, Minister Ordained OnlineStephen Colbert, host of the Emmy Award-winning Colbert Report on Comedy Central, last week added "minister" to his long resume. Colbert has been a Presidential candidate (twice), tried out for a spot on the U.S. Olympic bobsledding team, was knighted by the Kingdom of Jordan, and last week got ordained online and officiated a wedding on-air.

Colbert heard the story of a young couple, Mike Cassesso and MaiLien Le, who had planned to marry at the Jefferson Memorial. Unfortunately, the timing of the government shut down was terribly inconvenient for Cassesso and Le, who quickly realized that they would be unable to hold their planned ceremony so long as the monument remained shuttered.

Fortunately for them, Colbert heard their story and eagerly threw himself into the mix. Colbert, himself a devout Catholic, received his minister credentials online and used them to officiate the wedding of Cassesso and Le on his show last week joining the likes of other celebrity ministers who have performed weddings on air, like Conan O'Brien.


  1. carnaby10v's Avatar carnaby10v

    I,m sorry but as a Catholic I don,t agree that a person who claim to be Catholic can be a ordain minister of another faith....such as Colbert and my opinion both should be excumunicated from the church..

    1. Ackchan's Avatar Ackchan

      Like the article says, Stephen Colbert is a devout Catholic. He is an actual Sunday school teacher

    2. ksimon57's Avatar ksimon57

      As a Catholic you are not supposed to judge! That is God's job!

  1. Rev. Jon's Avatar Rev. Jon

    Mr. Colbert agrees with free speech as long as your viewpoint is the same as his.Devout , I don't think so. He has a disgusting potty mouth.I got wise and stopped watching long time ago.But being a christian, I pray for the deranged.

    1. ksimon57's Avatar ksimon57

      If you are not in the position to declare who is devout and who isn't. Look at the deranged stick in your own eye. Matthew 7:3-5

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