Mobile Mosque in JapanIf necessity is the mother of invention, then we might have Japan's limited selection of mosques to thank for bringing "mobile praying" to the masses.

Headed by CEO Yasuharu Inoue, the Yasu Project has created the world's first mosque on wheels, responding to what he believed to be an alarming shortage of praying facilities for Japan's 200,000 Muslims, not to mention all those expected to pour into the country for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

The mobile mosque in question has been built into the back of a modified 25-ton truck, which flips open into a 515-square-foot air conditioned room that can accommodate 50 worshipers at a time. It includes outdoor taps and a washing area for pre-worship cleansing, and there are plans to add a compass that will point to Mecca.

Taking it Worldwide

Although Mr. Inoue conceived the mobile mosques to travel to different Olympic venues during the tournament, he's already envisioning targeting international sporting events both nationally and overseas, with the hopes that mobile praying could eventually go global and fill a gap in religious infrastructure.

"As an open and hospitable country, we want to share the idea of `omotenashi' (Japanese hospitality) with Muslim people. Going forward, I would be so happy if people from Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, the Middle East and, for example, refugees who are coming from Syria are able to use the mosque as a tool to promote world peace."

The Future of Prayer?

It's not a stretch to imagine such mobile mosques lined up alongside the food trucks, swag shops and port-a-potties that dote outdoor music festivals and other special events in cities around the world. The question is whether or not this is really the type of environment in which Muslims want to be getting closer to Allah.

On the one hand, Muslims who are required to pray five times a day will definitely welcome the news that their religious duties can now be fulfilled, both in comfort and with some degree of public dignity. However, trying to pray as crowds of non-Muslims mill about outside might prove distracting, or even sully the the experience entirely.

Although it's the fastest-growing religion on the planet, Islam has also faced its fair share of opposition as it spreads around the globe. Scores of mosques in Western nations have been egged, vandalized and even desecrated by unthinkable actions, like leaving pork in their mailboxes - not to mention the innumerable acts of violence against Muslim followers themselves. So despite Yasuharu Inoue's noble intentions, there is some worry that mobile mosques could become similar lightning rods for hate and intolerance.

What do you think? Will the prayers of the future happen on the go? How do you think mobile mosques will fair?


  1. Barry's Avatar Barry

    Mobil population.Things will change

  1. Rev. Rene's Avatar Rev. Rene

    Very enterprising from the org. or Mullah who decided this! If you make it, will they come??? What next? I can foresee prayer by iphone next, for Catholics where is the intervention of the parish priest then? For Reformed/Protestant nothing changes but the venue? The whole feeling of the "church-community" will disappear, no matter what, this is the future of religion excepting authocracy! (Like Rome or Mecca)

    1. Chpln. Abdullah Rashid's Avatar Chpln. Abdullah Rashid

      Some individuals are not able to make their way to a masjid due to several reasons. One might be their town or city does not have one or they live too far away. This has nothing to do with autocracy. Just remember we are not all the same. The problem I believe is our masjids are not regulated by qualified Imams and they are or are on their way to being radicalized. Progressive Muslims are stepping up to take back Islam.

      1. Father Thom's Avatar Father Thom

        Thank you for commenting. I would like to learn more about Progressive Muslim religion. I live in Fremont CA. We have many mosques out here. What text could I read to educate myself on Progressive Muslim Religion?

    2. Father Thom's Avatar Father Thom

      Its my understanding that there is no specific person or hiararchy in this religion. Any one can lead prawers. Maybe there is something to be said about this type of belief. Making all equally holy in their religion seems to eliminate a religious hiararchy thus creating an equality of all persons. We allow this Hiararchy of the monetary form to seep into our religion creating disparities of class even within ones own congregations. It’s time we as practicioners open our minds and look at other forms of religion and learn from them.

  1. Gary Hynous's Avatar Gary Hynous

    Things will not change by adding your comments to this blog. Want to know the truth? Listen to Katie Hopkins speech on Brexit and what is going on in the UK and the USA may soon follow if not for the leadership of Donald Trump! Don't believe me... better brush up on your muslim prayers and watch the next mosque being built in your neighborhood.

    1. Alan J Meunier's Avatar Alan J Meunier

      Katie Hopkins? The self proclaimed racist journalist from the UK? Now I understand, especially if you are (still) a Trump supporter...sorry, facts are still facts and the UK is not turning Muslim anytime in the next few hundred years.

      1. Chpln. Abdullah Rashid's Avatar Chpln. Abdullah Rashid

        You have a right to your religious and political beliefs, and so does others including Muslims. The UK is not going to be converted to Islam. Only those who do individually of their free will. Understand there are different types of Muslims and majority are radical and can't even care and manage the Middle East so they are incapable of taking over any other nation. Plus they can Jeep murdering us Progressive Muslims but we grow stronger and are stepping up to take back Islam.

        1. Father Thom's Avatar Father Thom

          I’m proud to say I’m an American who can say I’m glad we have given you a safe place to grow and empower a new more Progressive Muslim generation. Our country was started on religious freedom. It is our radicals that we must now rangle in and overpopulate to reverse the current distressing state of our nation. I apologize as a taxpaying Citizen, of this country, that your race has been placed in this Religious/ Monetary war against anyone with more Progressive views. I’m hoping we can turn this around. Please help the Progressives of this nation by encouraging your congregations to vote Democrat to turn the power of government to a more Progressive light.

    2. Sister Ann's Avatar Sister Ann

      @Gary Hynous: I am so relieved to find another like-minded Christian here. So grateful!

      1. Thom's Avatar Thom

        Sister Ann, Your Christianity is built on greed, hatred, and war. It will not survive.

  1. Bill Fox's Avatar Bill Fox

    Who's paying for the mobile mosques? As long as the Islamic faithful are footing the bill and the trucks meet all government standards, why not?

    1. Chpln. Abdullah Rashid's Avatar Chpln. Abdullah Rashid

      I agree, and hopefully they will have a qualified Imam who is holds no radical beliefs.

      1. Thom Hoffman's Avatar Thom Hoffman

        Pleas define Imam. What are the qualifications for such a given position. Can anyone be an Imam?

  1. Tom's Avatar Tom

    Does it come with a first aid tent for abused wives?

    1. Chpln. Abdullah Rashid's Avatar Chpln. Abdullah Rashid

      Islam does not condone abuse against women it is those who mix their masculine culture and radical interpretation of Islam to justify their abuse. Progressive Muslims are stepping up to take back Islam.

      1. wayne's Avatar wayne

        Technically it's true, that not ALL Muslims, or Islamists, enslave their wives and abuse them. But, ALL those women are enslaved by Muslims, or Islamists! And of course, not ALL Muslims, or Islamists, are terrorists. But, ALL terrorists are (or are associated) with Muslim, or Islamists! Make what ever rationalized excuses you like. We know what they are and what they want. Progressive or Radical, Muslim or Islam, blah blah blah...… There's only ONE Quran.

        1. Father Thom's Avatar Father Thom

          There’s inly one book for each religion so your comment wholds no meaning. This war of religions must STOP. Each of us has been granted the abilities to choose what WE think is best for us. The Individual. It is not our place to convert. It’s the individuals place to seek out. You see the religious wars were more about power, property, enslavement, racial discrimination, greed, and any other sin one might conjure up. Christianity has been a brutal bully all throughout history to this very day. It’s time a more globally conscious collective take charge and work together. Not as if they control the world.

    2. Father Thom's Avatar Father Thom

      Tom, I joind the curch and became a ordained meeting minister to have conversations of understanding and knowledge. To open my mind, my third eye, my spiritual abilities that I’m told I poses. But I think we all would prefer statements that are more thoughtful or thought provoking. Not statements that are confrontational, racist, and or insensitive to others. I feel that Chpln. Abdulla Rashid responded quite well to your comment in a very polite way and I commend him on his actions. But yours, I feel, coud have been questioned a little more in a manner of concern for the suffering rather than confrontation. Please think before you speak.

    3. Sister Ann's Avatar Sister Ann

      @Tom: IS there first aid for excised clitoris?

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