Banana with a condom on it
California's new sex-ed guidance seeks to destigmatize sex and promote transparency, but critics say the approach is far too cavalier.

California's freshly revamped sex-ed guidance has some parents and faith leaders up in arms. According to reports, the new program includes explicit hands-on demonstrations such as encouraging kids to practice putting condoms on a model of an erect male penis that critics say are inappropriate for young children.

Others took issue with the casual nature with which the topic is discussed. The guidance seeks to destigmatize sex, and apparently encourages young couples to "experiment" with activities such as oral and anal sex.

And despite the fact that it's possible to opt out of these classes, the new norms are putting more than a few parents and teachers on edge.

"It's shocking," says, Rebecca Friedrichs, founder of the faith-based organization For Kids & Country. Friedrichs has been helping concerned parents mobilize against a document she insists is both "troubling" and inappropriate. "It is medically risky on multiple levels. It's written almost like a college fraternity wrote this curriculum in a very crass and a juvenile way. I can't even say on the radio things that are being taught in our elementary and middle school classrooms in mixed company. There's something very wrong there."

Revolutionizing Sex Ed

California's Board of Education voted to change its sex ed guidance earlier this month to align with the state's "Healthy Youth Act" that went into effect in 2016. The new education framework seeks to promote more open conversations about homosexuality, gender fluidity, and the sexual interactions both straight and LGBT kids will experience in their teenage years.

Supporters say it's about time we take a realistic approach to educating youth about their sexuality and provide resources to children of all gender identities and sexual orientations. By integrating such lessons into the curriculum for all students, educators hope to expose children to LGBT issues early on in life to combat prejudice and promote inclusivity.

But there has been pushback to this effort.

In particular, parents across California have taken issue with the age at which some of this material is taught. According to reports, lessons on gender fluidity and same sex marriage start as early as kindergarten making California's new guidance the boldest of its kind. A draft of the framework advises teachers to "Discuss gender with kindergarteners by exploring gender stereotypes and asking open-ended questions, such as what are preferred colors, toys, and activities for boys/girls."

These gender lessons, unlike those on sexual health, are effectively mandatory.

How Should We Teach Kids About Sex?

This has been an ongoing debate for some time now, and appears to be an impossible question for everyone to agree on. One thing is for sure: kids are going to learn about sex one way or the other whether it's in the classroom when they're 10 years old, or in the bedroom when they're 16.

It seems sensible to at least give young people a roadmap so that when their hormones take over, they have a basic understanding about how their bodies function and how to have safe sex. But if that lesson comes too early, will they be permanently corrupted or damaged in some way? Hard to say.

Supporters of progressive sex-ed courses argue it's better to have the knowledge and not need it than to need it and not have it. Opponents, on the other hand, insist that it's inappropriate for children to be given explicit information about sex in the classroom.

What do you think - do these parental and religious groups have a point? How far is too far and how young is too young when it comes to teaching students about their own sexuality?


  1. Amber's Avatar Amber

    Of course they are over reacting. Sex education is more than what goes where. It also includes how to take care of ourselves and those we choose to be with. It includes disease counciling. It includes what to look out for on the health side of things. Those alone should be worth the effort. The problem people keep overlooking is that no matter how much a person teaches others to just say no, they will do it anyway. Everyone has weak moments. Everyone becomes overwhelmed with desires at some point or another. Most slip. Arming them with ways to take care of themselves properly is vital to overall social health because even those who manage to keep it zipped could contract some of those illnesses in other ways. Education can help greatly minimize that.

    1. Dr. Bob Thomas's Avatar Dr. Bob Thomas

      I agree, education is key. I fear that too many have vacated their own responsibilities with respect to educating their own. Others have turned their back to it out of their own lack of knowledge. We live in a country where "public education" means different things in different neighborhoods! While education may be free for all, it certainly is not equal for all. That makes for an unstable foundation on which nothing important can be built. I pray we can eventually take care of that.

  1. “#whatdoIknow”'s Avatar “#whatdoIknow”

    Sex education is extremely important for our children, whether it is taught in our schools or preferably, by a competent parent. However, I agree that it must be designed carefully in order to be “age appropriate”. Moreover, I agree that it is a parents responsibility to educate their children, but how many parents are really capable, willing and able to provide a comprehensive sexual education to their child? Sure they can quickly preach abstinence and the “mechanics” of sex in order to “get it over with”, but are they able to go further and actually have a dialogue with their child, in order to cover the psychological and medical/health elements involved with a maturing body and mind? Are they able (and willing) to mentally go back to the age of their child and remember the pressures and feelings that they had about sex? In other words, put themselves in their child’s position and speak with empathy and clarity and most importantly, be available and open to provide further discussion should their child have additional questions? Many parents would probably prefer to do “the talk” and be done with it asap, due to the uncomfortableness of the subject and situation. Remember, their own parents most likely struggled with “the talk” when they themselves were taught? Or worse, they learned it on the streets from their peers, with little or no parental participation other than the parent preaching abstinence. As much as we adults know that a child is not prepared mentally or physically to have a child themselves, not to mention the fact that having a child, as a child, will effectively “ruin” that child’s future, the fact remains, many are still going to have sex regardless of what and how well they were taught. Most of us can remember the temptations and the situations we were exposed to when we were young. Right? Remember how we knew everything as young adults? We were in control and we knew what we knew regardless if it was “right” or “”wrong”. Or, better yet, good for us or not good for us. In any event, imho, it is imperative that we educate our children from an early age with the proper facts, alternatives and “tools” (i.e. consequences, safe sex practices, condoms, accurate information and additional resources, etc.), in order to provide them with real life information and the ability to make real life decisions for themselves when the time comes. Ideally it will come from one or both parents. However, in today’s world (or yesterdays), that sadly cannot be guaranteed. As a result, a thorough, age appropriate education from our schools must be included in the curriculum with an “opt” out option, should a parent choose to provide the education themselves.

  1. Dragon Priest's Avatar Dragon Priest

    Stupid religious people. They need to get out of the dark ages and joing the modern world. They refuse to teach their kids about sex and have a fit when they get pregnant. They they refuse to let them get an abortion. And force them to have the child. This creates all sorts of social issues.

    1. Stephanie Willey's Avatar Stephanie Willey

      The better educated children become the fewer problems and surprises they and their families will have to deal with.

      1. Dr. Bob Thomas's Avatar Dr. Bob Thomas

        The sooner you can get your message across the sooner it becomes mainstream. Because it is much more difficult to "re-educate" later on. (paraphrasing Mao)

        What is not acceptable to the mainstream of society can easily be overcome by infiltrating their educational system and then teaching as acceptable doctrine to those who do not have the ability to contradict or refute. (paraphrasing Stalin)

        The very young believe that all adults are inherently good and only want what is best for them. They accept the teacher as an authority they are not to question.
        Societies can be easily destroyed from within this way.

        I submit to you that when covering any material that is "reserved for adult" behavior should be done by adults to adults only. Taking advantage of the innocence of the young for any reason is the most heinous of crimes against society. This type of instruction is very powerful and all extremist groups know this and will use it to their advantage.

        Eventually every group will confront something that they do not approve of.

        It is best to let the individual decide after they have been provided all points of view.

        An informed and educated populus is required for a nation to survive and remain healthy. (paraphrasing Franklin)

        Otherwise they are nothing more than a heard of sheep seeking a Sheppard. (paraphrasing Christ)

        Making informed decisions based upon complete knowledge is truly"informed consent." No group wants its members to be made of all sheep.

        There are topics that must be reserved for the "family structure", for the "governing structure", and for the "religious structure."
        Let us not blur the lines.

        Choose your tyrant / or your savior ...

      2. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

        Like Nelson Mandela is attributed to having said "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

        1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

          And Albert Einstein said "Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think." And Mahatma Gandhi said "Be the change you want to see in the world." For all we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we shall become.

      3. Dr. Bob Thomas's Avatar Dr. Bob Thomas

        Bravo! Well said.

    2. Enrique A. Cordero's Avatar Enrique A. Cordero

      We need to leave behind this Medieval mentality and move forward into the 21st century. The greatest sin is that of ignorance. If you trace so much of the world's problems you will find ignorance at its roots. And yes, they want to stop abortions but I would tell all of them to adopt and raise each child born under that law. This is a topic that could literally take volumes to discuss.

      1. Daiva Morales's Avatar Daiva Morales

        absolutely!!!!!!!! I'm a nurse in gyn and sexual education is my job. Education empowers everyone. Learning to de-stigmatize sex, an act so natural in our humanity. The life crazy starts with ignorance of not knowing and keeping one-self safe. I have educated my own children from a young age about sex, sexually transmitted infections, birth control, peer pressure, teen pregnancy and teen parenting, etc to prepare them for the world. I mean isn't that what a parent is suppose to do?! And My daughter chose to wait to have sex because I gave her the knowledge, support of birth control, and condoms to keep her safe and to inspire her to feel empowered for her to make her own decisions about her body. Thank you Enrique for your post! Our babies are awake, I believe some parents are still sleeping.

        1. Jack Gerber's Avatar Jack Gerber

          The fact that your daughter CHOSE to wait is incredibly revealing about the value that real education has. The total emphasis on not having sex is just ridiculous and doesn't work at all.

    3. John Farley's Avatar John Farley

      Progressives are destroying society. Search on for: The Satisfaction by John Farley, Jr. Learn the truth.

    4. Mrs Pierce's Avatar Mrs Pierce

      “Religious people” DO teach their children about sex. The reason some of them get pregnant anyway is because perverts like you INSIST on telling them that sex is perfectly fine with anyone at any time. You inundate their innocent minds with the sick and evil act of MURDERING their own child in the womb. BTW, if you don’t want to have a child, keep your doorway between worlds (womb) CLOSED! Once that doorway is open and a human being comes in, it is MURDER to dismember it and suck it out piece by piece!

      1. Lindsey Grant's Avatar Lindsey Grant

        Wow. That's angry. Mrs. Pierce, I do not presume to know you, but feel your passion regarding unborn babies. I would encourage you to approach those whose lived experience and values you are unaware with more honey than vinager if you wish to recruit more allies or converts. The topic is sex education. Not abortion.. I wish you all the best...serenity and blessing. .

        1. Mrs Pierce's Avatar Mrs Pierce

          Thanks but no thanks. That’s what’s wrong with America; we “nice’d” ourselves out of a country!

          1. Lindsey M Grant's Avatar Lindsey M Grant

            Perhaps "kindness" or "niceness" should not be addressed in schools either? I may be somewhat Old School, but I seem to remember being taught The Golden Rule at Home AND at School. This is (to borrow a phrase) UNIVERSAL. I am tired, weary and nauseated by all the angry talk by disembodied typers and haters who "prefer darkness rather than light, because their deeds are evil."... I am finding more and more blatant hypocrisy among religious zealots.They terrorize and dehumanize with words and proclaim their own righteousness. In Christ's time their were no borders between countries, like today. It was not about protectionism. Mrs. Pierce.... do you suppose Christ told the story of The Good Samaritan (an outcast who was the one who stopped to assist the traveler who was beaten and robbed...and who was passed over by religious leaders), because He wanted to make a point about being too "nice" or the dangers of not protecting man-made borders? We have gotten so far away from His commandment, which fulfilled All the Law and The Prophets... to "Love God and love your neighbor to the same degree you are able to love yourself." Incidentally, I think Christ dictate as referenced above ought to go for sex education.... It needs to be balanced and ought to incorporate (as former US Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders suggested) masturbation or "self-love" as I have heard it quaintly referred too.

          2. Daiva Morales's Avatar Daiva Morales

            Really!!!!!! Mrs. Pierce, where is your support for your fellow woman in our humanity. I have not yet heard a woman say " good morning, let me get pregnant today, so I can have a procedure done tomorrow". Prevention is huge and education is the best prevention. We are not flowers and do not pro-create as so. Having sex is a part of life. How do we educate our children, teens, and adults of all ages not to be judged and educate themselves about sex and to keep safe and healthy. This is about education and prevention......nothing about abortions. Many blessings to you.

          3. Mrs Pierce's Avatar Mrs Pierce

            Yes, really!!! Where is your support for the millions of human beings that are murdered every year by “women”? I didn’t ask for, nor do I want, your directions on how to respond to a post. And “we” don’t “need” to educate “our” children about sex. You educate yours, I will educate mine, and you can keep your opinions and “education” about sex in your house and stay out of mine.

            1. Robert James Ruhnke's Avatar Robert James Ruhnke

              Oh please, Mrs. Pierce. It sounds like all you do is shame and pontificate the basics of sex in your house. That it’s actually not cut and dry. There’s too many entitled men out there who think they’re entitled to a woman’s sacred place like it’s a piece of gum. To be chewed on then thrown away regardless of the consequences. There’s too many women raped in this country for that to be the case. An no, life doesn’t begin at conception. That’s an opinion that needs to be kept out of women’s wombs. They don’t need your gruesome and pushy opinions in their womb either, since you’re the one who brought it up.

  1. Jack Gerber's Avatar Jack Gerber

    This is an incredibly good idea. What they can't realize is that making all this so casual will greatly help to reduce sexual harassment. It makes sex into an ordinary part of life (which is really is). I was fortunate enough many decades ago to have run across a book call "What to teach your children about sex" that my father had gotten to help him give me "the talk". He was too embarrassed when he finally got up the nerve to do it but by then I already new much more from having read the book. The conservatives won't let this go through, unfortunately, but it would change gender relationships in very positive ways.

  1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

    The age of the internet, with its ability to find details on any topic, is possibly driving down the age for the need to teach children about sex earlier than ever before. TV and current trends in movies, and even cartoons, is also fueling the need for early sex education. Children are seeing other children attempting to dress as young supermodels at school. It’s just the way the world is rapidly moving. Religion won’t be able to stop it.


    1. Dr. Bob Thomas's Avatar Dr. Bob Thomas

      If you "educate yourself" by taking the time to watch the programs that are focused towards children you will see how casual sex has become. Two teens meet up (same or opposite "genders"; teen or pre-teen); one "likes" the other, then wham! They are naked and in bed with each other. Next week they "hook up" with someone else. While all is well and good on TV, they are left with the unspoken underlying concept that they cannot make any sense of what just happened.
      But to those watching, they believe that is what is expected of them.
      My granddaughter (who is 11 years old) was found in tears in the bathroom by her grandmother. She is deathly afraid that her new boyfriend (the first she admits to) will think that the lips of her private parts will be too ugly for him to look at. There is a whole lot that is wrong here. Sex ed or no.

  1. Mark Hannon's Avatar Mark Hannon

    Wouldn't conservative Christians be surprised if they read the Bible and taught from it? I read Judges over at least once a year. And Mary must have been a young teenager when she had Jesus. I don't think conservative Christians always make good choices because they don't actually read the Bible but just get their information from their minister. For about 19 years I went to a church where the minister expected us to have a Bible in our hands to make sure we doublechecked him.

    1. Dr. Bob Thomas's Avatar Dr. Bob Thomas

      An excellent practice. I hope they also encouraged questions too.

  1. Laurie Cleveland's Avatar Laurie Cleveland

    I feel that this is the parent's responsibility, not the state or the Board of Education. Targeting younger children in middle school with this crap, because that is what this is it seems that the government is taking away more of personal responsibility and rights. While kids may be on the brink of experimentation , it is the parent's responsibility to teach their children about sex. "THE TALK" is always tough on parents. I remember when I was around 9, my mum gave me a special box of Kotex and when I did get my period when I was 14, and freacked out "THE TALK" was long forgotten I do, however, believe that sex education should be discussed in the classroom, but instead of starting it really early, the target groups should be jr. And senior high school. Yes, kids experiment. Yes, they should be taught about protection of both SztD's and pregnancy I understand that sex, in many churches is forbidden until they marry, but the reality of the situation is that very few, if any, practice this. I am an RN and it is difficult when you are educating your child. I used 2 movies. One was a National Geographic special on the story of how life begins and the other entitled What Teens Want to Know about Sex." I made it clear.that I didn't approve of pre-martial sex, but I also took her to the GYN for a little more education and a prescription for the pill, because I know that things happen in the heat of passion and she should protect herself and insist that the boy use a condom. The school also has a programmed computerized baby which the kids took home for a weekend. She realized that she wasn't ready for the demands of a baby. However, later on, she told me that she "condom broke ". I sa8 ok, we'll go to the pharmacy and you can double up on the pill. The bottom line is that after all of the education and how to prevent pregnancy, etc., she and her boyfriend decided to go through with it. This is the mindset of the children of today. I do believe that California has gone too far.

    1. Susie's Avatar Susie

      As a teacher, I can guarantee many elementary students are sexually active. Some by choice, others by force. My sister had her first period at age 9. Some sex education needs to be during elementary, but it has to be age appropriate.

      1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

        Totally agree, though parents can, and possibly must, play a part in their children’s sex education.

        I’m actually not too sure what “age appropriate” really is as two friends of mine, females, both claim to have started masturbating at the age of 3.


    2. Jessela's Avatar Jessela

      Well I got my period when I was 9, that is part of the reason they start early. I was fortunate enough to have a good school and good teaching, so by the time I was in hs, had to explain our changing bodies to my friends who came from diff elementary's and were too scared to talk to the adults. I also waited a long time to "experiment", and have since had a good handle on family planning b/c of my good introduction on natural events

      1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

        Precocious puberty has shown in children as early as age 5, but mostly as early as age 7. It’s suggested that diet, or poor nutrition, could be a major factor during this last decade or so. Clearly, children may be needing sex education much sooner than when I was at school.


  1. Dan Atatakai's Avatar Dan Atatakai

    If parents would educate their children on the subject, schools would not have to initiate such educational programs.

    Does anyone remember when parents were actually part of the educational system for children? That time was when it was "Parents and teachers vs. student" and not "Parents and students vs. teacher".

  1. Warren Wall's Avatar Warren Wall

    I have no problem with the biological basics of sex being taught to AGE APPROPRIATE students in public schools. Because of the ignorance if today's (By today, I mean modern. As in the past 50 years.) parents it's a necessity. That being said, the morals, ethics and philosophies of sex have no business in public education. This goes for many other subjects that are taught in public schools today as well. The purpose of public, primary education should be to give the students the FACTS of the curriculum being taught. This gives the student the foundation for further studies concerning philosophy, technology, etc..., in higher education. Primary education should prepare you for the education that you provide yourself as an adult (secondary education).

  1. A druid's Avatar A druid

    I find it rather amusing that the religious right is so indignant about sexuality when it is the obvious design of the creator to release the insanity of hormones upon the teenage population. Just a thought.

    1. Mike's Avatar Mike

      I agree. My little girl is 10, and she, my wife (her mother), and I have had 'the talk' already. Girls, after all mature faster, and sooner than boys. Also, I know that some elementary aged kids are already active at some level of sexuality.

  1. Glen's Avatar Glen

    This is refreshingly good news! Remembering my early fumbling sex, lack of education other than the basic birds & bees, and unfortunate mistakes, I want my great-grandchildren to benefit from such an enlightened approach.

  1. Lindsey M Grant's Avatar Lindsey M Grant

    What strikes me as most curious about the "controversy" of California's incorporation of more variety in their Sex-Ed curriculum is the majority of objectors are male.Lack of adequate sex education impacts girls more seriously than boys.The severity of unwanted pregnancy, HPV and Hep C, may explain why statements are made in the evangelical community so haphazardly. I was married for 20+ years. Sex (as for many women) was a chore and obligation more than anything. It faithfully fulfilled it's reproductive purpose... but DID NOT fulfill the greater purpose... to serve as an expression of affection and create a bond between us. It became the basis for contention. This is common and stems from lack of education, a sense religious obligation. After my marriage ended, I discovered the greater purposes of sex....Labeling sexual pleasure as "a work of the flesh" is like restricting a personal diet to gruel. Chefs and epicureans do not necessarily become gluttons, neither do those who enjoy quality/variety of sexual activities become lascivious reprobates. It is all about balance and that comes from wisdom, not restriction.

  1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

    Looking at the article, what I want to know is, why would anyone put a condom on a banana? Is this something children need to be taught? ?


    1. Rev. Michael Gerraghty II's Avatar Rev. Michael Gerraghty II

      Its to mimic the act of a erect male genital to learn how to put one correctly.

  1. Scott's Avatar Scott

    Condoms are a smart way to prevent abortions and the transmission of STDs. If you want a stupid uninformed society then don’t educate your kids or yourself. Education is power. Don’t be stupid.

  1. Jim M's Avatar Jim M

    The reality in today's world is the kids will already be looking on the internet, they can find anything they want. The key is to teach them early and lead them in the right direction. What that direction is I can't say since I do not work in the education system.

  1. Susie's Avatar Susie

    This is a really controversial topic. I believe that sex education is necessary, but in small increments. Older elementary students should be learning about their changing bodies, and hygiene, but not about birth control, unless the student asks. Some elementary students are already sexually active, some by choice, some by force. Middle school/Jr. High students should learn more about sexual pressures, both from within their bodies and from external forces. Students this age should have the option to learn about alternative lifestyles, but this education should not be forced on all students. At this time, birth control options, including abstinence should be introduced. High school students should have access to free birth control, as well as support for their choice of abstinence. Parental permission should not be required, but keep the lessons appropriate. At the high school level, many students have the option to join clubs that include the options for alternative lifestyles.
    Parents and teachers should work as a team in teaching sexual education. Abstinence should always be a choice provided as a form of birth control, as well as other birth control options. As a teacher and a mother, we have to remember that children in our classrooms are not our children.

  1. Popodoc's Avatar Popodoc

    It seems that the problem is educating the youth of today concerning the physical act of sexual intercourse. I believe that act was ordained to be a bonding of two people male and female in marriage by my Abba FATHER, GOD. Throughout the Bible the act extra marriage is a sin and those consequence that are possible will occur and the practise of sexual activity as a common thing is purely the Devils proposition. As an ex educator, there are better places to have six education take place the Home, the Church, Boys or Girls Clubs etc, To those espousing sexual freedom please read the Bible as it is the ultimate Truth as opposed to that put forth by we self gratifying humans. God bless!

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      Well, Popodoc, as for your claim the Bible is the ultimate truth, I think most would find that a bit of a stretch to accept your statement. That’s if you are including Adam & Eve, the flood, talking snakes, slavery, stoning, (the latter two approved by your god) etc,.


    2. Jack Gerber's Avatar Jack Gerber

      I am curious Popodoc about you saying, "that act was ordained to be a bonding of two people male and female in marriage" I understand you are talking about sexual intercourse but the schools are also teaching the kids about such things as mutual masturbation which helps to avoid that in a very constructive manner. Is that still sinful? If so, why? Is that prohibited in the bible?

      1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

        I don't think masturbation is prohibited in the Bible, or on the Bible, Jack. Would that be like a fetish that you are asking about? Just asking!



    3. Lindsey M Grant's Avatar Lindsey M Grant

      I DO have a question about The Bible as "the ultimate Truth" I know we look at things from a liner perspective, so if the ultimate truth is only available to those who can read... where does that leave those who cannot read? Where did it leave those who did not have access to the Holy of Holies in the Temple and to the Arc of the Covenant? Where did it leave 1st, 2nd and 3rd Century Believers who did not read Latin, Greek or Hebrew (the original texts upon which modern-day Bibles are drawn), Perhaps this is why it was so important (and opposed by Church leaders) to have The Written Word translated into a common language (German) by Martin Luther. Where was this ultimate Truth prior to the printing press? Not having the Bible does not mean not having either Truth or Spiritual Access to The Almighty. It means having to rely on the Living Word.... this is "The Book, The Truth" written on our hearts... that is wisdom.... both individual as our unique journeys and just as sacred. No one ought to disrespect God's teaching written experientially on the heart of another or impose their own values irrespective of the other's innate wisdom, faith, history and experience. Judgement is God's as the possessor of the greatest wisdom, patience and power.

  1. Tommy Kiefer's Avatar Tommy Kiefer

    Unfortunately and contrary to what some media outlets are saying, You can not apt out your child from any of these new classes in California. It's not appropriate to be teaching 6 year olds about being trans and teaching them that their biology means nothing. Just because a girl plays with hot wheels or a boy plays with stuffed animals and dolls doesn't mean they need to be encouraged to explore their sexuailty. Teaching 5th graders about giving & receiving oral and anal sex is to soon for 10 year olds. Knowledge is power, but let's let kids be kids and stop over sexualizing them they get enough of it from the TV and internet. Really though, the US education system hasn't been about teaching critical thought or life skills in many many years. Nope, with the help of common core and teaching that feelings trump logic or truth, each generation of new adults spit out by the system are further entrapped into a backwards world and super in debt to if they went onto further indocurnation at a state sponsored college. Teaching that the last 10 years nature has changed so much that Girls and Boys are the same is every single way except their private parts, and those can be removed at will to ensure a happy healthy life...Not! With the anti family, divide and conquer agenda, the crazies have been running the asylum (America) for the last 100 years and the planet for the last 350 years.

    1. Lindsey M Grant's Avatar Lindsey M Grant

      Tommy Kiefer, How does "questioning" become a threat to anything other than "the status quo?" A renown questioner sat on the Sanhedrin when some of the 1st Century Church apostles were brought before it to be adjudicated for heresy. His name was Gamaliel. A doctor of the Law, he urged this council not to make an example of the disciples who were presenting The Gospel, but rather to let God determine whether it was the truth or not, indicating that time would dismiss it if it was worthless and if not.... they would best be not opposed to it if it were of God. Change is often difficult to accept. Humans resist change. We get comfortable, complacent, and stagnant, but innovation comes from discomfort, from a desire to make life better. Time will tell if an idea is worth its proverbial weight.... Having the patience to sit back and say, "Let's just have a wait-see..." is often the greatest wisdom. Namaste, I recognize, acknowledge and honor the spirit of faith and compassion you are expressing. L

  1. Niels's Avatar Niels

    Shouldn’t you peel the banana first? I don’t have much experience putting condoms on bananas.

    1. Lindsey M Grant's Avatar Lindsey M Grant

      Niels, That's a wholly different conversation! LOL

  1. William C Millhouse's Avatar William C Millhouse

    Sex is an important part of life. Better to know the correct information than the "half assed" version taught in the streets. Our sexuality is important and not to be ashamed of and hidden.

  1. Bob Spencer's Avatar Bob Spencer

    Matters of sex are impossible to ignore, especially as children approach puberty. Ignorance IS NOT BLISS! Facts presented clearly, openly and with regard for the individual will prevent many problems that are caused by ignorance. Sex is a natural process of life and should be explained as that.

  1. Mrs Pierce's Avatar Mrs Pierce

    Lindsey - blah, blah, blah. Elders was a pervert that should have been thrown out and you seem to be one of those you purport to be so “weary” of. Your relationship with Jesus is personal but I don’t think God would appreciate you telling him how to run his relationships with others. Sex education is up to the parents of the child, NOT the state. Nor is it up to do-gooders like yourself that insist on pushing your ideas of sex education onto other peoples children. Mind your own business like we use to in this country before everyones business became YOURS!

    1. Lindsey Grant's Avatar Lindsey Grant

      Excuse me? "Blah, blah, blah?" Name-calling? You have insights into what God does and does not appreciate? Huh. It must be very comforting. I am comforted by the Hebrews 11 definition of faith, as "not knowing," and being okay with that. I DO NOT impose or "push" my "ideas of sex education onto other peoples children." I DO support the biblical tenet of Free Will and the way to make the best decisions is to make the best INFORMED decisions. . . whether as consumers subject to mass marketing, or believers subject to "every wind of doctrine." I am sorry your experience has created so much angst and anger toward others expressing opinion contrary to yours. As for "Minding your own business like we use to in this country before everyones business become YOURS!." That is not what Jesus did when he overturned the tables of the money-changers in The Temple or when he contradicted The Pharisees (the religious "authority" of His day). If America had minded its own business, there would never have been a D-Day and perhaps the Swastika would be the fashion of the day.... and millions more would have lost their lives. Yes, Americans should mind their own business... their business of supporting democratic representation, equality and the freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. However, Jesus urged us to Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's. All too often we confuse politics and faith. These, as Jesus succinctly points out, are two different things. One is personal and one is public. As far as public education goes, parents who object can always "Opt Out" for their children. The State does not impose or condemn such faith-based decisions, and I support an individual's choice in parenting, as well. All the best to you, going forward.

      1. Mrs Pierce's Avatar Mrs Pierce

        I can’t begin to explain what all I disagree with, with what you’ve said, so I won’t even try. Good luck.

        1. Robert James Ruhnke's Avatar Robert James Ruhnke

          People in this country never minded their own business, Mrs. Pierce. If you felt so strongly on the topic, you’d have not said a damn word. You took your opinion and machine gunned it all over this discussion. You’re a liar and a hypocrite. Like most of the self hating liberals (free market capitalism backed by religious dollars is liberal) that are flirting with theocratic fascism. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  1. Bill Fox's Avatar Bill Fox

    Sex education is the responsibility of the parents of the child.

    1. Mrs Pierce's Avatar Mrs Pierce

      Oldaabill - Absolutely! I’m disgusted with other people insisting upon forcing their opinions and lifestyles onto other people AND their children. MY family is my business and I refuse to let liberal, self righteous, do-gooders, who believe they are oh so smart, impose their beliefs onto MY family. Mind your own business!

      1. Robert James Ruhnke's Avatar Robert James Ruhnke

        Sounds like y’all love pushing your views and lifestyles on their children, there’s a word that the right has been using lately, oh yah, grooming. Y’all really don’t educate, you shame and pontificate. Y’all love imposing your religious views on others and when the opposite is done, you cry victim. Don’t be mad at us when your family members go to liberals to get the whole truth because you preach at them ignorance.

  1. Lindsey M Grant's Avatar Lindsey M Grant

    Kudos to you, #whatdoIknow, for your level-headed/hearted/and handed reasoning. So refreshing to have someone offer their perspective without judgement of another's. Hate-filled rhetoric on all fronts is so counter-productive. Open dialog, respectful interaction is so constructive and... of course, the opposite goes without saying. Namaste,

  1. Secretary3rd's Avatar Secretary3rd

    When I was in sixth grade we were taught sex education. Because us males were becoming interest in sex. One guy took it to a higher level when he and she made twins. My parents were told that I had no choice in the matter, I would be taught the basic education as would ever male and female in the school when the reach six grade. It was basic. Unlike today where the AIDS virus can be found in grade school as well as the other 50 STD's. Ever child has access to the Internet where any question about body functions can be answer correctly or wrongly. As one guy I know said that he does not care to hear his sons telling him that he is about to be a grandfather. He would really feel hurt if his daughter came home and said the same thing. Better to learn from an school teacher who will honestly answer questions then to think you know everything.

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