Conan O’Brien Ordained by Universal Life Church MonasteryAs New York Magazine's Vulture blog has just announced, Conan O'Brien, will be celebrating the one-year anniversary of his Late Night TBS talk show, by officiating the same-sex marriage of a longtime staffer. We're proud to confirm that Conan is one of the Universal Life Church Monastery's most recent ordained ministers! Though the date of the wedding ceremony has yet to be released, Conan was ordained with Universal Life Church Monastery on October 21st and will likely be performing the marriage as part of the shows one week stint of episodes in New York City next week.

The Monastery salutes Conan's courage to perform a same-sex marriage and to set the example that we are all children of the same universe; gay, straight, black, white, brown, young and old. The church invites all to become a minister of their own beliefs and speak truth to power during these critical times of change.


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